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[MUSIC] The parking brake in your vehicle is
not only easier to use then a lever or a foot pedal,
it also saves you valuable interior space. Here’s how it works. Using your parking brake is a lot like
using a window switch, to set it, make sure your foot is on the brake
pedal and pull the switch up. To release it make sure your
foot is on the brake, and the ignition is on,
then push the switch down. Your brakes also have something
called a Drive Away Release. Once you’ve closed the door, buckled in,
turned on the ignition, shifted into gear and pressed the accelerator, your
parking brake will automatically release. Any questions? Go to fordowner.com. [MUSIC]

9 Replies to “Electric Parking Brake Owner Guide | Ford How-To | Ford

  1. Thank you much! Your website asks for what sync feature is in the vehicle, and we really have no way of knowing that, and neither do the clients we serve with your vehicles. I very much appreciate the video.

  2. One very important aspect of the old style manual lever was the ability to control the amount of emergency braking being applied. Not any more. We have lost a valuable tool.

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