Encounter with a Nigerian Real Estate Scammer…

hey guys this is Joel here with the Kwak
brothers as some of you guys may know me as Daniel and Sam’s right-hand man and I
will be talking today about how I got scammed (almost) acquiring an Airbnb deal to
start off guys I want to start with you guys in the beginning right so obviously
being around Daniel and Sam so much um you know having them really meant for me
coach me on rural state you know I was looking specifically for an Airbnb deal
so all the way from the gaining with finding deals when I was doing is
messaging people on Facebook marketplace Craigslist I was doing for rent signs, right? I was calling and leaving a voicemail so I was doing the for Rotten strategy
right where I would call people that are you know having the property for rot and
hopefully being able to do what’s called run to arbitration or maybe even having
owners that were interested in selling right that I’d be you know doing for an
air B&B and so in the area that I was looking for it was near a couple of
wedding venues it was about five ten minutes away from a really popular
downtown area here in the suburbs of Chicago where people like to go to you
know go to restaurants there’s a lot of events over the weekend there’s a lot of
that good stuff and so I didn’t make research and I looked a couple
properties within that that I wanted to look for and so I had a specific
strategy and when I was looking and so I I would say hit up approximately 10 15
maybe 20 different properties in the span of one month around this specific
area and one of the things that I should have done a little bit better guys is
track it because I honestly just sent a bunch of stuff out but basically you
know I had sent out and it was a three-bedroom one-bath house that was
any perfect location for Airbnb I had looked at my data I had done my due
diligence to go ahead and look to make sure it was gonna go ahead and give me
the return that I want and the numbers made sense so I’ll so you know what
let’s entertain this right this might be a good deal and so right off the bat
right the seller quote-unquote what I thought was a seller email me back and
to really summarize what it had to say is he mentioned that him and his wife
were missionaries right that had gone to they had drawn either had to drop all
their things and go over to Kentucky they were doing some in
you know in-country missionary work right helping the poor right just
spreading God’s word and so for me right loving Jesus myself I was like wow I
kind of trust him now he’s sorry he used that and so I was like you know what
awesome you guys you know what you guys are doing our awesome I really want to
find a way where I can provide value for them right I want to help them as well
because at the end of day there were missionaries Wow their their space where
I can help them and so I let them know I said hey you know I was interested in
renting and leasing but here’s what I got planned right I’m planning to go
ahead and set this up as an Airbnb VRBO right as a short-term rental where you
in Kentucky you don’t have to worry about anything I will make sure that
it’s working I will pay your lease short-term or long-term I’m willing to
go ahead and talk about that but I was gonna go ahead and take the difference
and so I’d lived not too far from this property so then I go look at it and I
go look around it there’s no one there it’s a vacant property from what it
looks like and I liked a lot I liked it as much that I actually wanted to buy it
in the email he had mentioned that before they left that they did try to
sell it but the rulest agent that they were working for had you know the asking
price he had put too too much and they weren’t even they weren’t even looking
for that price and so they weren’t able to sell it and so they were kind of
stock and you know they they ended up just putting it at least to make it
easier right they don’t want to go through the process so you know fast
forward a little bit you know I emailed them we’d get in
contact I get on the phone with this guy and I say hey you know I have no problem
paying a lease but here’s what I plan to do right here’s what I plan to do and
but after really talking to situation this would be a perfect guys I’m talking
about a perfect situation for seller financing and so here’s what I call
Daniel’s hey Daniel I have this going on it would you be able to help me
negotiate this with him because Daniel is a freaking master and negotiating
seller financing and I want Danny to be on this call and so I told the guy hey I
have this better idea that I think might benefit you and I kind of left them off
a hook there right something that he kind of wanted a bite to keep in mind
right this is obviously a scammer he I’ve seen the title he was very very
good at acting he was a phenomenal scam artist
what he was but let’s fast forward right and so we get on a call with him being
Daniel and we listen to what he has to say we tell them hey we have no problem
like I said giving you the rent but and then we pitch him seller financing right
we go back and forth like it’s a real negotiation right hey I don’t know if I
want to do that you know blah blah blah I need to talk to my lawyer this and
that you know what you usually have in a negotiation and so he said you know what
if everything the terms look good we agreed on terms which I was so pumped
about and then that we agreed on terms after you know a couple minutes of
negotiating which right there that was a kind of a you know of a flag right there
because typically you probably struggle a little bit more in the negotiation
there’s a little bit of a harder work and so we kind of felt like it was too
easy but right before we ended the call this is what he said guys and this is
one of the second flags that we did see that was okay you know my heart was kind
of broken at this point when I heard this and you’ll you’ll see why so at the
call you know once we’re done she said great Joel you know I’m excited you know
I’m happy that we were able to figure something out as long as the contract
looks good Belvoir right the terms he said if you can in order for you to send
me the keys for the house cuz guys I’ve yet to step foot into this property he
said in order for me to send you the keys you will have to send me five
hundred dollars through money Graham yes freaking money Graham alright and if you
guys don’t know what money grandma is it’s basically a you know a way to
transfer money where it’s not trackable it’s basically like giving someone cash
and then running away with it and so right then and there I was like okay
this is not going very well and so we end we kind of ended up in the car look
we have no problem giving you $500 in earnest kind of like an earnest-money
but we are not sending you any money until we step foot in this house we’re
not going to send any money that’s stupid and so one of the things that
helps a lot guys if I didn’t have Daniel if I didn’t have Sam if I wasn’t
surrounded by investors that have done it already guys I’ll be honest with you
I probably would have sent him the money probably you know what I got scanner I
would have 500 bucks but I didn’t daniel said no
we’re not sending anything until we get anything under contract or we step foot
in this house it’s not going to happen and so we ended up saying fine right
we’ll get in our contract and then I’ll send you guys the keys whatever right
and so I said hey send me the information for your lawyer so that our
lawyer can contact your lawyer and we can make sure everything is agreed upon
that the terms make sense for you for me continuing after this call Sam had you
know her old kind of overheard this too and he mentioned you know it doesn’t
really feel right and so I looked up the address under the tax assessor’s public
website and the sellers didn’t match up this guy whose name was blank was not
matching up what was in the actual official web site and so bam that’s when
I knew you know what this is it this is not the seller this is not the actual
person but you know what it might be there was a five percent chance that
maybe there was a miscommunication so what I did next is I called the lawyer
that he had mentioned that was his lawyer and so I called I left a
voicemail said hey mr. lawyer I have this person I’m negotiating with and I’m
looking to buy a property from he mentioned that you were his lawyer but I
feel like I’m getting scammed right do you is is this your client is it not and
I got a call five minutes I say hey man this is not my guy I have no clue who
this guy is never heard of him before right so guys
obviously at this point I was like okay this guy is a scammer but maybe maybe
there’s just a 1% chance that it might not be and we still might be miss
communicating right so I called them and I say hey sir who was a scammer right I
called your lawyer and he mentioned that he had no clue who you were he responded
saying well you weren’t supposed to go ahead and communicate I didn’t give you
permission to talk to my lawyer so he’s not supposed to talk okay and that kind
of makes sense but not really right and so continue on Sam came up with an
amazing idea guys this is phenomenal Sam’s a bit of a
tech nerd as you guys you know get to know him might find out but he go ahead
and he made up a link with this link we had in track this man’s IP address where
it’s from what country you know some of his info what I did is I said I texted
him saying I emailed you a link for the confirmation of the five hundred dollars
that I sent you I didn’t actually send him the money right I just wanted him to
click on that link we got a notification that he clicked on
the link and guys guess where this guy was from Nigeria this was a scammer that
was obviously knew what he was doing from the country all the way Nigeria so
he obviously wasn’t a missionary he wasn’t whatever he said he was he was a
scam artist at that point I was like wow this guy is actually really smart well
he can he can be out finding deals finding off-market deals and so I texted
him guys and we’ll show you the tax I text him say hey do you have any kids
why do you do this you know blah blah blah you know I just wanted to know hey
like I kind of wanted to get more of an understanding of why he was doing this
and I come to find out from what he said is that in Africa apparently you know
there’s a really bad stuff going on and his you know he started going on that
his wife got killed and that he needs money first three kids and guys I don’t
know if that’s true or not obviously had lied to me this whole entire time no no what is that some current
situation is a plane in West Africa right now in which the South Africa is
destroying and killing all that African country like oh so I was in South Africa
with my family I lost my wife and I had to run for my life from part of the job
as tonight here as a result of the sin of phobia with my team how did you kid I
have three key one is 15 years old the other one is 11 yet and the last one
is no six year old a little puppet and a stalker right now so I asked to find a
way to make myself a mighty and a living because there is no job down here
I don’t know of what you’re saying is true or not it’s not my business to know
if it’s true or not all I know is what you’re doing was wrong and and you just
need to stop doing it that’s it stop doing it and find something else
just don’t do the wrong thing God will not bless you if you’re doing Steve
stealing people’s money more of the story is this if I didn’t have people
like Daniel and Sam you know I probably would have gotten excited and say yeah
I’ll sell whatever I need to as long as a bubble hola right have the right
people around you make sure that you’re talking with your lawyers make sure that
you’re actually investing time you know knowledge in developing good
relationships guys Daniel is one of my best friends now and so without him I
probably would have messed up a lot of times I definitely wouldn’t be in the
spot that I am today guys and that is a story of how I almost got scammed all
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8 Replies to “Encounter with a Nigerian Real Estate Scammer…

  1. You should have reported him & all the info to law enforcement. He steals money from ppl for a living, he is going to do it 10,000 more times if ppl are stupid enough to fall for it.

  2. This happens DAILY here in south Florida…..but more sophisticated!!!!!! They got a friend of mines to deposit 5000.00 check n put 3000 in there bank account!!! And he did ….I said don’t and of course it was FAKE!!!!!

  3. Should've called the FBI before you let him know you were onto him. Oh well, he probably was working on 10 others at the same time…I hope these scammers burn.

  4. Wow this video is deep. Clearly the guy from Nigeria was going through a tough time. I liked how after finding out that he was a scam artist, you still handled the situation by giving him friendly advice to do better towards others. Well done πŸ‘πŸ½

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