Ep. 80: 4 Ways To Stand Out As A Real Estate Agent

Hello everybody. Thank you for coming to this weeks video blog
at California Reality Training. My name Robert Rico. Hopefully to bring, again as usual, some good
stuff for you. Take it with you, please. Why not, it’s free. Take it with you and see if you can make some
magic in your real estate career. This weeks theme. We want to provide you with four things that
will make you stand out. Now you’re a brand new agent. What’s going to make you stand out? What’s going to get people to like you, and
trust in you, and give you business? What four things are going to make you special
in the real estate world with a brand new license? Number one, I want to go through these quickly
because I want to emphasize on the fourth one. First one is branding, branding being the
colors you are going to be associating yourself with, the brokerage you’re going to be associating
yourself with. The brokerage is huge. That’s actually the biggest brand you can
get, is the brokerage. That’s what you’re going to tie yourself with,
and that’s where your colors, and your emblem, and all that stuff is going to come in, is
with your brokerage. So, be careful. Ask yourself, what kind of reputation you
want to be associated with? A big large company that’s reputable and huge,
and knowing for it’s colors, and it’s branding, and it’s reputation, or a small one that nobody
really knows about? That’s huge. You want to play with the Dogers, which is
huge, or a small baseball team that nobody knows about? You might want to consider being with the
best and the biggest, that usually helps you. Branding, huge. Number two, marketing. Now marketing we’re talking about free marketing
like social media. We’re talking Facebook and all that other
stuff, Instagram. Marketing. All that stuff is free. Get familiar with it, put yourself on it. Let people know what you’re doing. Another thing with marketing is word of mouth. Word of mouth, that’s actually huge. Once you close one deal it starts to trickle
out. Everybody starts telling each other, and their
friends, and their families what you did for them. So marketing, word of mouth. You get referrals that way. Referrals are nice. Number three, advertising. Are you kidding me? This is the deal with advertising, be very,
very careful with advertising. It can get very, very expensive. It can. All right? Now, you’re going to be brand new, and most
of the time … Listen to this. Most of the time there’s three ways to make
money. You can wait for it, you can get paid for
it, or you can go out and get it. So, my recommendation to you when you’re first
getting started with your low-budget just go out and get it, which means physically
get in your car, go out, do open houses, go out and do research. Just do it. It’s called being physically aggressive and
going out and making things happen. Got it? Good. Last but not least, the fourth, your presentation. Now this is the one I want to spend a little
bit of time on. Is presentation important to you? Listen, let me remind you of something. There was a time where I’d be showing houses,
I’d be representing buyers, and I would be showing houses, and we’re in the car, we’re
driving, and I got the client in the car with me, and we pull up to the listing, the house
that they were going to want to see, and the front yard is just completely thrashed. The front yard is just very unattractive,
and the buyer looks at me and says, “You know what? Keep going. I don’t want to get out of the car. I don’t want to see this house because if
it’s …” What? It’s poor curb appeal. I’m here to tell you that your presentation
is your curb appeal. What you look like, what you smell like, these
are the things that people are going to perceive of you. The way you look is important. Now, this goes a little bit deeper on this,
and I hope not to offend anybody but this is just the way it is. Many people believe that you should dress
the way your clients are dressing, the way your clients are living. It’s call the mirror image. I don’t quite agree with that. All right. I’m thinking there’s a minimum. Here’s the deal, many of times you’re going
to hear people tell you this. Ready? It’s actually kind of funny. They’re going to tell you, “Dress business
casual.” So let’s ask ourselves, what the hell is business
casual? Better yet, what is considered casual, and
what is considered sloppy? There’s a difference. Casual, sloppy, casual … Hey, be careful. If I was you, I would play it safe. Now, look how I’m dressed today. I’ve got a tie and I’ve got a nice shirt on. I don’t know what you call it. It’s a suit, not a suit. A suit jacket. Nothing wrong with this, but hold on a minute. Doesn’t mean you always have to wear a tie
because even if you take a tie off, it still looks pretty fine. You still look fine. It’s still presentable. There is a minimum, and this should, in my
opinion, be the minimum. There’s a difference between business casual
and business, if it even exists, sloppy, and you don’t want to be the sloppy one. You got it? People are going to … Especially the people
who are new in this real estate career, you’re going to encounter your first clients or possibly
your first clients, and if they have to choose between you and realtor B, and realtor C,
if you’re all the same most of the time, from my brief research, over 50% of the time they
are going to consider your appearance, your presentation, how you look, how you smell. It’s not just what you bring to the table
as far as your knowledge, but the first impression is so important. That’s how they’re going to evaluate you and
whether they select you or not. It’s going to be on your presentation. It doesn’t mean you have to be in a three
piece suit all the time, but it also doesn’t mean you can show up in flip flops and shorts
all the time either. You got to have a minimum, and if I were you
I’d play it safe, and how would I play it safe? Business casual. What is business casual? For me, in my opinion, a nice coat, jeans
if you want, no tennis shoes. Are you kidding me? Tennis shoes? No. For gals, you might want to put a nice long
dress on. No mini skirts. No that kind of stuff. You want to be presentable, and I think you
know what presentable is. Huh? Remind yourself, your first appearance is
your curb appeal. You want to make sure your curb appeal is
beautiful. You want it to be attractive. It doesn’t mean you have to be the best looking,
doesn’t have to be … you have to be the tallest, doesn’t have to be the smartest,
just know that for you to get into that door of these people, for you to be considered
as their realtor, there’s got to be a bond. Something where they say, “Hey honey, let’s
talk to this person. They look okay. They look nice. They look fine. They look …” Ready? “They look together.” Hope this helps you out. Huh? All right. So if you have any questions or concerns regarding
this topic, if you want to disagree with me go right ahead, but I’m just telling you,
“Hey, have a minimum standard. Huh? Don’t get sloppy.” For example, I’d like to introduce somebody
to you. As this little puppy here Cookie. Cookie is nine years old and look how presentable
she is. Look at the nice attire. She’s nice and comfortable, nothing too dressy. Nothing too formal. Nice and business casual. Nothing too sloppy. Presentable. Say, “Hi,” Cookie. We’ll see all of you next week. Say, “Bye,” Cookie. Bye Cookie. Have a great day.

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