Establishing Better Business Owner Routines

I got everything on my
to-do list done today, said no business owner,
especially no restaurant owner ever. I’ll tell you how we can
fix that coming up right now. Hey, everybody. My name’s
Ryan Gromfin. I’m an author, speaker, chef, restaurateur,
and the founder of the, as well as And I’ve got kind of an interesting
question for you – have you ever wondered
why Steve Jobs wore the exact same
thing every day? A black t-shirt
and jeans. Probably not. That thought has
probably never crossed your mind, but it used to cross
my mind quite a bit, and the reason he wore the same
thing every day is something called decision fatigue. He talks about how we
have to make so many decisions every day that
one less decision, like what to wear today gives him the
energy to make one more business- critical decision. Do you think it’s a coincidence that
Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook wears a grey shirt and a
blue hoodie every day? In fact, look at this
funny post, right? After he took some
time off for maternity, his post on Facebook was – hmm,
first day back at work, what should
I wear today? And it shows a closet with gray shirts
and blue hoodies as you can see. Now, the funny
thing is, I used to do this when I was operating
four restaurants and I was the busiest I had ever
been in my life. I would wear white
t-shirts and cargo pants, like cargo chef’s pants
to work every day. If you opened up my shirt drawer,
it had about 20 or 25 white t-shirts in it, and if you look
at my closet, I had about five or six
pairs of chef’s pants all identical hanging. That was pretty much
my entire wardrobe. The only thing I did is when I got
to work, I put on an apron. It didn’t matter what
I was doing that day, who I was meeting with,
what I was doing. I didn’t know why I was doing that,
but I naturally did that. What’s interesting is when
I started working with coaches to dramatically improve
my life and our business, I learned about that term
decision fatigue, and that’s what got me thinking
about Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and all these other
hugely successful people and how they wear kind of
the same things, they live kind of boring lives
outside of their work, they eat the same
things a lot, they go to the same restaurants and
it started to make sense to me. So my coach and I started working
on other ways we can incorporate things like this into our life.
Things we called routines. So, what I started to do is,
I started to basically eat the same thing for
breakfast every day. I started to almost eat the same
thing for lunch every day. My wife and I would
plan meals at home a week or two
in advance, so it was less decisions
to make in the moment, which really freed me
up to get more done. We took it a step further
and we incorporated these routines in my daily,
weekly, quarterly, monthly,
yearly lives, right? Every day, I had a basic
Monday routine, I had a Tuesday routine. Like, every Monday,
I did this, this, and this. Every Tuesday, I did this,
this, and this. And we put it into
the schedule. And so what I want
you to think about is, what kind of routines
do you have in your life, in your work to avoid needing
to make these decisions? We got to a point where
I had a morning routine, I had an
evening routine, I had a midday
energy routine. I had something that I did
for about 10 minutes every day before
dinner service started because I could feel my
energy level dropping, but I can tell you the
most important routine and the hardest routine to get into
place was the morning routine. Now, I’m not going to bore
you with the details of what my morning routine
was because I kind of made it up myself
and it was very effective, but it was very complex
and it was very hard for me to get going.
It took a lot of willpower, but about six
months ago, I discovered something that I want
to share with you today called the
sidekick journal. This is from a company
called Habit Nest, and this journal, the one that I
chose is the morning routine, it’s called the morning
sidekick journal. I wish I had
this journal ten years ago when I started doing
these morning routines because this journal, this is my second one that
I haven’t started on yet, my first one is
completely filled, but you could see
that this is 66 days spelled out for you
exactly what to do. What I love about this journal is,
you don’t have to think about anything, it’s in there, it’s done for you,
and I can tell you from experience that if you’re struggling
with any kind of routines in your life, if you’re struggling
with getting everything done that you
want to get done in a day, it starts with a great
morning routine. If you get off to a great
start in the morning, you’re going to come into the
end of work more motivated, you’re going to
get more done, you’re going to be
more regimented, it’s going to lead to a
great midday routine, it’s going to lead
to better eating, better energy levels,
better decision-making, and it’s going to carry
all the way through, but it all starts
in the morning. And the problem with most morning
routines is, we’re tired in the morning, we’re groggy,
or just waking up. We have the
least amount of energy because we haven’t
really gotten moving yet, and so our decision-
making is clouded. And again, what I love about this
journal is it spells it out for you, what to do every day and it will
help you build those routines. They say it takes about
three to four weeks to create a habit or
to build a routine. This baby will be with
you for 66 days, for about two months,
a little more than two months. And I love the honesty
in the descriptions in here. It calls the first
week hell week because they know how hard it
is to break your old habits. And they break it down
for you really, really small. Anyways, I’ve talked a
lot about that. I love it. If it’s something
that you’re interested in, a link should have popped
up in this video by now or below the video
or somewhere, we’ll make sure
that you have a link to grab yourself one of
these morning journals, but let’s just quickly
recap here. One of the most important things
you can do is create routines, avoid decision
fatigue, pick out your wardrobe
ahead of time, even if it’s just a day.
Before you go to sleep at night, pick out what you’re
going to wear tomorrow. Meal plan for
the week. If you know that you’re
going to go out on a date with your wife
on a Tuesday night, pick the restaurant ahead
of time, make the reservation, it’s one less decision you have
to make when you’re tired. It’ll lead to
better decisions. Create a great morning routine.
I suggest you use this. Create a mid-day routine,
create an evening routine, create weekly routines,
create monthly routines. Schedule this stuff,
put it into your calendar so that way when it
comes time to do it, you don’t have to think, oh,
what should I be doing now? If you’re struggling with
getting things done, routines are going to
dramatically help you. Another thing that will dramatically
help you is to audit your time. Measure in a week how
much time you have to get “tasks” done and then measure for a week how
efficient you were in doing it. I just went through
this with a client, he had 14 free
hours in his week, hours that were free from the day-to
-day grind of running the restaurant, and then when he audited it,
he was only working five to six of those 14 hours, like
actually getting things done. So, we’ve been putting more
routines into his life and we’re already seeing
that efficiency go up. He’s getting more done
than ever before. I can tell you that when
I was at my busiest, I was getting the most done
because I got so good at routines. So, build some routines
into your life, wear a black
shirt and jeans, or a white shirt and chef
pants to work every day, one less decision
you have to make. Pick up your morning
sidekick journal, we will show you the link again
right here. I love this thing, it’s amazing. And go out and crush
it this week. Again, Ryan Gromfin with
the Restaurant Boss. Looking forward to bringing you
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