Fall Real Estate Market in the Annapolis Valley

Hi there, Dawn Magee from Royal LePage
Atlantic. I just wanna give you an update as to what our markets doing so far here
in the Annapolis Valley, in beautiful Nova Scotia. Right now, year-to-date, we
have listed 1810 properties here single-family homes in
the Annapolis Valley and of those we have sold a 1039, so
that’s about a 60% sale list to sale a ratio even in September we have sold
just so far this month we have sold 105 in the Annapolis Valley so still lots of
buying to do still lots of season left. So to break that down on average on
average over the Annapolis Valley, the average home sale prices year-to-date is
$197,000 but that’s averaging averaging out for
the Kentville. Wolfville, Berwick area you’re looking at about $225,000 as your average home sale price so that’s pretty good
and that is 6.9% increase in market value over last year
for that particular area. Overall ,for the whole Annapolis Valley market prices
have gone up 5.8% so that kind of brings down the average a
little bit it is higher actually in Windsor it has jumped a market value of
increase of 12% so Windsor, Falmouth area is having quite the price increase for
sellers selling their homes overall we have only about 5.8 months
worth of inventory and even worse in Greenwood there’s only 5 months with
inventory in the Greenwood area. Down closer Annapolis Royal area they have a
bit more to work with about 11 months worth so but overall that averages
out to about 7.5 months of inventory for the whole Annapolis Valley
so still lots of time to list lots of properties still required there. We’ve
got lots of buyers looking; at our weekly meetings lots of us have lists of buyers
we’re looking for this, we’re looking for that,
so still a good time to list because there’s still lots of buyers out there
it’s been a good selling season for the v-2 district which I said was Wolfville,
Kentville, Berwick area we’ve had 11 high-end homes so over the $500,000 mark
so there’s there’s big.. big big buyers out there as well.
So it’s great to be working with a realtor right now because you want to be
ready to jump and you want to know those listings are coming on to the market so you
can get a get ahead of the rest of the buyers because there’s a lot of
competition and you have to be aggressive as a buyer right now you got
to have your financing in order, you gotta have your down payment ready, you
got to be ready to wave conditions if and maybe perhaps go above list price if
you’re in competition, so that’s why it’s good to have an agent working with you
because you’ve got to be ready to act on those sought-after properties, especially
in the higher desirable areas. So anyways give me a call, I’d love to answer more
questions about real estate; I can help! You can subscribe to this video or give
me a call at 902-277-0510 or going over to my website (movenovascotia.com)
There’s lots of useful information there resource page community information of
course and videos video tours and listings themselves, so talk to you soon!

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