Family Guy – The Griffin family forgets Stewie At home

Hmm Louis, I’m awake Louis Louis Louis Where the devil is everyone Just waitin for my breakfast Louis I know how to get her attention Louis I’m about to drink my first soda better come stop me Hmm that must be the sugar. Oh god. That’s good Rupert suddenly I want to run chase me Now I’m sad There’s no sign of them anywhere meg Chris Brian There gone, I’m all alone. I can do whatever I want I’m gonna take Brian’s novel and replace every use of the word and with the word fart The young soldier fart his brother looked at each other fart both knew that with love fart truth fart courage They would both emerge stir farting on their feet. Yeah that one didn’t work Well let’s see what fascinating pubescent treasures Chris has got hidden away, ooh Hustler magazine I finally get to see what a vagina You can’t hurt anyone anymore Hmm I’ve never executed a diaper change before of course how hard can it be you just unfasten these things then lay back with your Legs in the air and let nature do the rest Hmm it’s still there usually the dude is disappeared by now, but it hasn’t it’s just sitting there like Joseph on his wedding night Happiest night of my life, honey Really memorable Almost done in there God hello Intruders Stewie you in there You think he’s here oh God it’s Cleveland and Bob Hope well the damage is done better get him out of here perhaps I’ll shackle them in the basement with a 24-hour broadcast of the DirecTV help channel What the hell Where are we getting to know your remote is easier than you might think these buttons at the top control volume Channel and the power on your receiver to see what else is playing just press guide and then scroll through the on-screen menu by pushing The arrow button or to scroll even faster use the channel up or channel down button now you’re on your way to experiencing all that DirecTV has to offer This may be kind of messed up But am I the only one getting a right now is there anything that doesn’t give you a boner clam People who use the word rubbish when they mean garbage rail right. Yep, not even a wiggle down there Well Rupert, we’re out of food diapers and just about everything else, which means I’ve got to get a job Welcome to mcburgertown can I take your order Stewie you’ve got to clean the bathroom no, no I’m not going back in there Stewie I’m not giving you a choice. You’ve got to go clean that up no No, it was literally only on the floor all right there was no attempt to get near the toilet It’s like you just press their buttocks against the wall The only part of the floor that didn’t have poo on it was the part that had a baby on it go Stewey, can I see you in my office for a second? Oh, yeah, what’s up, Eric everything, okay? Yeah, just come into my office Stewie Shawanda said she saw you sneaking food what? She said she saw you in the back of the kitchen sneaking a fish sandwich. Oh come on, dude Yes, okay, but but the thing was five minutes past the throw out time well be that as it may Shawanda took these pictures on her cell phone You’re fired We’re broke Rupert I’m jobless there’s no food left I’m out of diapers, and I’m down to Meg’s last hat we’re doomed You know let it be written on my tombstone that my life was considerably better with my family around And I didn’t realize it until it was too late Mommy daddy, Chris dog Brian I promise with all my heart that I’ll never say or do anything bad to you for the rest of the evening By the way, I disabled the v-chip and I watched so much porn Oh, sweetie. I’m so glad you’re alright. Yeah No, thanks to Cleveland and Quagmire wonder what the hell happened at him And now you’re the whole range of exciting DIRECTV programming options and remember by answering questions you may have you can consult the on-screen help menu or 24-hour online assistance is available at Or your destination for getting started with your new DirecTV system fuck fuck fuck

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