Feds charge Columbus market owners with food stamp fraud totaling more than $10 million

16 Replies to “Feds charge Columbus market owners with food stamp fraud totaling more than $10 million

  1. Welp the penalty should be you are deported back home and Can't come back. Seems fair..you want to steal from the hands that feed you (literally) them bye-bye!

  2. Damn how slow is Ohio this been going on for ever.
    He was just trying too help up out one hand washes tbe other !!! 💖
    I commend him for helping the poor community like where hes from .

  3. The immigrants come here & we give them free money to start these businesses & they know they won't get my any time , just a slap on the wrist. I think items for hygiene should be allowed..

  4. SMH they got time to go after a little corner store in a poor neighborhood but Orange face been robbing people for years and didn't do one day in jail.

  5. 1:46 this dude needs to shut up! You can buy food with food stamps that's the whole point, these people dont have to shop at this market. There are plenty of markets and stores where they can buy much better food. Acting like he knows what people go through, why doesn't he go out buy soap and shampoo for the people?

  6. Wow bro you fucking people are pathetic sitting here bashing people because they got busted
    ..guess what they broke the fucking law with OUR tax money…send those fuckers to jail…people who actually need the help are told they make to much while people that are perfectly capable of working choose not to because there lazy…now yes there are some on it that need it but not everyone..and then there is someone on here bashing our (orange faced president) gtfoh dont bash someone else cause your spot was blown up and before anyone says anything about my color or not knowing..i walked to the corner store right next to that every day as a child lived in wedgewood went to eakin was going to go to wedgewood but was closed (before the new school opened behind it) lived in dalton court dealt with all of it and still made it out and do quite well its not the color of my skin its not that i was lucky…i just worked my ass off

  7. try to work so you can have more money for your basic needs ,
    * note*
    If you are able to work and not elderly etc, or just working for low wages or part time ) I can honestly sympathize if people are trying to buy shampoo and soap more so , than if they’re selling food stamps for drugs alcohol , cigarettes. I have been poor in my life , and I know the struggle is real . And depressing.
    That’s why I work as much as I can , while I can . And my life is much better now.

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