I used to think an HSA was just a
special checking account god I was so stupid cuz an HSA is so much more than that
I never maxed out my HSA contributions I never invested my HSA and I missed out
on some huge tax savings and potential investment gains but last year I opened
an HSA again and this time around it’s gonna be different because now I know
how to actually make the most of it in this video I’m gonna briefly touch on
what an HSA is and how it works then I’m gonna talk about how HSAs work
specifically at fidelity I’ll also talk about how to prioritize your HSA versus
other accounts like your Roth IRA and your 401k and last but not least I’ll
talk about how to invest your fidelity HSA for maximum profit obviously I can’t
tell you what to invest in because you’re an adult and you can make your
own decisions but I will show you how I’m investing my fidelity HSA so you
have a real life example of what it could look like for you so if you’re
interested in learning how to be smarter with your HSA and to make sure you’re
getting as much benefit out of it as possible then keep watching ok let’s
start off with a little HSA 101 the HSA stands for health savings account the
name is kinda misleading because health savings account
sounds like a bank account and that’s why for the longest time I didn’t know
that you could invest your HSA but HSAs are actually not bank accounts they are
full-blown investment brokerage accounts and they’re designed specifically to
help you invest and pay for health care with pre-tax money HSA is come with some
really awesome tax benefits in fact I think they’re the ultimate investing tax
loophole because they give you a tax shelter in three instances you make
pre-tax contributions we have tax-free growth and you have two acts free
withdrawals as long as those withdrawals are for health related expenses compare
that to the traditional IRA traditional IRAs allow you to make pre-tax
contributions tax-free growth but not tax-free withdrawals and then the Roth
IRA you make after-tax contributions Shen’s tax-free growth and tax-free
withdrawals so the traditional and the Roth IRA they offer tax shelters in two
out of three instances whereas the HSA gives you a tax shelter in all three
instances if you could use a helpful guide on how the HSA compares to other
types of accounts then download my ultimate guide to IRAs 401ks and HSAs it
took me a long time to finally understand the difference between all
these different retirement accounts and also it took me a while to understand
which ones I should prioritize in my own finances so to make it all easy for you
I’ve packaged everything I’ve learned and created this PDF that summarizes the
benefits of each account there’s examples recommendations on which ones
you should open as well as where to open them it has literally everything you
need to know to set up your accounts for maximum profit so click the link below
to download it okay so back to HSAs HSAs are not substitutes for health insurance
they are an account that you used in addition to your health insurance and
that insurance plan has to be one that allows HSAs when I want self-employed I
was shocked by how expensive health insurance is if you don’t get coverage
from your employer that’s why I went for a really cheap insurance plan that
allows HSAs because with my cheap insurance plan I pay low monthly
premiums and if then when I do need to go to the doctor I can pay for it out of
my HSA what’s cool about HSAs offer net fidelity is that they’re the most
flexible HSA provider that i’ve seen out there with a fidelity HSA you’re gonna
get access to the full range of stocks bonds ETFs mutual funds and investment
products offered at fidelity this is great because many of the other HSA
companies out there such as HSA bank and devenir only give you a very limited
menu of investments to choose from I don’t really like that I don’t like
being limited so I definitely appreciate the flexibility of my fidelity HSA a
fidelity HSA is like a hybrid between a checking account and a brokerage account
so as long as you have cash in there that’s not tied up in stocks and bonds
and other invest you can use it like a checking account
you get a debit card that looks like this
and you can just swipe it to pay for doctor visits contact lenses
prescription drugs and things like that that’s why I invest my fidelity HSA a
little different from how I would invest say my fidelity Roth IRA because unlike
my Roth IRA which I’m not gonna touch until I’m much older I actually need to
spend some of my HSA right now on an ongoing basis so that’s gonna change how
I handle my investments a little bit so when you have X amount of money left
over at the end of the month to after you’ve paid all your basic bills and
rent you have a lot of options for example you can use that extra money to
pay down debt put it in your 401k put it into a Roth or traditional IRA you can
just save it in a bank account or you can invest it in a taxable brokerage
account or you can put it in your HSA so where does the HSA fit in with all these
different priorities here’s how I think of it when you’re trying to decide where
to allocate your money there’s two considerations first of all where can I
get the highest after-tax return on my money I’m always thinking about
after-tax return the second thing is when do I need to access that money
that’s the second consideration so if I’m looking for highest after-tax return
on my money then the obvious answers are I want to prioritize any type of tax
advantaged investment account like HSAs 401ks and IRAs but then the downside of
that is that with accounts like those your money is more or less locked up
until you retire so if you want to invest and save money to buy a house
then an HSA or an IRA probably isn’t the place to do it I think the question you
need to ask yourself is what’s your number one financial goal right now if
your number one financial goal right now is to save up to buy a house then
probably your HSA isn’t the most important thing in your list of
priorities for me right now my number one financial goal is to get the highest
after-tax return on my money so that I can reach a 1 million dollar net worth
as soon as possible I’m also ok with having that million dollars in accounts
that I can’t access until I’m retired because I’m not planning to touch that
money anyway I have other sources of income in the mean time so for me I
prioritize my HSA and my Roth IRA the annual HSA
contribution limit for 2020 is 35 50 and then for 2019
it was 3500 I always always try to max out my HSA before I max out anything
else even over my Roth IRA that’s just me though a big part of investing is
taking taxes into consideration taxes will eat up at least 20 to 30 percent of
your investment earnings but with the HSA and it’s triple tax shelter you
don’t have to worry about any of that although I don’t know your exact
situation and you may have different financial priorities than me I would say
the HSA should be pretty high up there on your list of priorities you don’t
invest with the right accounts you’re gonna end up paying way more taxes than
you need to on your investments so don’t forget to grab my ultimate guide to IRAs
401ks and HSAs to make sure you’re not leaving any
money on the table and that you are set up with the right accounts the download
link is right below this video in the description and finally let’s talk about
how to invest your fidelity HSA you don’t have to invest your HSA you can
use it as if it were just a straight checking account and spend your health
expenses out of there or you can use it as a wealth building investment vehicle
and then you can also use use it for both which is exactly what I do so as I
mentioned earlier the contribution limit for 2019 for the HSA was $3500 so what I
did was I divided this amount by 12 which gives me $290 and then starting
January 1st of 2019 I started making automatic monthly deposits of 290 so
that way I know that by the end of the year I would have made twelve deposits
of 290 each and that would have gotten me to my HSA max of 3500 for the year as
for investing that money I used the fidelities automatic investing feature
to set it up so that my monthly deposits automatically buy more shares of some of
the index funds that I already own the key here is that the index funds need to
be mutual funds and you already have to own them if you want to automate your
investments then you have to first buy the investments and then set up the
automatic feature with those investments that you already own if you want some
ideas on which in funds to buy for your fidelity HSA in
the first place check out this video right here it goes into a lot more depth
about how to pick the right funds and it’s really good so definitely check it
out so anyway back to my $290 monthly HSA deposit as soon as that money from
my checking account hits my fidelity HSA I set it up so that $200 of it goes
automatically towards buying more shares of the index funds and then the
remaining $90 stays in cash I did that because I want that $90 every
month to keep accumulating so that the next time I need to buy more contact
lenses or pay for a doctor visit I can just swipe my fidelity HSA debit card
without having to sell any stocks to cover that expense so next year I’d
really like to get LASIK so I’ll probably cut back on the amount that I
automatically invest and keep more of that $290 in cash so for you if you know
that you have some big medical expenses coming up in the next year or so whether
it’s having a baby or getting a surgery or just getting LASIK like me then feel
free to use your HSA like a savings account so you don’t have to invest it
in fact you probably shouldn’t invest it because the stock market is a place for
people with long time horizons in case you haven’t noticed by now I’m a big fan
of fidelity because in addition to the HSA fidelity offers all kinds of other
accounts and services for all your financial needs not only do I have my
HSA at fidelity but I also have my everyday checking account there I have
my Roth IRA there my step IRA and at one point I even had a fidelity credit card
something that really helped me in my financial journey is having all my
accounts in one place because it kept me organized and it was a lot less work to
manage I know many of you have an old 401k lying around somewhere from a
previous job and one of the smartest money moves you can make right now is to
roll over that 401k into an IRA so that you have all your finances in one place
like I do in next week’s video I’m gonna talk all about how to do a fidelity
rollover IRA so if you’re thinking of rolling over your 401k to consolidate
all your finances at fidelity then I want you to subscribe to my channel and
hit that note so you don’t miss that video that’s it
for now thank you so much for spending this time with me I appreciate you I
appreciate you I appreciate you I post new videos every Wednesday so I’ll see
you next week same time same place and don’t forget to download my ultimate
guide to 401 k’s HSAs and IRAs remember to invest early and
often and to boldly and courageously go after the life that you want

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