Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. Is a Win-Win

[TEXT: Bardstown, Kentucky, April 20, 2018] [TEXT: Vivek Sarin, Executive Officer,
Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development]
VIVEK SARIN: International businesses should invest in the United States because the United States is the
largest market on the planet. [TEXT: Brian Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Grey Construction]
BRIAN JONES: The U.S. consumer base consists of an $18 trillion GDP
with 325 million consumers. Manufacturers want to be close to that. [TEXT: Hiroyuki Takigawa, President, Takigawa Corporation Japan]
HIROYUKI TAKIGAWA: My name is Hiroyuki Takigawa.
I’m the president of Takigawa Corporation. Takigawa Corporation started the
plastic packaging business in 1949. We are exporting 40% of
our production to the U.S. so we decided to have
a plant in the U.S. And it was the
best decision I made. [TEXT: Terry Gill, Secretary, Kentucky Cabinet
for Economic Development]
TERRY GILL: The U.S. is the most stable place to invest capital in the world today. [TEXT: Kim Huston, President,
Nelson County Economic Development Agency]
KIM HUSTON: So our first gathering with Takigawa was here in Bardstown, and it was like a blind date. You give them your best.
You tell them everything about yourself. You learn about them, and you hope you entice
them enough that they want to come back. TAKIGAWA: I received about 150 site offers, [TEXT: Takigawa U.S. Groundbreaking, April 20, 2018] but I chose Bardstown, Kentucky. JONES: So, Takigawa is going to invest $46 million
in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. 180 new jobs will be created when
this facility is in operation. SARIN: When you land a single manufacturing
company like a Takigawa, the multiplier effect
in some cases can be sevenfold in terms of the additional
jobs that will be created. HUSTON: This is the start of a wonderful
new relationship with Takigawa. [Applause] [TEXT: In September of 2019 Takigawa opened its Bardstown facility.
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Produced by the U.S. Department of State]

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