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  1. @Khan Academy In a division problem or any kind of problem can I for instance directly  dived 50.50cm^3 by 15.0cm^2 or would i have to convert one in order to do this problem

  2. Alejandro,
    In the example you give you have a two scalars, the numbers 50.5 and 15, and two sets of units, the cm^3 and the cm^2.
    In this case you've got no big problems, because numbers divide into numbers and c^3/cm^2 is simply cm (or cm^1 if you like).  So you've divided a volumve, 50.5 cm^3 by an area, the 15 cm^2, and naturally you ge a distance,  3.36666… cm.
    If you think of this in physical terms, a volume divided by an area might be a question about "how high is a tower of something if you know the area of the base?"

  3. These videos are incredibly informative for me. For whatever reason the textbook would never be enough. Props to Khan Academy

  4. I've been looking everywhere for visual explanation of the functional groups, and no one does it better than you Sal! Thank you so much!

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