Getting Started with Analytics on iOS #2: User Properties (Firecasts)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. 5:55 needs some attention here. You can't delete/update created properties once you created one.
    Also, there is a number limit on how many you could create for your customized user property: 25.

  2. As far as I've tested and understood User Properties, they are only persisted in the current user "session", or a mobile instance. Thus, when the user reinstalls the app or moves to the other device, they are gone. For this I have to store them somewhere else anyway and set on each app run, is that correct?

  3. The custom user property is not working. I did the same exactly what you said. Not working.
    1. Created user property in Firebase
    2. Set user property from iOS using Analytics.setUserProperty("12345", forName: "storeID")
    But, I don't see any. What could be wrong ?

  4. Exciting follow-up! You can now archive unneeded User Properties if you ever hit the 25 property limit. Just click the overflow menu, and select "Archive"

  5. #askFirebase what about when we have person who likes cat + dog + lion, but dont like birds ?

    We can set up 3 values to one user property?

  6. Thanks so much for this. It's working great. Was kind of surprised to see how long it takes for the database to count a new device when it's not in debug mode.

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