GIANT MISSOURI BUCK! Ted’s Public Land Monster – DEER TOUR E33

went and tried to sneak in on some
turkeys how’d that go not too good putting the boat in hit up a spot I found a bunch of rubs
and scrapes hopefully they’re working back trough to freshen up their sign
after all this rain so why are we late cause it was raining and we slept in yeah it’s like 10 o’clock right now is that a ground blind up there right there no we’re going like
straight up there rain just quit here in Missouri it’s
about noon right now and me and Jake just got set up this is a spot that me
that Aaron and I scouted a few days ago and found a bunch of rubs and fresh
scrapes so we thought with all this rain it’d be a good spot to set up and if
they’re working this scrape line will be just on the downward side of them if
they do cut a hot track while they’re crossing them they’ll just start following
that trail it’s not always necessarily the biggest trail that these Bucks are
using just because it’s not a bunch of family groups of does using one trail
it’s just bucks coming along crossing all these doe trails an easy way to
find these buck trails is just to find the scrape lines and Road lines that are
going parallel to a field or some sort of food source but we’re probably just
gonna sit here the rest of the day it’s November 4th and rain just quit it winds
blowing and cool temperatures so should have the Bucks up and moving around that’s what we talking about wanna try some yeah
Casey’s general store staple in the Midwest to keep people alive gave me the best part let us know what you bring to the woods
we prefer one of these anything with hard plastic containers that’s what we
bring you still got a bunch on there yeah I’m saving that for later
I like to bring one of my practice broad heads sometimes just so I can shoot my bow once while I’m in the stand that’s why I like to shoot it just to
build your confidence up I guess He’s gonna come right thorough here sounds like it could be a buck too he kept blowing and blowing
could tell it was getting closer and closer when he just quit down he’s
pretty dang close probably within the 100 200 yards so it would make sense
if somebody was accessing from the private because their wind is blowing
like this and he would been downwind of him and now he’s just getting pushed
back here towards the public so me and Jake both thought it sounded like it
could have been a buck so hopefully makes his way through here he just
walked in through this cove he’s big walking that same path that
first one did bit louder Ted we need to set up right down there
they’re cutting the trails down there instead of up here it’s about 2:30 right now and me and
Jake watched two bucks walked this same trail right down here cutting across
this cove from the stand our stand is probably 50 50 60 yards up this Ridge
first one walked through here and we didn’t make a move and then another one
walk through here and he was a pretty good one so he we just decided to set up
on the ground right here I made this little ground blind just out a dead fall
and stuff whatever I could find and put some grass up here and stuff hopefully
by the end of the night something will come through and be the same thing I
mean kind of a long shot but for whatever reason it seems like they’re
using that trail we’ve set up on that Ridge parallel to the bean fields that
are up top thinking that Bucks might be coming along crossing doe trails up
there but seems like the cross and doe trail is more down here at the head of
this Cove so Jake’s about ten yards behind me sitting in a green flannel up
against a dead stump but he blended in pretty good so hopefully if something
comes out here we don’t get spotted big buck where at shoot him Ted he’s gonna get our wind Where’s he at Ted can you see him still you hit him for sure yeah alright listen oh my gosh I hope I shot him good dude Ted that’s a huge buck listen dude that exactly what we just thought was gonna happen yeah I mean that’s what every single
buck did I can tell he was a big buck when I saw him all I saw was his head you know and just that white across there I was like oh that’s
gotta be a buck but I just said that’s a deer yeah I thought you said there’s a doe I don’t like
that sound I don’t like that sound at all I mean I put it right behind the
shoulder how far was he 20 it was right by that tree which is like 24 so I split
the pin I can’t believe that just happened
like as it was happening I was like don’t think it was real don’t really seem to like you’re all that shake it up no because because remember I just I took I keep telling myself if I
shoot another one I’m gonna be focused dude look at where you’re sitting made a little fort perfect work perfect like what all
happened today was we watched two bucks come right through here second one came
through he was good one we crawl them down circle around we decided that we’re
gonna set up on the ground so I just made this big ground blind right here all
this deadfall stuff we had just started stacking stuff up and we’re like pretty
sure this is a trail right here at came right off that edge or whatever
nothing what happened for probably two hours yeah and then all sudden I see him
in this stuff all I see was his head move and I’m like that’s got to be a
good buck and I just said there’s a deer right here to Jake because I
didn’t want to get too excited and then all the sudden he pops out he’s just huge
drew back when he was behind this tree and all this stuff then no had no idea we we’re
here no I shot and it made a weird sound and I don’t like it I don’t like that
sound at all Give Warb a call we’ll go back and what should I tell him
I shot one a huge one I don’t know what else you’re gonna tell him hello
just shot a pretty good one you did yup you think you got it I hit him I hit something it was we set up on the
ground where these two first ones came through and I just made this big ground
blind right came yeah and he came right down exactly how
we drew it up alright well mark that last sport okay Think you can find your arrow yeah I should be able to alright just grab your arrow and get out of there okay what is that hair white hair there’s
some bubbles in it though yeah it’s really bright makes me feel better Jake found the
arrow it looks really good it’s got bright red blood on it and
there’s bubbles in it looks like maybe some stuff like fat on
it and white hair I don’t like that white hair if I just because if I hit it
low if I hit it too low then I might have missed everything but I mean the bubbles
I mean that’s really good sign we’ll get out of here and watch it on the big
screen like Jake said hopefully we come back and find him big dead buck Missouri
show them your turkey call so they didn’t think you have a dip in your mother would be mad this is our plan this was our plan in
case we got spotted just give him a couple Yelp’s and maybe they’ll think we’re Turkey that’s why we that blackface paint all over see what Greg thanks he’s usually right
so hopefully thinks good thoughts well we got back to the car and she’s
dead and our phones are pretty much dead I don’t know what we’re gonna do at this
point figure it out I mean we don’t know anybody from Missouri other than Aaron luckily just kidding people from Missouri we like you guy yeah what’s dead pretty much everything
hopefully the deer too yeah hopefully the deer but the honda’s is dead and my
phone’s about dead so what is dead say that again your phone and what car oh oh the car yeah sorry I was calling it the Honda is what I just call it sometimes your car is dead yes do you know anybody like oh yeah I know several people cousins with everybody thanks uncle yep thank you bye bye hopefully this is our guy
we appreciate it yeah thank you shoot one yeah got one a pretty big one yee dawgy well Aaron just pulled in tell them that he doesn’t know how big it is oh yeah he doesn’t know how big big it is we
just keep telling him oh yeah that’s pretty good one so we’ll see what he
says about the footage and everything you guys sick of waiting on me no here’s your batteries bought them in a gas station so they’re like 40 bucks so we weren’t sure if he is legal until we watch the footage but he
definitely is this is after just go back what is what are you talking about no you didn’t shut up you guys have been sandbagging me like this whole time oh my gosh oh my gosh dude no way so at this point are you just about to pass
out yeah I remember I was like holy crap
like I don’t really remember holy cow dude that thing’s huge it’s about 11:30 right now and we just
got back out to the spot where we shot that buck we’ve been looking a little
bit and haven’t found any blood yet as you can see in the footage the arrow
goes through some brush and maybe some twigs or whatever before it hits the
deer so we’re hoping I didn’t deflect anything but at this point we’re just
trying to get a direction of travel going back to the spot where I shot him
at and just trying to figure out where we think it went pretty diluted just
because when Ted shot it it was just like a mist if when you shine the
flashlights you could just see moisture in the air never rained there’s just a
lot of moisture in there it’s kind of similar to the night when we were tracking mine when it was snowing but hopefully now we got on first blood it took us a while
and it seems pretty steady he’ll just open up as he goes on and starts pumping
it out he was running real fast so you’d think his blood should be flowing out
but we got a direction of travel now so you feel like you wanna throw up I did
now I feel a little bit better right there right there blood right here blood there we’re getting close to that line now right there yup must have went across the fence there’s the other post right there
for what Oh property lines right there right you can see blood up there on that
Lane he’s bleeding good the whole way we can’t go over there so just keep walking down the property line maybe he’ll come back over onto this side yeah I think that’s him Ted you glassing I can just that looks like an eye what I think it’s him come over here once Ted are you serious I see his rack he’s dead for sure he’s laying on his side what oh my gosh do you see him Warb our spotlight is dying oh my gosh I can see him what is that thing tell them what we’re gonna do then we gotta try to get hold of this guy so I already looked on onyx because we knew there’s potential he was gonna
end up on private he was heading that direction we were just hoping he didn’t
make it that far and he barely did I mean 20 20 yards or something it’s not
like you made a bad shot I’ve never really seen a blood trail quite like that
was just spraying out both sides the whole time so I mean everything’s legit
as far as what we did so I think the person would let us go get the deer
that’s 30 yards over the line but I guess we gotta find out how to get ahold
of them what time is it 1:45 so I don’t know how we’re gonna do
that tonight like yeah probably not gonna be on this good side if you call him or knock on his door at 1:45 good news is it’s cold so like as far as the
deer spoiling I’m not worried about that I mean ideally we would just be able to
grab the thing and take care of him but legally we got to square up with the guy
but he’s dead he’s big you little savage In Missouri the the law is that you you have to have landowner permission to go
recover the deer so we were kind of researching trying to figure out who the
guy was and we got his number and sent him a text message just because it’s
2:30 in the morning and we didn’t want to call him up hopefully gets back to us
here pretty soon and we can go recover him but we might just slip out of here
and go back to the house for a couple hours and hopefully either responds or
we get a hold of him in the morning and we can get permission to go get him
maybe hang some jackets and stuff in the trees here just because of I mean
coyotes are the only concern at this point try to leave some human scent in
the woods and yeah it’s plenty cold yeah I mean I’m not worried I would be more
worried about leaving him if he had shot him in the guts or something like
it was that was sitting in him but it’s just blood I mean it’s not ideal but
we’re still gonna eat the thing for sure I know I know the deer will be fine so
I’m not worried about that just coyotes are the only concern at this point and
that he could potentially say no but I just can’t imagine someone saying that
never know well we’re gonna find out makes me nervous is that your coyote deterrent I can I can send you my location if
you’ve got a cell number I can just I can send you a GPS pin on via Google
Maps okay if you wanna do that then that’ll be fine just on this same phone number I sure appreciate you letting us go over there and get ’em okey dokey alright son well I appreciate you calling to check thank you all right take care we can go get the deer yes lets go get him what are we doing oh man you talk about stressful for the last few hours let’s go grab this
thing yeah lets go get him what are we doing I can see his rack sticking up over
there dude oh my gosh oh my god what the hell holy cow Ted it’s just we were talking about it last
night like if we’re gonna find this thing how crazy it is that this thing’s
lived I don’t know five six seven rifle seasons here yeah that’s the thing were
talking about is rifle season the stuff that this deers seen and then to come by
us last night at twenty yards on the ground and a little makeshift blind and Ted’s just sitting on the ground starting to make that blind like I mean
I was totally confident in it yeah but when I now that I look at it it’s
like holy crab that’s really open but it’s like kept telling Warb wait till you see
where we were set up get him tagged up oh my gosh Ted let’s drag him down to the boat boys we don’t usually get to railed up about
big deer but in this particular area I’ve grown up hunting around here and
you don’t see a buck like this very often at all this area as you all can tell i mean we got a guy’s tree stand right here 75 yards away and just the way the buck was
acting right when he popped into that opening you could tell he was like
looking around skittish you don’t see mature bucks like that very often but
every time you do it’s just like they’re on their tippy toes it’s really pretty
cool to see I haven’t seen a bunch of them but every time and they’re pretty
much I mean like he was acting unless they’re hot on a doe in this place he’s
he’s been shot at you know I wouldn’t be surprised if you find a broad head or
something in him like for sure rifle bullet gets hunted hard and you can
tell like these woods are not that thick mm-hmm
like for rifle hunters to come in here and cover it is no deal mm-hmm Ted and I
ran into a guy right over there the other day two days ago I think when
we’re in here yup there’s a guy when we came in yesterday to set up that
both access by boat that guy was in a pop-up blind because I was raining yeah
you’re talking 200 yards that way 300 yards that way another guy stand right
here he walked 20 yards from yeah he walked
right in kill range from that stand but the biggest thing with this hunt
well I guess let’s take a step back first because the first day we came down
here to Missouri if you go back and watch the first video Ted and I are
tooling around in that boat and we’re scouting a bunch of these areas and me
and Ted hit this this spot was the last spot that we hit yeah wasn’t it yeah
well we found all these big rubs in here these big scrapes in this spot and it
was getting ready to storm so we just speed scouted it real quick we just
cruised up here check the ridge kind of ease down towards this bottom and saw
the sign marked it on the map and got out of here and then basically had been
trying to come back and hunt it for the last couple days and there’s been people
mm-hmm in here yeah the other day Ted and I were trying to get to this spot
and there was a guy just 100 yards from here and so we kind of went around
him to the other side of the bedding area and that’s when we had that small
buck come in with the turkeys and stuff I mean like you said there’s been just
boats parked here every other time we’ve tried to get in here but they were never
in that this specific corner and this is where most of the
sign is right on this Ridge right the thing is that day when we were scouting
we didn’t scout just this area like we scouted probably five six spot just bounce
around all over right but that’s like biggest thing that i’ve learned is on these
out-of-state trips like Aaron comes in with a plan he has spots picked out and
he goes to them check them and scouts them and you cross the ones off
yeah that don’t have hot sign he’s not just coming here like whatever you know you
already just planning ahead way way ahead yeah something just we’re looking
at the map and going like you said a to b and yeah so on and so forth and a lot
of the spots we checked didn’t have sign didn’t have much for deer sign
not say that there’s not deer there cuz deer sign isn’t the end-all be-all thing
what you looking for but on a short trip like this short window we deer sign doesn’t lie like if it’s there the deer are there and it wasn’t just deer big sign
in here it was big super fresh sign I remember filming you at that interview
up the hill where you knelt down next to that rub and that thing had been made in
the last day or two yeah you know and we counted several
other rubs down through the ridge so we knew there was multiple bucks in here
that we would likely shoot you know because we weren’t going to be too picky
you know a legal two year old buck or better down here yeah is a Dern good one on public land
making that move though that you guys made that was pretty savvy on your part
you know and that’s kind of the same thing Brian did a few days ago and
that’s what you got to do in the rut like you can’t waste time if you see a
buck cruising like that you got to get out but where were you guys set up
probably 100 yards up there I mean right behind the cameras were you shot him yeah and right downwind of where we were set up is where he came out just like the
other two deer that we saw and we knew that like it just wasn’t gonna work and
obviously for some reason the Bucks were traveling this trail if a doe walked
down on it or if they were just all cutting doe trails like we talked about in the
interview who knows but for whatever reason they’re all walking there and
that’s where we had to be and I mean it wasn’t gonna work out any other way no
especially this time of year you just got to be willing to be mobile I mean
whether it’s moving your stand if you’re one guy I’d be a lot easier to just take
your stand down and just move it over here or like with us we have
to hang two stands and it was we had what two three hours so we didn’t want to
hang him both again when something was potentially gonna come through
cruising through at any second you made it I mean I was nervous making that
thing I was kept looking over here and I like that though you took just a bunch of
like dead falls just I mean you can see all the dead brush down through here
he just took some logs and kind of created a little teepee in there and he
was just sitting in there underneath of it windy and wet conditions perfect for
that but that’s the thing man when you see ’em do something in the rut like
these trails are not easy to see they’re very faint buck trails that are crossing
doe trails when you see them do that when you see one buck do that you’ve got
to move right then don’t waste time because a lot of people will put a set
stand up and they think they got to hunt that stand and they’ll see Bucks all rut
cruising out of range waiting for something to happen or making something
happening you know in this situation and I mean that’s what we did it feels
pretty good I mean like we said regardless of however big this thing is
like had the plan worked on a two-year old buck it would have felt good to know
that we got down out of the sand and had a had a buck come by and our plan worked
I thought the plan did work on a two-year old buck drove all the way back last
night and these knuckleheads never told me what the heck they shot and I Ted
was just like yeah pretty sure you know he’s legal buck okay well I know Ted’s
not real picky like he’s probably going to shoot a nice two year old you know I was pretty
excited like I was just kind of tooling back now no stress you told me this shot
sounded good look good so I was like yeah this is gonna be fun and I walk in and they start playing this video for me and I’m like what the heck did you do that thing is huge gotta thank you guys for everything
because I mean I wouldn’t be in Missouri right now if I wasn’t here alright this is gonna be real awkward you old savage come here theres Ted’s buck there you go we showed you guys the shot awhile ago but like it hits right in front of the shoulder comes out on the
other side right in front of the opposite shoulder
and that’s a few inches off from where you were aiming but I’m wondering if it
didn’t hit some of that brush going through there and deflect a little bit
that’s a situation where you’re happy you’re shooting a fixed blade because
yeah hitting some debris in front of a deer with a mechanical who knows if that
thing’s doing somersaults or whether it’s doing by the time it hits it and
then hitting bone hard bone like that yeah yeah I mean the hitting dead-center
height just right in front you know but that’s that’s the thing man when you
taking shots that are closer like that they’re just higher odds you’ve got more
room for error yeah you know when they’re out there 30 yards Plus that deer can
react and do all kinds of crazy stuff this thing was like 22 23 yards the
arrow hit him before he was able to right drop down more than an inch before the deer was able to move the arrow hit him which is perfect you know I mean I mean the deer didn’t I
mean he died he ran till he died yeah I mean he was done in a matter of seconds
I’m sure boat buck buddy we’re back here at my dad’s kitchen
today trying to get Ted’s hunt finished up here on the editor so we can post it
tonight got the sweet fish tank over my shoulder over here and we just got a
text and had some pretty sweet developments with Ted’s buck yeah so
after we shot it and posted some pictures or whatever and I think Aaron
sent a picture of the buck to the landowner the landowners it grandson
Dylan had a bunch of trail camera pictures of that buck and when we walked
up there that night to the property line and shined where the blood was we could
see a trail camera over on the private side and turns out it’s the same trail
camera that he ran in front of that Dylan and getting pictures of this buck
on so it’s pretty sweet yeah he was super nice about it and everything said
congratulations pretty much and send us the pictures and allowing us to show
them to you guys here on this video so pretty sweet deal mmm all together yeah
we’re trying to get this video out for you guys as soon as we can right now I’m
hoping to have it done here in the next few hours but before we leave you guys
on this video I want to remind everybody we got a bunch of sweet discounts on all
the gear that we use just expand the youtube description down there below and
you’ll get them all right now legendary also has a real good promotion where you
can save 50% off of all of our THP gear our deer tour shirts and our apparel you
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clothing if you buy a piece of hunt guard you can use the code HG 2018 say
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yep yep right there and I’ll put information down in the description
below for that also legendary has their hunt on us campaign going for a little
bit longer here I believe so if you bought a deer hunting license this fall
just take a picture of it go to hunt on us comm and send it to legendary and
they’re gonna give you $25 new Magnum and legendary gift card so give you some
extra Christmas money as you guys saw in Ted’s hunt
we had to gain landowner permission to go get the buck and some states you have
to do that some states you’re allowed to leave the weapon on your side of the
fence and then pursue if you as long as you’ve got blood you just need to check
your regulations whenever you got hit deer
crossing property lines and we’re really glad we had on X we’re out there at 2:00
a.m. because we could figure out who owned the property and eventually find
the phone number for the guy and we waited until what 6:30 7:00 in the
morning probably at 7:00 morning calling called him up and got ahold of him
immediately and he was super nice and really appreciated us you know asking
for permission because Dylan said they’ve had issues and years passed with
lots of people trespassing on their land and stuff and most of these land owners
are like that guys that’s what we find all over the place you know if you just
ask and explain the situation they’re usually fine with it so use that
tool it’s very valuable we’ve also got a discount for the Onix hunap that we use
on our phones you can find it down in the description below as well and yeah I
appreciate you guys joining us on this video if we got some sweet hunts coming
up for real soon Zach’s hunt for his buck up in Iowa is gonna take up the
channel for the rest of the week because it’s some pretty amazing footage you’re
not gonna want to miss it and if you want to continue to follow us here at
the hunting public go to Instagram Facebook follow us there and please be
sure to subscribe to our channel here on YouTube to stay up with all of our hunts
and adventures you all got happy about that

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  26. You guys kick butt! I love the public land aspect of the whole thing! I liked and Subscribed.

  27. As a 60 yr old. I’m thrilled to see young, enthusiastic outdoorsmen ethically hunting! Pass this on to your friends and those that follow you!


  29. Ted!!! Epic Monster Buck! You are The Man! Great job adjusting to the pattern! Awesome that you contacted the landowner, most would have just trespassed. Class act!

  30. Awesome video,good to see someone else doing things the right way and not just go stomping onto private land to recover a great deer

  31. I am very impressed with your videos.
    They are interesting,entertaining and certainly educational.
    Congrats on the big buck.

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