Ethan: We have a special episode of EthanAndHila Ethan: Hila has been talking mad shit lately.
Hila: (Chuckles) Ethan: And I feel like we need to put this to rest Ethan: She used to play this game “agar.io” Ethan: A lot. Hila: I’m not a gamer, but– Ethan: She’s not a gamer Hila: Sometimes I’ll find like a game that I really like Ethan: — Fuck you gamer girl Go home gamer girl Ethan: I’m a gamer, Hila is not Hila: So, but, I really like simple games like agar.io Ethan: Mm-hmm.
Hila: That was one of my favorites Ethan: So you were really good at agar.io Ethan: So much so that I don’t think I ever beat her Ethan: Sometimes, like, I game a lot Ethan: When she decides she wants to play a game she f–she humiliates me Ethan: Like the first game we ever played together was like temple run Hila: Oh yeah! Ethan: And I was like, “Dude you’re fuckin’, you’re wrecked dude!” I kept beating her and beating her. Ethan: and then one day, she comes out with like, the highest score (#GetRekt) — you could ever imagine, and I tried and I’m like, “Hila, you’re ruining the game; it’s not fun anymore.” Hila: (While laughing) I play all the shitty games too Ethan: But the truth is here. -Hila thinks she’s better than me at “Slither.io” (Fat Chance) — and I think, I mean obviously, there’s just no–it’s just not possible so she’s been talking mad shit — she’s saying “I’m gonna f**k you up at “Slither.io.” – and I’m like “Get lost, gamer girl!”. Ethan: Why don’t you start, big dog? Ethan: What’s your name? Hila: I don’t know, usually I have a name when I play Ethan: Mmhmm, like everybody? Hila: very specific name. Ethan: DAMN! Get- come out with the creative names! Ethan: If you don’t know about “Slither.io”, — it’s a game in which you role play -as a..worm… …or as I (sss) like to call it: a giant red dog boner… with eyes. Ethan: And you’re on a quest to consume as much schmutz as possible. Ethan: AKA little dots. Ethan: Which is obviously…. poop. Ethan: So essentially you’re pooping all over the field… Ethan: and people all over the field are eating your poop… (Human Centipede?) Ethan: essentially its a giant worm… Ethan: shmorgishborg… of feces Ethan: There’s a scoreboard here, and like, everyone tries to get on top of the scoreboard I was number one several times.. and Hila’s- Hila: *laughing* WHEN
Ethan: Hila’s topped out at three Ethan: Now, Hila, like, her style.. I can see she’s a scavenger. She’s not a showman… she’s a scavenger Oh my goodness, Schmutz City, USA *sad music plays* R.I.P dog boner
You were my favorite Ethan: Oh god, Hila. That is just-
Hila: Oh no… Ethan: You know what? You played very recklessly.. You got.. You got seduced by all that schmutz and now its my turn. Hila: I blame you (We all do Ethan..) Ethan: For what? My turn-
Hila: *laughing* Ethan: Get- get out of here Ethan: Get lost gamer girl Ethan: It’s my turn.. to shine. Ethan: Gamer boys rule Gamer boys rule Every time I play, I win Gamerboys… rule. Hila: Well why don’t we see it? Ethan: *Rekted* Ethan: *muttering* Fuckin’ done, dude. Ethan: So I like to call this game “the game for more schmutz” cause.. it’s essentially- Ethan: -you’re picking up schmutz Ethan: aaand I almost died. Ethan: DUDE ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS wait, that wasn’t r- fair.. who’s that guy?? *NOM NOM* Ethan: Hold on.. hold on..
Hila: That wasn’t a very long game Ethan: *coughs* Ethan: Ok can you NOT dude Hila: Of course, I’m not surprised.. *Arcade-ish Music Plays?* G O H O M E , G A M E R G I R L Ethan: I need more schmutz, and I need it right now. Ethan *muttering* I’m just a little fuckin worm.. Ethan: HELLOOO DOLLYYYY Get on my level please Ethan: Excuse me dude. Are you trying to fuck with me right now dawg? Ethan: ‘Cause I-
Hila: Ohhhhhh… Ethan: I feel like maybe you’re trying to fuck with me. Hila: Yeah, he is.. Ethan: You wanna joust, dawg? You wanna go fuckin’ schmutz joust with me dawg? Ethan: You wanna schmutz joust with me daaaaaawwwwwgggg Ethan: Dude, I..I like ate my own f-feces (Headphone user warning!!!) (MYEARS!!!11!!) Ethan: OHHHHHHH OHHHH I’m like more of a socialist schmutz eater I’m like down to share, ya know what I mean? I don’t believe that one worm should have too much schmutz… I believe that worms should cherish schmutz equally (Amen) Hila: I think that’s like… Oooh! Ethan: Wait, what? Ethan: It’s time to enter the Matrix, dude I’m tunneling under the earth with Schmutz-io This is it Hila: You’re gonna get on the leaderboard Ethan: Okay, did you just notice how I fucked that guy up? Ok, can we talk about that Hila: You’re okay.. Ethan: I don’t see you pushing on the gas and pumpin’ anyone dude- *gasps for dear life* Ethan: w h y ? Hila: see that’s what happens Ethan: sorry hila Ethan:*typing feverishly* sorry i’m a dissapointment dude (Don’t worry, I am too ;-;) Ethan: this game’s basically dark souls 3 *Bob Ross Music Plays* Hila: what should be my name? Ethan: time to get real Hila: ok.. i like that name
Ethan: o-or.. wait, hold on i have one even more creative.. Ethan: *speaking god’s forbidden name whispered into the hearts of only the most worthy* Hila Hila: *speaking the DAMN TRUTH* Thats a good one. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Ethan: There’s nothing more powerful than the truth Just follow the trail of tears, dude. Just like the indians. 🙂 Follow the trail of tears 🙂 Ethan: Oh that was aaaallll you
Hila: *breathing in* That was nice Ethan: How’d that taste? Hila: *talkin ’bout that DANK SHIT* Good Ethan: Good shit right? LIl schmutz dots *blazed af* It’s good shit right dawg? Ethan: *talkin bout dat dick* That is a nice girth and length. You’ve got a nice girth and length there hila. *nutting profusely off camera* OHH MAMA THAT’S ALL YOU. *recovering from that fine nut* ok be cool.. be cool.. don’t panic DO NOT PANIC. Ethan: *considering paying Hila for that fine fuckin nut he has there but then remembers they’re married* I’ll pay- OH my FUCK Ethan: *remembers his beautiful wife* OK OK OK DON’T PANIC GEt ON THE GROUNd Hila: *laughing because she is god* Ethan: Ok dont freak out.. Ethan: *truly ascended* okAY YOU JUST WENT UP TO TEN THOUSAND SCHMUTZ POINTS Hila: *Hittin it from the back* Woo-hoo! Ethan: You are very close to the leaderboard so just keep it together Ethan: That is so much girth and length dude. I haven’t seen girth and length like that in quite a while ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) You know what i mean?
Hila: I know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) “Sweet Romantic Music Plays” Ethan: OKAYYYY Ethan: Schmutz city, USA Ethan: Just be cool, be cool
Hila: *sees Papa Franku nut all over her kingdom* Now the pink guys coming.. Ethan: You’re so close..
Hila: AHH! Ethan: Keep it together.. Keep it together… Ethan: *nutting a-fucking-gain* AAAAAAAAAHHHHH Hila: *coming back home from Vietnam talking to her children of her war stories* i though he KILLED ME Ethan: Ok Hila you’re in seventh
Hila: Yeahhh! Ethan: You have fourteen points.. for schmutz Hila: AAH! Ethan: *High pitched voice* Be cool, be cool.. Sixteen thousand…. you’e in sixth place. KEEP THe SCHMUTZ TOGETHER DONT PANIC. DUDE. Ethan: Ok Hila, very proud of you I know we’re supposed to be competing but right now i’m just so proud of you. Hila, merciful god of slither.io: Lets forget about the competition. Ethan: There’s no competition. Gamer girl, you’re welcome here gamer girl You showed me the meaning of length and girth Hila: I think you really “Leveled up” Ethan: *war flashbacks to “Law & Order SVU on Gamers”* Ethan, victim of PTSD: *flashbacks to GO HOME GAMER GIRL* Ethan: Frankly, Hila, I’ve never know a girl show me the meaning of length and girth like you have and i just have to say “Thank you gamer girl” *fighting war flashbacks again* DONT PANIC DONT PANIc that is not a lot of schmutz that is not worth the struggle dude. This is- GO BACK GO BACK Those turns get haaard, eh? Keep your girth to yourself. I am no longer a socialist. I am a capitalist now. I want you to have aaall the girth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) OH MY FUCK THATS YOU. That’s you. We should be careful. BE CAREFUL BE CAREFULLL. Go to safety. Go to safety That was a risky play, dude. you got nineteen thousand girth points. Ethan: The great girth battle of 2016. *ignorant to Hila’s benevolent godliness* That guy could’ve ABSOLUTELY destroyed you Careful, Careful, Careful! Ethan: *spitting holy wisdom* You’ll be a thin noodle if you get seduced by too much girth and length Get. The fuck. Out of there. Oh my god. Give ’em a sharp left. Hila: I don’t care Ethan: Your safe Ethan: Oh they’re fuckin STUCK! Ethan: Geeet it ew look go back go back Hila: Woohoo hoo hoo Ethan: Yes your VERY close to FIRST Ethan: The difference now Hila: *gasps with disbelief* Ethan: HOLY FUCK! DUDE can you please NOT! *Slow song plays* In the arms of the angels… FLY AWAAY! They leveled up. What now GO HOME GAMER GIRL! Ethan: I don’t think I ever Ethan: O Gawd just don’t uhhh ok Ethan: Ok be cool BE COOL HILA Hila: *Chuckles* Hila: You got to do the work to get to that number 1 Ethan: Pf dude no one said my name was easy Hila:*Gasps in Shock* NOOO!!! Go home gamer girl! *Explosion Sound* Ethan: Dude. *whispering* Let the BRADBERRIES hit the floor *whispering* Let the BRADBERRIES hit the floor *whispering* Let the BRADBERRIES hit the floor *whispering* Let the BRADBERRIES hit the FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!!! “Sexy Outro Sequence” once again subtitles by SonicDude2 – Subscribe for free memes

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  1. I love the Bradbury thing at the end I know I'm way behind like a year or something but you guys are hilarious

  2. Holy shit that's a lot of likes. Granted, they are completely deserved, but 89K is still lot of likes.

  3. Nobody is going to mention how he said they were worms. The games is slither.io as in snake slither smh

  4. that trail of tears comment was… in less than good taste

    this is coming from someone who hates everything PC, but that's definitely not ok

    and I know it was just an awkward joke – I can't imagine trying to make content in the volume you do – the things I would end up letting slip through would get me run out of town, so no judgement, just kind of noticing

  5. I found your channels last week and I've been slamming them videos like im freaking bogdan bradberry.
    BTW i love how supportive Hila is of her retarded little brother !

  6. why u running away from smaller snakes? you would eat them up so it wasent even close that person just would of died

  7. when hila tries to be funny its super cringe if u watch them now everytime she thinks ethan found what she said funny she cant let the joke or meme go i luv hila and she important to the channel but 1 thing she isnt is funny

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