Google Home Max Review – 12 Months Later

after more than a year of ownership the
Google Home Max has become my favorite Google Home speaker at $399 though it
comes at a hefty price so in this review I’m going to go over my favorite
features of the Google Home Max how the device has held up over the past year
and hopefully help you answer the question is it worth it
let’s dive in launched in the fall of 2017 the Google Home Max is Google’s
most premium speaker to date boasting to 4.5 inch subwoofers giving the speaker
an impressive amount of bass and overall power the main reason you get this
speaker is for sound as far as smart speakers go there is no better native
voice assistant speaker you can get on the market today than a Google Home Max
you’ll notice more detail in the music and media you play through the speaker
you’ll notice the impressive bass that comes out of this speaker and overall
you’re going to notice that this speaker can just put out a deafening volume so
if house parties are your thing you can get one or two of these things and
you’re gonna be set if you don’t like loud music or music with heavy bass
you’re in luck because the custom tweeters for this speaker also produce a
very nice sound for situations like blasting the game of thrones soundtrack
listening to your favorite pop artists and even listening to podcasts pretty
much every type of music I’ve listened to sounds great on this speaker not only
does the speaker sound great but Google also managed to make it look clean
simple and unobtrusive with their design it has four far-field microphones
located along the top of the speaker either way you set it you can set it
down on its side or on one of its long ends if you put it on the wrong end the
speaker will let you know that it’s upside down by the way the Google Home
is upside down it’ll work best if you turn it over the sound isolation map
attaches magnetically to the speaker and is a nice touch the design of the
speaker is unobtrusive it’s made to blend into its surroundings I’ve put the
speaker in several places around my living area and it’s looked fine in all
of them the mesh on the front of the speaker helps it do this and overall all
of the materials used in the Max’s design have a nice premium feel to them
looking at the back of the Google home acts you’ll notice that the device is
very simple and you’ll also notice on the back of the device that you have the
option for an aux input so if you want to wire a device into the Google Home
Max to play media you do have that option with this speaker which is unique since
neither the Google Home or the Google Home Mini has the option to do that the
other draw of this speaker is obviously that it’s a speaker made by Google and
comes with the Google Assistant it does everything a Google home and Google home
mini can do but obviously with much better sound so where do I use mine you
may ask weirdly enough I have it on my nightstand
I have a speaker in every corner of my room so when I sit down at my desk I use
the Max to pump out a lot of sound coming from the back of my room since I
already have a pair of Bose speakers with a Chromecast Audio hooked into them
in the front of my room multi-room audio is a huge advantage
with the Google assistant thanks to its excellent cast system
and speaker group setup Google’s Home app makes grouping these speakers very
easy and you can use your phone or even your Google smart display to control the
volume of each device within a speaker group having a Google home acts in any
speaker group is going to add a lot of deep bass and rich sound that is just
missing from Google’s other speakers like the Google Home and especially the
Google Home many the Google Home acts has the ability to fill a room with
sound and that’s just something in the Home and many can’t match another cool feature of the Google Home
Max in terms of music is that it will automatically adjust to its environment
and tune its sound appropriately so it’ll tune its sound
differently if the speaker is in a corner of a room versus if it’s in the
middle of a room on a table it hasn’t been something I’ve noticed all that
much but then again the feature isn’t really made to be something that you
would notice all you’re supposed to do is know and experience the great sound
coming from the Google home acts no matter where you put it in your
residence and from my experience that has certainly been the case so mission
accomplished there so after a year of ownership with the Google Home Max is
there anything that’s gone wrong or have there been any issues with the device
thankfully no I haven’t had any issues with the device are there any things I
wish that Google would improve with the Google Home Max yes I think there is
room for improvement with the play/pause media controls on the speaker it wasn’t
clear that the sticker on the device was a sticker so it took me a while before I
realized that it was a sticker and then I finally pulled it off I think maybe an
orange tab or something on the side to indicate that it is a sticker would be a
good choice here the second issue I’ve had with the
speaker is that when it’s in what I call its hot dog configuration depending on
where you are the media controls can be a little bit more cumbersome to get to
compare to when it’s in its other configuration which I call its hamburger
configuration I wish they had included another touch area on top of the device
so no matter how you have it set up hamburger or hot dog style you’ll know
to plan paws media you just have to touch the top of the device so now to
the question you’ve probably been asking yourself if you’ve been considering or
interested in getting a Google home max is it
worth it for me the high quality audio coming out of the max where you can hear
the rich detail in the music and media that you’re playing through it
accompanied with a nice deep bass is worth the cost however if you already
have a Google Home speaker and/or a Google Home Mini speaker and you think
that they sound fine and are adequate for your needs obviously you don’t need
to be looking at a Google Home Max speaker however if you have those
speakers and wish that they sounded 10 times better than they currently do and
could fill an entire room with sound that’s where the max can really come in
and really make a difference in your listening experience and the sound it
puts out in my mind is worth the price well that’s our review of the Google
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28 Replies to “Google Home Max Review – 12 Months Later

  1. When google home mini is next to a cpap machine the microphone has trouble hearing as the cpap air and mask makes it difficult. It sometimes works but does the google home max have a better microphone or does it have better noise reduction?

  2. I have 2 Max's…. One other gripe….audio latency with a TV…..Google says it wasn't intended to be…..maybe….but check out forums…. customers want it.. ..ok… thanks for the awesome video….

  3. If I had a Google home hub next to my bed with Google home max also in my bedroom, which device would respond to my voice? Secondly, is it possible to ask questions to your Google home hub and get visual answers with the audio outputting through the home max. I have neither devices yet but wish to use the home hub as a bedside device but to later buy the max for enhanced audio.

  4. Thanks for the Updated opinion Josh 🙂.

    I do have a G Home, (with white BB – looks beautiful !), which for me, Sounds Great 🤗.

    However, when Christmas rolls around, one "Never Knows" 🎄 😉 !

    Have a Great day Josh 😊,
    JaneLee 🕊️
    9:58 AM

  5. Love the videos! Sorry if I've missed it but what wifi router or mesh system do you use? I'm having tons of issues with my Homes and Chromecast dropping from my cast list.

  6. Only thing about using it in hotdog mode is it only outputs mono audio…more designed for if you have a pair. Nice review btw.

  7. I was thinking of getting either a bose soundtouch 20 or the google home max. I could really use your help! I need good sound quality , higher volume with the least distortion. And some good voice control

  8. Had 2 returned them… couldn't handle volume above 80, not enough bass for me I like to feel it , other then that its amazing also couldn't pick up your voice if it's over 60 percent volume

  9. Wow. I understand vendors pay for these but you could make an effort to make it sound less like a toothpaste commercial. 🙁

  10. I would really take bluetooth over a 3.5mm Jack that they tooknaway from the rest of their other devices…Kinda makes no sense unless you keep a phone or MP3 player plugged in on shuffle, that I bet nobody does. Might possibly be able to hook up a 3.5mm jack bluetooth adapter but that both takes away from the convenience or aesthetic of the device. Like I get its supposed to be smart but I don't expect it to be inflexible where it counts in features and versatility, but then I also forget this thing is basically a huge advertisement to sell services, even if I need to download more players on top of my full featured stock one for something infinitely worse.

  11. As is the case the last time I watched one of your reviews, you've given me all the information I needed and I went ahead and ordered one!

  12. Thanks, appreciate your review, will echo other comments here and thumbs up your "hotdog/hamburger" orientation…very cool. Going to wait for holiday season and see if they knock a few bucks off. Again, thanks for taking the time…sale or not, I'm getting one!

  13. It is a total piece of junk, I have had nothing but problems with my… The Google help desk is useless… It constantly drops off my wifi and I can't play podcasts

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