Google Home Mini — Up-close in VR180

[MUSIC PLAYING] NAT: Hey, there. I’m Nat with Alex, and
we’re taking you today behind the scenes of the
Google hardware event. Alex is going to tell us all
about this little guy, Google Home Mini. And to let you know,
this is a VR 180 video. So if you have a headset like
Daydream View or Cardboard, you can watch this
entire video in VR in 3D. So what should we
know about this? ALEX: Yeah. So this is Google Home Mini. It’s our small and mighty
addition to the Google Home family, and comes packed with
the full power of the Google Assistant for just $49. So this is all about
bringing hands-free help to anywhere in your home. NAT: And how did you guys
decide the look of it? ALEX: So we thought a lot
about the look and feel. We wanted it to feel
sleek and smooth and like it really could
fit anywhere in your home. And we have three colors. This is our coral, this
is our charcoal color, and then here we have our chalk. So as we all know, color
really matters in our home, so we wanted to bring that
same color into Mini as well. So for the chalk
alone, we actually created 157 colors before we
landed on the perfect one. NAT: You found the perfect one? ALEX: We found the perfect one. NAT: And the rest are wallpaper. ALEX: Exactly. NAT: Or a quilt or something. ALEX: Both. NAT: So it has the
Google Assistant. So what can it do? What can people expect
to ask it to do? ALEX: Yes. It has the full power
of the Google Assistant. So it has all of your
favorite Google products that you already know and love
built in, from Search, Maps, Translate, and more. It can help you get things done
if you’re making phone calls, setting reminders,
alarms, timers. And it also works with some of
your other favorite products, so you can use Google Home
Mini and your Chromecast to cast things to
your TV, as well as connecting with your
smart home products like Nest– so your thermostats,
your Philips Hue lights. NAT: Cool. So this one is plugged in. So we should definitely
give it a whirl. ALEX: Awesome. NAT: Do you want to start off? ALEX: Sure. OK. I’ll start off. So as I mentioned, it has
all of your favorite Google products built in. So one of them being Maps. So I can say, hey Google, how
far is it to Golden Gate Park? GOOGLE ASSISTANT: If you drive. Golden Gate Park
is 1.8 miles away. ALEX: OK, Google,
how do I get there? GOOGLE ASSISTANT: The best
way to get to Golden Gate Park by car is via Fell Street. It will take about six
minutes in light traffic. NAT: And I heard
that it has something called multiple user– ALEX: Yeah. So that’s Voice
Match, and that’s a really cool, popular
feature that we’ve launched this past year. And what that gives you is
a truly personal experience on your Assistant. So it can recognize
your voice or mine. If I say, hey, Google,
what’s my name? GOOGLE ASSISTANT:
Your name is Alex. NAT: Hey, Google,
what’s my name? GOOGLE ASSISTANT:
Your name is Natalie. ALEX: Yeah. So it’s super-cool. So with Voice Match, we
can get personal playlists, personal calendar,
reminders, et cetera. So it really is a personal
experience on Google Home Mini. NAT: And you are mentioning
you can make phone calls? ALEX: Yeah. So that’s another one of
our most popular features that we launched this past year. You can actually make hands-free
calls from Google Home Mini too. Any of your contacts,
family friends, as well as millions
of local businesses. So do you want to give it a try? NAT: All right. Hey, Google, call Sonny. [PHONE BEEPS] SONNY: Hey, Nat, how’s it going? NAT: Good. I’m calling you from the
new Google Home Mini. SONNY: That sounds awesome. NAT: It is! This cool. ALEX: Yeah. So as you can see,
it works super-well, and it’s been one of our
most beloved features already since we’ve launched
in the past couple of months. NAT: Awesome. Is there anything else that
people should know about this? ALEX: Yeah. So I definitely
want to point out that for a product of
this size, it actually packs a surprisingly big punch. So we really embraced
its circular shape to be able to project 360
sound from the speakers, so no matter where
you stand in the room, it actually has
really great sound for a speaker of its size. Even if there is music
playing or if there is noise in the background,
it can still hear you, too. NAT: Awesome. So if people want
to go learn more, I assume they can go
to the Google Store? ALEX: Yeah. Go on to the Google Store. Check out our website. We’ve given you a short peek at
some of the things Mini can do, but obviously, there’s
lots and lots more, so definitely check it out. NAT: Cool. Well, thanks, Alex, for showing
us what Google Home Mini can do. ALEX: Yeah. Thanks for having me. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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