Google Home & Nest Features Update – November 2019

After a blockbuster month in October
with Google releasing several new Google Assistant enabled devices they’ve also
been busy at work giving feature updates to existing Google Home and Nest devices
as well, so we’ve got a lot to talk about today. Let’s go ahead and dive in, and
first let’s quickly talk about hardware. Google released several new Google
Assistant enabled products including the Nest Mini which we’ve done a video on
so be sure to check that out in the video description below the Nest Wi-Fi, a
new version of the Google Wi-Fi where now the Wi-Fi points act as Google
Assistant speakers and finally the Google Pixel 4 which we have a video
on as well. Each device highlights new capabilities for the Google Assistant
the Nest Wi-Fi allows you to ask Google what your internet speed is or to pause
Wi-Fi on your kids devices. The Nest Mini has an on device machine-learning chip
that allows the Assistant to do more without talking to the cloud, making the
assistant experience faster, and the Pixel is the first device with the new
Google Assistant where the Assistant is not only faster since it lives on the
device but it’s more integrated into Android than ever before now as I
mentioned at the top of the video, Google has been very busy pushing out updates
to Google Assistant enabled devices and before we get to those updates, a word of
warning. All of the demos that you see here in this video are using devices
located in the United States using the US English version of the Google
Assistant. If you’re not located in the States, or you are not using the US
English version of the Google Assistant, do note that some of the updates you
see in this video may not have rolled out to you just yet. Also another thing
just like in videos past we will be bleeping out, or leaving out entirely the
wake word for the Google Assistant so if you don’t hear it, that’s why. We just
don’t want to trigger your Google Assistant when you watch this. Alright
with that let’s go ahead and get to the updates, and first one this is a big one,
it’s called stream transfer. Stream transfer allows you to move music from
one Google Assistant enabled speaker to another one or a
speaker group. So how does it work? Well, for speakers let’s say you’re listening
to music in the bathroom on your Nest Mini and you want to move the music
you’re listening to to your bedroom speakers group, just say move music to
Josh’s bedroom speakers. Google: “sure I’ll play it on Josh’s bedroom speakers.” For
speakers, you’re limited to just using your voice to be able to move music and
media however you are supposed to be able to use the cast button in the
Google Home app to also select speakers to move music to, but so far as of this
recording, I haven’t gotten that to work in either my Google Home app on Android
or my Google Home app on iOS. If you have a Google Assistant smart display you’ll
now see a new button design when you tap the screen while media is playing showing
you what speaker or speaker group the media is playing on. You can move music
by pressing that button and then scroll down to the cast two options. You’ll then
be able to move the music to other speaker groups or speakers listed on the
screen. For example, if I want to move music from my bedroom speakers to all my
speakers…. oh did I mention that it works for podcasts as well?
I didn’t? Well, there you go. It works for podcasts and pretty much any other types
of media that I’ve been able to throw at it I’ve been able to move from one
speaker or one group of speakers to another. This feature also works if
you’re watching a YouTube video on a smart display and want to move it to
your TV that has a Chromecast attached to it, and it works pretty seamlessly.
Next up another feature that people have been requesting for a while now is
stereo pairing Google Assistant speakers together. Now you’ve been able to do this
from the get-go if you had to Google Home Max speakers, but you weren’t able
to do this with the Google Home Mini or the Google Home speakers. Well,
Google has now rolled out the ability to do just that
you can stereo pair Nest Minis, Google Home Minis and Google Home speakers
together to create a stereo pair. To enable this go into your Google Home app,
select the speaker you’d like to pair with another speaker, click on that
speaker’s settings, scroll down for speaker pair, click Next, then choose the speaker
you’d like to pair with, then choose which speaker you’d like as the left or
right speaker, click next, choose your home address, tell Google where your
speaker pair is in your home, create a name for your pair, and finally Google
will then pair your speakers. To ungroup your speaker pair you can go into their
settings in the Google Home app and select separate pair. Also, one thing to
note at the time that we’re recording this is that this feature only so far
has worked on my Google Home speakers and my Nest Mini speaker I have not been
able to get this feature to work yet on the Google Home Minis. They’re likely
just waiting for a firmware update. All right, moving on, we’ve got a new Google
assistant voice to talk about. Issa Rae is the latest celebrity voice now available
for the Google Assistant, at least here for the US English version. To enable her
voice as your Google Assistant’s voice, go into your Google Assistant settings, look
for Assistant voice, and then select Issa Rae’s voice. Next up, it’s reported that
Google has started to test out continued conversations for the Google Assistant
on phones and it seems that this has already rolled out to pixel for devices
since I can already enable it on my Pixel 4XL. To do this go to
Assistant settings, Assistant, continued conversation, then make sure that under
devices phone is turned on and there you go.
Next up, Tile has finally added support for the Google Assistant so now you can
ask Google to ring your car keys or ring your wallet. To link your Tile account
with your Google Assistant, go into your Google Home or Google Assistant app, look
for Google Assistant settings, assistant, home control,
click the three dots, next click manage accounts, search for tile, then select it,
log into your tile account, and then the assistant will then link to your tile
account, then assign each of your child devices to a room within your residence,
click done, and your account should be linked. Well that’s it for our Google
Home / Google Nest / Google Assistant updates. We’ll figure out
the naming for these videos at some point if Google would just stop renaming
their products but whatever. If you liked this video make sure to hit that thumbs
up button below and if you’d like to learn more about Google Nest products,
make sure you subscribe to the channel and check out the links to some of our
other Google Nest product videos in the video description below. Well thanks so
much for watching, for 6 Months Later, I’m Josh Teder

55 Replies to “Google Home & Nest Features Update – November 2019

  1. Anyone else lost the ability to make calls from Google mini/home? It also no longer "remembers" what I told it to remember

  2. Thank you for not saying "Hey Google". It bothers me when it's constantly said in other tech channels. Your the best

  3. Funny, I can pair two of my original minis but not my new nest mini with anything else. Also I can transfer what is playing from one of my original to the new nest mini but not back to anything else. So when I told it to stop playing the music I had transferred to it, it said it wasn't playing anything. Only way I could stop it was to reboot the new Nest mini. Screwy.

  4. I wish they would fix the Nest Hub to be able to control basic on/off switches like the actual app. From my app I can turn on and off each individual switch in a room grouping. However on my nest hub I can only adjust brightness of bulbs and turn off or on the entire room. They should make the best hub work just like the app on controls like that.

  5. Yes i keep more updates for google home and google nest products. It is getting really exciting now. So many things it can do or will do in the near feature. Will it start my car yet. I have see where some of the other speaker devices (not naming) will start a persons car. Ok, thanks for a great review.

  6. Always great! Thanks.
    Just in case, do you know if Google will release Stream Transfer to Chromecast built-in speakers? I have a pair of Sonys, great quality, but they don't have the feature..

  7. I proved the stereo pairing in may 1G google home mini. Maybe you have to enable the Preview Program in you google assistant devices. Good video…

  8. The stream transfer feature is so cool! It initially didn't work with my Sony Google speakers. It just said "Sorry, this feature does not appear to be working right now. Try again later." So I power cycled them and now it works perfectly! Love the feature!

  9. Say to Google Home or Mini "Ok Google… Broom-Broom" A female voice says she knows if you will live or you will die!! WTF is that all about???

  10. Is the Pixel 4s new version of assistant coming to the current Google nest hub ? Or will we need to buy a new model to get this feature?

  11. You missed a big one. Sirius XM now works with Google Assistant. In Settings check under Services, Radio. And you will see you can link your SiriusXM account. Works great 📻👍🏿

  12. Does the music transfer works for google home mini’s in two different rooms? The stereo pair for google home mini does work (I’m on the latest beta versions).

  13. I paid 300 dollars for Google home max only to turn on and off the lights , great speaker if it works good but it doesn't , Bluetooth pairing so terrible , and must of the time I have to Yale , wifi connection issues , switching to Amazon Alexa much better if you have prime membership.

  14. I was was one of the lucky that got an "old" mini assistent 4 free, I also was one of the few buying google's audio cast before they ran out of line. I am quite content with that little assistent speaker for it learnt pretty quick how to stream audio files to any of my connected hifi gadgets. So I used that new nesthub function before it was actually available on the new line of google's built-in nesthub. What a brave…thing. My command is like:"Hey…., play 'Jazz you up' on 'xyz'." I was already able to group in and all that. Sincere stereo multiroom experience you might dream about. True AI learning going on, the assistent had to learn my way of command, it took but a few trials untill it comprehended. It now works fluently. Thumps up.

  15. My google home got bricked and cannot ask for replacement saying because they have not officialy launched in the Philippines. WTF?

  16. I just got a Google Home Mini in the color coral from Walmart during Black Friday for $20. If you bought a Google Home Mini from Walmart you automatically got a $5 code to use on VUDU. This is my first smart speaker and my first Google product. I love it. The only issues I have are when I said, "ok Google call Mommy". It said "creating a new contact for Call". I then later found out I had to go into the Google Assistant app and search for contacts and delete Call and add Mommy. I have an iPhone so I need both Google Home and Google Assistant app on my phone in order to be able to use the Google Home Mini. Also when I tell Google Home Mini to play The Office on Netflix it goes to my search engine on my Roku and pulls up The Office. It won't actually open Netflix to The Office. It says my Roku device is not supposorted. Which Roku device do I need?

  17. Can u help me with an APK can match with my android 4.4.4 Samsung alpha 850 coz the one I get from the Web did work properly and the one via Google play is incompatible with my device to manage my Google home mini . The app that actual found this one which I use have many features apparently not working many thank

  18. Those voices only work if you are physically located in the US, it's not enough with having the device set to English (US). For now my favorite English voice is Pink as it has a deep american radio host pitch.

  19. Can Google Mini be programed to turn on the bedroom nightstand lamps weekday mornings at 6 am? I don't see the options available to do that. I've looked in "routines" but still no luck:). Thanks. Not sure if it matters but I've been using Apple devices.

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