Having An Impact in Investment Banking | Morgan Stanley

The work we do at Morgan
Stanley impacts everything: the headlines that
you’re reading in the Wall Street Journal, the deals that everyone
is talking about, the things that
everyone is focused on. I am Audrey, Investment
Banking at Morgan Stanley We’re helping advise companies
to position themselves for what’s next, whether that’s to go public, to acquire a new
company or to be sold. At Morgan Stanley, all employees are
encouraged to speak up if you know the answer. It’s vital for you to be
feeling like an integral part of the deal team, and everyone wants
your voices heard. From the very beginning you are
given a lot of responsibility. They want their junior
people to be talking to clients. They want them to
go to meetings. I’ve often been asked if it’s
better to work in private equity or why I’ve stayed
at Morgan Stanley. At Morgan Stanley it’s
less about numbers. It’s much more about
relationships and the people you work with, and how do you develop
those relationships and cultivate them
externally and internally. I am Audrey. And we are Morgan Stanley.

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