Hawaii Property Tax Rate {2019} | Hawaii Property Tax Exemption Form

What is up my people today, we’re gonna be talking about taxes NO What’s been? Where’s all your money gone, Donny? Taxes, oh don’t change it yet. We’re not gonna go over the boring stuff for property taxes I’m gonna show you how you can save thousands of dollars Simply by filling out a form online for your property taxes out here in Hawaii Stick around get all the details see on the other side Alright guys today property taxes, how can I save you thousands of dollars by just filling out a simple form? Well out here in the state of Hawaii There is one thing that’s much more affordable than everywhere else in the nation and that is property taxes It’s already pretty frigging low Compared to if you’re in California Or any of these other states on the mainland when it comes to property taxes so out here in the state of Hawaii property taxes Are actually one of the lowest in the nation pretty much the only thing that’s super low out here, but anyways property taxes currently in 2019 are zero point two seven percent So that’s less than one percent of what you have to pay every single year for your property taxes additionally, they are based on the assessed value of the property which normally is much lower than what it actually sold for which is a Big difference compared to here in California. The property tax is based off how much the property is actually sold for Okay, and that’s a big big difference. So right there you already saving thousands of dollars You have a low property tax rate, which is great now this is the secret sauce that I’m about to drop on you guys right now is that if you go to this website Let’s jump on my computer and show how I can save you thousands of dollars by simply filling out this form. Check it out Alright guys, so this is the secret sauce. This is the magical website real property Honolulu. Com now keep in mind This is specifically for the City and County of Honolulu for people are shopping in other counties and other states You’re gonna want to check with your local realtor for that website All you have to do is go to this website and you can essentially get exempt Eighty thousand to one hundred and twenty thousand now this is when in recording in 2019, this might go up a might go down But thou those are the current rates right now. Let’s say your home is assessed for a million dollars You can simply fill out this form and basically take that assessment from a million dollars to nine hundred and twenty thousand dollars Like that by just filling out this form and that can save you thousands of dollars why because they are going to take that point to seven percent and Multiply it against the assessed value and obviously it’s gonna be less if it’s not a million dollars It’s nine twenty, right and all you have to do is fill out this form But it’s very important to do it before I believe it September 30th is the due date and cutoff date. You need to do it before then. So I’m gonna try to post this before then I make sure I tell all my clients to make sure you get that exemption form done and completed now There are a couple caveats you need to make sure that it is your primary residence That you’re there for at least 270 day calendar days of the year and there’s a couple other things I’ll send you a link so you can check out but more or Less all you really have to do is fill out the form It has to be your primary residence and you have to live there more than 270 calendar dates at that point You are good to go with the exemption and this can like I said before save you thousands and thousands of dollars So again, all you have to do is go to the to the website with the forms So this is the home page. All you do is go file homeowners exemption and Then you just fill out this form bang-bang and if you need any of this information You can always ask your Realtor for it whether you’re looking for the tmk And fill out this form and then you’re ready to rock and roll and that’s it. I just saved thousands of dollars So make sure that you check that out And you want to make sure that if you purchase a home that exemption might have been done by the previous owner But it needs to be done by the new owner So you might get a great tax break the first year because that person did it the year before? but if you don’t fill it out for the future year You might get slopped with a bigger property tax bill than you did meet you before so it’s really important to make sure you do That soon as you buy a new home. Okay, guys, that’s it for now. I hope this was helpful I want to save you guys money whenever I can help you find good deals and make sure I can sell your home for top dollar That’s what I’m here for if you guys have any other questions or comments by all means put them in the comment section down below If you love this video smash that like button and I would love to hear from you guys So you guys have a beautiful day eyepatch along with Patrick walling Realty comm. I’ll talk to you soon Aloha

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