Holly Johnson: A Bank of America Small Business Owner

I think I knew I wanted to be an artist at a very young age. I can dream something up in my mind and then make that into something tangible. It’s the most rewarding thing. I’m Holly Johnson, and I have a business called Cheeky Monkey Home where I make wool felt applique pillows. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child that I realized working from home was my dream, and that was the perfect kind of transition point for me to start my own business where I could be at home and divide my time more thoughtfully. In the first few years of my business I was really managing everything, and as sales started to pick up, I found that delegating was really a very important next step. I was also really interested in providing flexible work for mothers who have young children at home. That was the beginning of Sew at Home, where I can train, provide flexible work and community for refugees in the Boston area. When I realized that I could actually make an impact, for me that just takes it all to a whole other level. My goal is to expand my business 10 times over the next three years. After meeting with my small business banker from Bank of America, the doors really opened up wide in my mind about what the possibilities were. When I first met Holly, we were able to sit down and really understand the ins and outs about her business and the direction that she wanted it to go in, and from there, formulate some strategies on how to grow. He said you really have to be true to yourself, and true to your business. I felt that he was genuinely interested in my success. When I think about Cheeky Monkey Home, it just puts the biggest smile on my face. I would like the power to make beautiful things that bring joy to my customers.

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