Home – Day 6 – Ignite | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

Hi, everyone, welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 6, baby. (mimicking lasers) Ignite. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alright friends, let’s
come on down to the ground. We’re gonna begin
lying flat on our backs. As always, take your
time and getting there. Maybe you’re a little
excited for today’s practice. Maybe you are
falling a little bit more in the category of dread. Do not worry. Do not dread anything. Remember you even just
in this journey thus far, you have the tools to
approach everything with both a discipline,
a attention to the action, but also you have no
this idea of softness. Right? Working for yourself
rather than against. So, you know,
it’s okay to have feelings, but just pay attention and let’s
try to integrate all of the things that we have
introduced thus far in our iconic Day 6 practice. Okay, here we go. Knees are bent.
If you’re not already here, go ahead and bring the
soles of the feet to the mat. And let’s just take a second,
let the hands come to the belly, this deep place of listening and you can even give
your belly a little rub. If you want to be extra, you can
do a little clockwise circle for digestion just to
kind of move the stomach chi a bit there or
you can find stillness. And let’s just take a second to
relax everything into the earth. And start to feel your breath. Perhaps a moment of gratitude
here for showing up as you are. And all we can do
when we show up is be present with what is. This is what the yoga practice asks of us lovingly. So do your best. Each day we show up in attempt
to simply be present with what is, and then
one day you realize, “Oh, I’m little stronger here. “Oh, I’m moving from my middle,
from my center, “a little more here.” Finding more ease, not
getting caught or hung up on the usual things. So our patterns start to change. But if you can today,
as we work on core strength try your best to
not focus on the outcome or where you should be,
but you don’t feel you are. Just be present. One present moment,
a window to the next. Let’s take a deep breath in and enjoy a long exhale out. And two more just like that.
Inhale in. And a long breath out. And on this next one, think of
all of the people around the world breathing
together in this moment even. Big inhale. And exhaling as one. I love it. Alright, interlace the
fingertips, open your eyes. Bring the hands behind the head. We’re going to return to
this idea of the neck hammock. In fact, let’s
implement a little self massage. Can never not benefit
from a little self massage. Hey-oh, Okay.
Here we go. Elbows nice and wide. We’re gonna
scoop the tailbone up. Bring the low back
really flush with the mat. You should feel your spinal
column kind of magnetically being drawn down to the earth,
down to your yoga mat. Great, inhale in here. Stay grounded through
all four corners of the feet. Just notice some patterns here,
no right or wrong but notice if your knees, excuse me, your toes
come out and then therefore your knees or in and see if you can
get a get a feeling for them kind of moving straight forward. Alright, empty out your breath. And here we go, inhale
in together, elbows wide. And then exhale,
you’re going to lift head, neck, shoulders, elbows,
nice and wide all the way up. We want to feel the low belly,
the low abdominals and the upper abdominals draw in,
cinch in towards the center. This is that third chakra. It’s why I’m wearing
the gold today. (chuckles) Such a nerd. All the way in
towards that center. This is this energetic center that stimulates confidence, the kind of I am affirmation. This sense of
knowing one’s self. This feeling of home. The Huddah, right?
The center. We’re here for three. If you’re not feeling it,
take your gaze up and back and scoop your tailbone up.
Two, one. Awesome, lower.
(chuckles) Sorry. Inhale in. Exhale again.
Lift the gaze up. Really try to peel your
shoulder blades off the earth. And if you’re like,
“I’m trying.” Great, that’s all I can ask for. Scoop the tailbone up, press into the ball
joint of the big toe. We’re still creating a
one hundred and ten percent full body experience. Thinking of the
body as one moving part. Not these isolated,
you know, abdominals. See if you can
lift a little higher, create more of a sensation
in the center by drawing the low belly in,
hugging the low ribs in. Oops, my elbows have
come in to compensate, so I’m going to
open them wide again. Yes, here you go for three. Breathe deep, two. One, lower. Now we’re going to
move with the breath. Inhale to lower, exhale to lift. Ready, big breath
in all together. Exhale, lift. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Mindful controlled movement. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift.
Lift high. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Need more? You’re gonna lift the
shins parallel to the ceiling. We’ve been here
before on our journey. Inhale to lower,
exhale to lift, take it away. So feet can be on the ground. Maybe even you just experiment
with lifting the heels or if we need a little
more fire, ignite it, baby, by lifting the
shins parallel to the ceiling. Inhale the lower,
exhale the lift. So remember your
softening practice. Are there areas that are working
a little bit too hard right now? Can we be more efficient, more mindful with
the breath and the body? You should feel a bit of fire. Keep it going.
You got it. Three more. Awesome. After the last one,
nice and easy, you’re in hug the
knees up to the chest, bring the palms to
the kneecaps, inhale in. Exhale, draw the
knees out towards the front edge of the mat. Pause here. Soften through
the feet, the ankles. You can wiggle them. Kick, kick, kick. Inhale lots of love in. And exhale, lots of love out. Excellent. Slide the hands
to the backs of the thighs. You’re gonna rock
all the way up to seated. Take a nice easy
twist to one side, any side. Use your inhale to lift you. And exhale to release. Oh, sweet Benji. Inhale to the other side. Lift, lift, lift. And exhale. Beautiful. Back to center.
Here we go. We’re going to come
forward on all fours. Continue to find active breath. Inhale to drop the belly. Pause here.
Feel that length. Think long, Puppy belly. Here’s an example.
Long puppy belly. Long puppy belly. And then on your
next exhalation, contract. Navel draws up and in. Cat Pose. So inhale, drop the belly. Expansion, open
through the chest. Inhale, expansion. Exhale, contraction. Cat Pose. Alrighty, inhale nice neutral
spine, Tabletop Position. Walk the hands forward. You’re gonna curl
the right toes under, send the right heel back, press
away from your yoga mat as you curl the left toes under. Send the left heel back. Nice wide stance with the feet. Wrists are
underneath the shoulders. Palms spread wide, Plank Pose. If you get here
and it’s too much, come to the knees
and maintain this nice long line
from crown to tail. Core engaged. Alright, now find a soft,
easy motion here, left to right.
Breathe deep. And now front and back. Kind of a sawing effect. Front and back. Front and back. And here we go.
Left to right again. Soft and easy.
Left to right. Yes, beautiful. And now front and back.
You got this, front and back. Stick with it.
Front and back. Excellent, lower the knees. Then slowly ease all
the way to the belly. Beautiful. Drag the hands in line with
the top of the rib cage here. Bottom of the rib cage,
excuse me. And then here we go,
pressing into the pubic bone. Inhale, tuck the chin,
roll it up, Cobra. Meet your edge here. Crest and fall.
Bring it down. Two more just like that. Inhale to rise. And exhale to fall. So here’s the thing,
if I’m new to the practice, I’m probably here. Do a little baby Bhujangasana,
strengthening the back to support the core and
then we’ll build the core, right, to support the back. So find nice low
Bujanasana, if you like. Okay, here we go. Curling the toes under. Inhale in. Exhale, press up, power up. Plank, you got this. Strong base. Here we go.
Left to right with the hips. Left to right. And front to back. Good left to right.
You got this. Breathe deep. And front to back. And one more.
You got this. Here we go.
Left to right. Ay, and then front to back. Excellent,
slowly lower the knees. Gently come onto the belly. Set the hands in
line with the rib cage, squeeze the elbows in. Inhale, Cobra. Exhale forehead to the mat. Benji’s paws smell like Frito’s. This kind of thing.
Inhale, rise up. And exhale. One more.
Follow your breath. Beautiful.
Here we go. Curl the toes under. Inhale in. Exhale, contract. Navel draws up
just like in Cat Pose as you lift up to your Plank. Here we go, left to right. Maybe this time a
little bit more of a hip dip. Maybe not.
Maybe you keep it small. Back and forth. I know. I know.
And here we go. Front to back. Front to back. Front to back.
Front to back. Now, side to side. Maybe dip. Maybe dip (chuckles) and front to back. Here we go.
Front to back. One more time.
You got this side to side. You can keep it small.
Keep it small. And front to back.
Here we go. Front to back, front to back.
And lower the knees. Come all the
way on to the belly. Nice. Inhale, rise up. Find a softness. Exhale, crest and fall. Keep those elbows are being in. Inhale, rise up. Catch a wave. And exhale, release. Think liquid spine.
Your’s can be really baby, too. Baby liquid spine. Inhale, rise. Exhale, fall. Here we go, curl the toes under. Inhale in. Exhale, press up, power up. Look down. Quietly whisper to yourself,
“I am strong.” I am strong. Then send the
hips up high and back. Downward Facing Dog. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in. Empty it out. Big inhale. Empty it out.
Let something go. Yes. Alright, here we go. Baby steps to
the top of the mat. Take your time.
Baby steps. Baby steps. When you get to
the top of the mat, you’re gonna widen the feet and
then we’re gonna just nice and easy, ease down into it. So slow soft
movement with control, we’re going to come down
into a little bit of a squat. Woo, breathe. And then from here, we’re
gonna use our hands behind us to support us as we
come through to a seat. You can center
yourself on the mat. Take a deep breath in. Relax your
shoulders as you breathe out. Alright, then here we go. We’re gonna lean back. Hands are gonna come to the backs of the
thighs here to start. And nice and easy
we’re gonna use all of these tools that
we’ve been building working on together. This lift
up through the front body, this grounding
through the back body. Come in to Boat. So come into this version first,
even if you can come here, let’s start here. Working with the
energetic body here, making sure that it’s
along for our smooth sailing before we kind of
just jerk ourselves into the pose, you know? So just come here and
you’re just like a sweet Boat. You can even rock a little side
decided a little booty massage floating down stream. Another option here at this
stage is maybe to bring the hands behind you. So we’re engaging the
abdominal wall a little more, but we still have
the support of the earth. And then third option would
be to take the fingertips out. Let’s open the palms here. Lift the chest, breathe deep. Alright, keep breathing. Relax your shoulders. Anytime you need
to take a break, take it. It’s all good but see if you
can today on Day 6, Ignite. See if you can meet
your appropriate edge. Maybe taking one more
cycle of breath right when you want to give up.
When your mind is like (huffs). Okay? We’re going to lower and lift. Okay, we got this. Inhale to lower. Low Boat. Exhale to lift.
Feel free to grab your legs. I love it. Inhale to lower, open chest. Exhale to lift. In fact, everyone
give yourself a squeeze. Maybe even a kiss on the knee. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Change your
mind about it. Right? That’s why I like
this silly stuff. Why not? Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. We can use the
hands behind us too. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Squeeze. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift.
You’re doing great. Keep it going.
Inhale to lower. Spread the fingertips. Exhale to lift. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Keep it going.
Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. You have three more. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Squeeze it in, reset. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift.
Last one. If you’ve taken a break, maybe you come in
for this last one here. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Awesome, bring the
soles of feet to the ground. Hook your elbows on your knees. If you practiced with me before
you know this is one of my favorite yoga poses. You can clasp opposite
wrists with opposite hand. Take a deep breath in. And go inward. Go home. Relax the weight
of your head over. Relax everything
and just notice. Notice your breath. Feel that length in the neck. Soften any tension in
the face or in the shoulders, the fingers, the toes. Inhale in. Exhale to lift the
head and rise back up. Don’t think. Here we go. Do you trust me?
Boat Pose. Lean back, lift your heart.
(laughs) Another Titanic reference? Wow, I’ve outdone myself. So we have choices.
Hands on the ground. Hands here, here,
we can also work, you know, maybe,
just maybe creating our own little modification. Right? You got this.
We got this. Inhale to lower.
Here we go. Big breath in lower, low Boat. Exhale to lift. Stay focused.
Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Inhale the lower.
Hollow body, look up. Exhale. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Okay, on the next one,
inhale to lower. Take it to the left. Lean over to
your left butt cheek. Exhale to lift. Inhale to lower, right side. Exhale to lift. Inhale to lower. I like I said butt cheek
instead of glute. (laughs) Exhale to lift. Inhale on to your
right glute, lower. Exhale to lift. Inhale lower left butt cheek. Exhale to lift. Inhale to lower #rightbuttcheek. Exhale to lift.
Keep it going. Be mindful of your neck here. Inhale, lower, left side. Exhale, lift. Inhale, lower.
Do you feel that warmth? Exhale, lift. Not just the fire
in your belly. Keep going. But maybe this
warmth in your back. This precious warmth
in the back of your neck and behind your ears. Pay attention. Alright, here we go.
Back to center. Squeeze your knees in. Wherever you are, meet me here. Three more. Inhale just right in the center. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. It’s getting harder, I know.
Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Squeeze and lift.
Here we go, one more time. Let’s do it all together now. Let’s do it. Here we go.
Inhale to lower, look up. Exhale to lift. Squeeze, toes touch the earth,
heels touch the earth, hook the elbows
on the knees and bow. That’s it.
You did great. It’s not easy. And there’s so many
things we encounter, right, off the
mat that are not easy. But we use this time,
the asana practice, this breath work almost like as a
precursor training so that we are more
prepared to handle the difficult things in
a way that feels good, that feels like home.
It feels like us. Where we have control. Not just a victim
to our environment but we can respond with
grace and with strength. Lift your head gently. You killed it. And even if you struggle, you killed it because
it is kind of the point. Come on down on the ground. Let’s do some love,
some more love, different kind of love. Hug the knees into the chest. You’re gonna take the
palms to the kneecaps, draw circles one
way and then the other. Take some big
cleansing breaths here, will ya? Seeing if you can
extend your inhalation, make it really
long and really full. And then extend your exhalation. Make it really long. Empty, empty, empty. Great, drop the heels
back where we started, knees up. This time palms on the ground. Bridge Pose,
toes pointing forward. Snuggle the shoulder
blades in and together. Big inhale to find that long
puppy belly again as you lift the hips up high, sits bones
reach towards the backs of the heels, shins reach forward. Low ribs kind of hug in even
though we’re lifting the hip points actively
up, up, up and forward. You can take your
hands to your ribs here, breathe into your sweet belly. Let’s all make a
commitment to be kinder and more loving to ourselves. But in particular,
this area of the body, the belly, our power center that we suck in
and hide and kind of treat a little poorly. I promise to do
better if you do as well. We owe it to ourselves.
Big inhale. Exhale, let it all go. Bring the feet together,
knees wide. Let your hands rest
gently on the belly. Feel the rise and
fall of the breath here. Just taking a moment to relax. (chuckles) Allow your breath to
return to a comfortable rhythm. And take one knee, any knee,
and you’re gonna bring it in and you’re just gonna turn
onto one side, any side come into a fetal position. I’d like to invite you to really
hike your knees up so that you get a nice
curve in the low back. You can use your
bottom bicep as a pillow and just take a second here. There all these little moments
for me in the at-home yoga practice where
we have a chance to really feel the love
and practice that self-love. It’s a popular topic, but can
we get in the habit of really taking these tiny
moments to feel it? Yes. Use your top
arm to press you up. Then, bottom arm
will come all the way up. You’re my hero. Thank you for being here, Day 6. If you can get through Day 6
you can do this whole journey. Okay? I promise. If you fall, we’ll catch you. Please share your experience. Please share this video with
people who you think might benefit from it. And I look forward to
seeing you tomorrow for Day 7. Draw the palms together. Thumbs up to the third eye. Let’s take one final breath in. Here we go, big inhale. And exhale to bow. Thanks, everyone. Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)

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  45. I just recently started this yoga journey and today while I was doing the plank, my dog walked in and decided it was time to distract me. I was really struggling before but somehow my dog distracting me made me feel at ease. My dog is definitely not as relaxed as benji while I do yoga 😂 I just wanted to say thank you for these videos and also acknowledging how it’s ok to struggle!

  46. This one was a tough one 😄 but strangely exactly what I needed on this crappy day. Found out today that I can't go to see my family next week because flights have been canceled due to coronavirus (i live in venice italy). It felt like I was 'using' my frustrations here and now I feel a lot less awful 😀 thanks adriene ♥

  47. I felt so defeated, I was in tears at the end of this one, same thing on stretch day 7, when I woke up in the morning, I knew why I tried, why I trust Adriene and am learning to love and trust me, these are way more than words, she named these, they are way deeper than just words, so now I have done day 6 and 7 back to back for 3 days, now I move unto day 8 tomorrow, which is Wed March 4th 2020!

  48. I couldn't do the up and down boat pose. Not like "ah this is hard!", but I literally can't get up when both feet and shoulders are over the mat. Its I m p o s s I b l e .

  49. Yeahhhh I’ve officially died lol I have zero core strength and my little arms and legs are not making it but here’s to day 7 tomorrow 😔

  50. Adriene ngl as we were doing planks and swaying side to side and then front to back and you said we could add hip dips I verbally said no way bc just swaying was a lot for me. But then we (finally) went to downward dog and it was the easiest transition I’ve had yet. It felt fluid and /right in a way that I haven’t felt before. So today hip dips were out of the question, but that was bc my body wanted me to relish the feeling of downward dog and that’s okay. Thank you

  51. The very first time I did yoga on my own, over ten years ago, I did some hip opening exercises and I remember feeling this intense rage inside of me and I started crying in frustration. According to my internet search back then, most people carry their emotions in their hips. So when they do deep hip openers, all of their emotions come flooding to the surface. Since then, I can now do most hip openers without having an outburst of emotion. However, THIS practice made me rage again. Anyone else ever have that experience?

  52. I'm crying. I feel so bad for having to take this many breaks, for not being able to power through to the end. I hate not being able to hold my form, it makes one more prone to injuries. I feel like I failed this practice, but I hope I'm at least building strength, cuz right now it hurts, hurts, hurts!

  53. I'm late to this journey everyone is taking, today was a real struggle for me, I feel my weight really gets in the way and prevents me from doing my best, especially my belly and weak wrists. it was so disheartening to really feel my wrists buckling for my planks, and my stomach felt it was always in the way, stopping me from my inhale down and exhale lifts on mat. so disappointed in myself, definitely going to go over day 6 again tomorrow. must do better!

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