Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.103 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.09.26]

27 Replies to “Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.103 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.09.26]

  1. I just love the fact that things are heated up in this drama these days. I love that Sangwon expresses his emotions to the fullest these days coz he used to be more considerate of other people's feelings forgetting all about himself. Bravo Sangwona…

  2. ''Yereum is my son whom I bore with my heart.''Geumhi. That line,for me, is the best I have seen on Kdrama for sometime.If this woman has any kind of sense and shame,she would rush home,wear a sackcloth and mourn for a whole month.What a stupid woman who is so bad that her own son is not convinced she actually birthed him, challenging the best mother on the show.

  3. Junho is currently the one I look forward to seeing not out of love but because his everyday meltdown add a little joy to my life. As for that sorry of a father in the person of sangwon's dad, his fickle mindset is what is adding more feathers to his wife's devilish wings

  4. I know it's really hard for them to convince both families but if guemhui give a little support for sangwon, they are now thinking a child, what's best for there child is both of them to be together, they already have a feeling for each other, guemhui don't be so weak.

  5. Is anyone have a gun I wanna kill both sungmi her mother and han junho coz they get on my nerves I can't take it anymore 😡😡😡

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