Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.105 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.09.30]

24 Replies to “Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.105 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.09.30]

  1. The drama started off well, but keeps falling over………i don't get how the family of Sang won insists on taking the little boy from his adoptive mother when the biological dad doesnt even live with them, which means he still won't be living with his own dad.

  2. they stole Geumhi's husband and ruined her life and almost caused her to lose her child for good, and now when they learned that the child is their grandchild, they wanna take him away from her, too. how selfish can they be. must she be left with nothing till those jerks are satisfied? they think they can get away with it because they have money and power? disgusting.

  3. Ok Sangwon's dad! How can you so easily ask gh for Yeoreum. Your family might have status but definitely it's not a happy family when there are two witches in the house. The reason why yeorum and his dad separated has to do with your wife. And as far as emotional support is concerned Gh has given him that support which is why he is so happy now.
    Money can't do everything.

  4. Why rich people are not understanding always,and you Junho please stop your crazy thinking she let u go why u still gave her hadtime

  5. Just throwing it out there but if this was Murder She Wrote or Columbo or Midsomer Murders then the loan sharks would've been dead by now.

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