Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.113 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.10.11]

(Episode 113) Let’s get a divorce. Junho. Let’s stop before it gets any worse. Don’t do this. My relationship with him is not what you think it is. What do I think the relationship is? Please, Junho. Nothing happened that night. I swear, okay? I don’t care whether anything happened between you two or not. All I’m saying is that our marriage has become pointless. Do you not understand? Do I really have to spell out why I drank that night and ended up staying at a hotel? I saw you begging Geumhui to take you back with my own two eyes. Can you even imagine how I felt when I saw that? So? You’re saying you got drunk and spent the night out out of anger and that’s my fault? Yes, that’s right. You were the reason. Fine. Okay. We’ll just say it’s my fault. How? How can you do this to me? How can you be this cruel to me? Exactly. We should end this so I can stop being cruel to you. Even if we do, do you think Geumhui will take you back? You know Geumhui is leaving with Sangwon, so why are you acting like this? Are you worrying about me right now? I’m begging you. Let go of me. Please. No. I can’t do that. Then I have no choice. If you refuse, I’ll have to sue. Junho. I have enough grounds to justify a divorce. If you don’t settle, it’ll be the only option. So it’s your choice. A quiet divorce settlement or a messy lawsuit. So you only came to the hotel looking for a reason to file for divorce, didn’t you? I can’t say I didn’t. Excuse me? I’ll be honest with you. I did go there to find an excuse for a divorce. I went there for proof you wouldn’t be able to deny. You jerk! You know regular instances of domestic abuse are grounds for divorce, right? I’ll take note of this when I sue. I’ll do the paperwork, so let’s not drag this out. Where are you going? Let go. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I won’t do it again. Please forgive me just this once. Please, Junho. Get a lawyer if you need to. I’m going to do the same. Where are you going this late at night? Hey, Junho. What’s wrong? What is it this time? Did Junho hit you or something? Well? Did he? Mom. Mom, what am I going to do? What now? Is there something else that’s going to shock me today? He said he’ll sue me if I don’t agree to a divorce. So why did you have to give him a reason to? He said he purposely came to the hotel to find an excuse to divorce me. What? Did he say that himself? I knew he didn’t love me but not to this extent. Mom, what am I supposed to do? I told you to divorce him. He got divorced once, so why not a second time? No, Mom, I can’t. I will never divorce him. So you’re going to cling onto someone who is bent on divorcing you? Why in the world would you do that? He wants to divorce me and go back to Geumhui. That is why he wants to divorce me. What? How dare he? Mom, Mom. Please stay out of it. If you don’t, you’ll only add fuel to the fire. So please don’t. Oh, my head. I don’t know anymore. Oh, my head. Geez. Seriously. Yes, okay. See you there in half an hour. Okay. How come she’s not coming here? Are you meeting outside because of me? It’s not like that. Let her know I have no plans to be a demanding mother-in-law, okay? I’ll let her know, but don’t get your hopes up. Geumju is a nice kid, so she won’t be too stubborn. Don’t you know she and I get along well together? Oh? Who’s that? Hey, you should head home after work, not here. You’re coming by often. Are you going out? I’m meeting Geumju. By the way, the wedding will be in a month. That soon? They’re rushing to do it before Geumhui leaves. Stepmom. So when is Geumhui leaving? You don’t need to know. We don’t know when but probably as soon as they can. Are you going to wait here for me? Then I’ll hurry back. Do whatever you want. I’ll do the same. Geez. I’m off, Stepmom. Okay. See you. What about dinner? Do you want me to fix you something? I’m all set. Looks like you bought this to drink with Seokho. Is it okay if I stand in for him? I just thought since you were upset about Geumhui leaving, you’d want someone to talk to. Thanks for offering. Isn’t there any way? A way? A way to get Geumhui back. Geez, Junho. How can anyone come between two people who are meant to be together? Mom. Think about it. Of all children, Yeoreum was the one that Geumhui adopted and raised lovingly. And then Yeoreum’s birth dad just appears before her. How is that just a coincidence? Is there really no hope for you and Sangmi? You poor thing. Objects you can just throw away after you tire of them. It must be miserable to live with someone whom you don’t love. It’s a punishment. I’m already paying the price for what I’ve done, so you don’t have to rub it in my face. What did Sangmi say? Is she granting you the divorce? I’ll sue if she doesn’t settle. I say this again. Be smart and don’t risk losing them both. Didn’t I tell you it’s not over until it’s over? I’m sorry. I won’t insist if you’re against it, but it won’t sit well with me if we move out and leave Stepmom all alone. I think that depends on how you look at it. Mother might find it more comfortable to be on her own. I don’t think so. She tends to get lonely easily. So let her live with us? Although she isn’t my birth mom, she did her best after my mom passed. She also went through a lot after she had to leave us and seemed to have a hard time after being scammed, so I can’t turn a blind eye. So can’t we let her? If that is how you feel, how can I refuse? So does that mean yes? Thank you, Geumju. I’ll make sure it doesn’t cause you grief. Can I hold you to that? Of course. We’ll move out if it gets too hard on you, okay? Okay. I’m counting on you. Thank you, Geumju. So your mother-in-law is going to live with you? Yes. What in the world are you thinking? You’ve seen what she is like. She won’t lift a finger, so you’ll be at her bidding. She’s not like that anymore. She cooks all the meals for Seokho now. And apparently she’s a great cook. She cooks? By herself? Of course. She had to leave home for a bit due to some trouble, but upon returning, she has completely changed. She’s the mother of my love. I want to treat her right. Please? I’m so proud of you for being that considerate. Hon! And she told me she’d be my manager, not a mother-in-law. Your manager? Then what about me? You? You will just be my dad. Good grief. Anyway, that is what’s happening. Good night. It’s going to be a ghost town here once Geumhui and Geumju leave. You’re right. It’s been bustling like a real home ever since Yeoreum moved in. But what are you going to do? Our children are leaving to be happy. We can’t keep them here forever because we want to. Let’s turn in. I had Yeoreum’s passport issued a while back, so we just have to apply for a visa. That’s great. I’m going to apply for a work visa with the invitation letter that my friend sent. I’m working on getting a house and a job, so you have nothing to worry about. I’m sorry. You’re taking care of everything but I can’t help. Don’t be ridiculous. You’ve done more than enough by taking care of Yeoreum. You haven’t forgotten about the picnic tomorrow, right? Of course not. Yeoreum was very excited and went to bed early. You should go to sleep too. Yes, you too. Wait. Yes? I love you, Geumhui. Me too. I love you too. Yongjin, do you want some scorched rice? No, I’m all set. What about you? Would you like some scorched rice? Just be quiet and eat, Yongsun. Excuse me. Junho, must you do this? Who taught you it was okay to excuse yourself before your elders were finished eating? Mom. I’m sorry. I don’t have much of an appetite. If you’re going to do this, you two should move out. I have enough on my mind because of Sangwon, but if I have to see your scowl every day, I won’t stand for it, so get your own place. Dad. Father, I have something to tell you. Junho. Go ahead. What is it? Junho doesn’t want to move out. Sangmi. We need to talk, Junho. What are you trying to pull in front of me? Junho, go ahead. What is it? Go ahead and tell me. What is it? Never mind, Father. Geez. There is no one in this family that I like. Not a single one. Junho, you weren’t going to say you’re getting a divorce, right? That’s ridiculous, Yongsun. Why? Truth is, their lives have been miserable lately. You really are a difficult person. Did you have to do that in front of my parents? It’s something they need to know. Were you going to keep it from them? I told you I can’t get a divorce. I don’t expect you to grant me one. I’m going to find myself a divorce lawyer, so you should do the same. Junho. Junho! There he is. Let’s go. Dad! Hi, Yeoreum. Did you have a big breakfast? Yes. I ate a lot so I could play with you. Good job. Why are you out here so early? I was going to come to your house. That’s why we came out early. Are you feeling sick? Why do you look so pale? I took some cold medicine and feel fine now. We should go. Let’s go. Do you have to open the salon on a Sunday? We took two days off for Chuseok. Hello? Who is it? Does Ms. Jin Suyeon live here? Yes, but who are… I’m Jin Suyeon. And you are? Suyeon, it’s me, Nam Changryeol. Of course you wouldn’t recognize me. The last time I saw you was when you were seven. Did my father owe you money? No, no. It’s the opposite. Pardon? Don’t let him stand out here. Show him in, Suyeon. You and Geumdong should get going. Yes, okay. Excuse us. – I’ll call you later. / – Please come in. $100,000… What is this? Your father lent me $20,000 around 20 years ago. After failing several businesses for nine years, I couldn’t pay him back. But things started turning around a few years ago, so I searched for him to pay him back only to learn that he had recently passed. This may fall way short of the amount he lent me including interest, but I’m so relieved to be able to pay you back. I don’t know if I can take this. Of course you can. Everyone was reeling from the financial crisis in 1997. It it weren’t for your father, I might have given up on life. This isn’t easy to do in today’s dog-eat-dog world, so I commend you. Not at all. It broke my heart to hear that you were struggling because of your father’s debt. Then can you pay everything off with this? Yes, I think so. And my wage garnishment will be lifted too. Thank you, Mr. Nam. Thank you so much. Have a nice day. Are you serious? That is great. That is so great, Suyeon. Yes, yes. Let’s talk about it in person after work. Yes, okay. Bye. So Suyeon’s debt is going to be paid off? Yes, Mom. That is great news. Yes, it is. She had such a hard time paying off her father’s debt. She did. And to pay off a debt she could have waived. Suyeon seems to be very conscientious. Right? She really is remarkable, isn’t she? So with that said, couldn’t you give us the okay? On what? A double wedding with Geumju. What? You said we could get married if she paid off her debt. If we have a double wedding before Geumhui leaves, you could save a lot of money. Two birds with one stone. Two birds with one stone? Do you want me to stone you? What’s this? Yeoreum’s bicycle. What do you think? Do you like it? Yes. Is this really mine? Of course. I spent days picking this out. Wow, I’m so excited! Sangwon. When we went biking, he had to ride in the back because he didn’t know how to ride by himself. So I’m going to teach him today. Why, is something wrong? No, it’s not that. Dad, are all these for me too? Of course. They are all yours. How are you going to find the time to do all of this? I want us to do everything he’s missed out on, so please understand. Yeoreum, I’ll teach you how to ride a bike today. You can do it, right? Yes, Dad. I’ll hold onto the bike tight, so don’t worry and just pedal, okay? Okay. Okay. Let’s go! Don’t let go, okay? Of course not. I got you, so ride away. Dad, you’re holding on, right? Yes, I am. Don’t worry. You swear, right? You’re going to fall. Watch out! Yeoreum, are you okay? Are you hurt? No. So? Wasn’t that fun? Yes. Good job. Should we try again? Okay. I’m going to catch you! I’ll get you! Mom. Yes, dear. (Cheongju Public Bath) Why are we at a public bath? It’s something I always wanted to do if I had a son. I still remember going to public baths with my dad as a kid and scrubbing each other’s back. There aren’t any public baths in the States. I wanted to do it while we were still in Korea. Okay then. You don’t mind taking a bath with Dad, right? Yes, it’s fine. Would you like to take a bath too? I’m feeling a bit tired, so could you bring Yeoreum back home after you’re done here? Okay then. You don’t look well today either. Did I wear you out with all the activities I planned? Maybe now that I’m not so tense, I’ve been a bit tired. Don’t worry. Yeoreum, I’ll be waiting at home. Okay, Mom. Dad, I won. Yes, you’re the winner. He looks just like you. Like a carbon copy. Really? Yes, he does. Yeoreum, do you want to wash your hair? Yes. Yeoreum, do you like bathing with Dad? Yes. How much do you like it? A whole lot. A whole lot? Why are you back without Yeoreum? Sangwon took him to a public bath. He’ll bring Yeoreum home later. Oh, really? Then let’s hurry up and make dinner. When Sangwon comes, we’ll ask him to join us. Really? Then let me get changed first. Never mind. You look terrible right now. Go take a nap. Don’t worry about dinner. Okay then. Are you planning to get back together with Geumhui? Am I not allowed to? Are you crazy? Why that twerp of all people? Why him? Junho asked Sangmi for a divorce. Just get a clean divorce. Why are you being like this as well? Should I come with you tomorrow? I can go alone. Let’s do a blood test. Blood test? All that’s left is for our kids to marry and be well. But why am I so nervous, hon? Are the results for my blood test in?

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  1. it's so satisfying watching sangmi and junho absolutely miserable lmao and why does the writer hate geumhui so much 😩 why do they make her suffer like this 😭

  2. Junho is not a good man…i hate him..beforw he break up with geuhmi he pretend he fall in love with sangmi …now he don't love sangmi again he want to go back to geuhmi..

  3. True .. I cannot get KBS guys .. Gumi again… This movie should just end happily .. Why drag more episodes now they say gumi has cancer.. Why does her misery never end .. Has anyone seen how many episodes it has i really need to know ..And if gumi dies i will regret watching this drama for the rest of my life… Also ju sami the punishment serves her right .she did a lot of bad things in gumis life ..

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