House Painters Brisbane – Protect your largest investment by painting your house in Brisbane

– So why is it better to
hire a professional painter? So buying a house is gonna
be the biggest investment that most people are ever
gonna make in their life. So, as all investments, it’s so important that we protect it. So some of the problems
we’ve found on this property was the old render was
cracking quite significantly. There were some large cracks, but also a lot of minor
little hairline cracks. So the solution here
was, where they’d seen, the guys went through and
filled up all the large cracks, did some render repair
work around the place. And then, also, it was important that we used the right paint product too. So the paint that we’ve
used here is quite flexible. So, as these hairlines
cracks may appear in future, due to weather conditions and movement in the
foundations of the property, this paint will actually
stretch with that. So what we find, it won’t crack and it’ll also just keep
a weathertight finish on the exterior of the property, which’ll obviously stop
any moisture or rain or anything from getting
through in behind that render and causing it to perhaps
crack and fall off and cause more damage over the time. So, as a result of us going through and painting the exterior
of this property, including the roof, the
client has a paint job that is gonna last, you know? We’ll put our seven year
workmanship lines down there but I can guarantee this is
gonna last 15 years and beyond. And obviously, keeping up
with regular maintenance. So we’ll call in on them
every 12 to 24 months and see if they need the house washed down and if there’s any touch
ups around the place that need doing just to increase the
longevity of this paintwork.

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