How A Vision Can Grow Your Business (For Business Owners)

[Music] [Applause] [Music] where am I gonna take myself and I just got to the end of the line it was like there is no more growth yeah I needed to to move and I took a jump and a big jump fine I committed and that’s the thing you’ll find that you do commit to things but you commit you move to a new level you’re going to find a new level of challenge as well yeah you’re going to find a bigger reason to make an excuse let yourself off the hook doesn’t get easier but you become more resilient so what’s the answer to all of these problems your vision yeah that’s where your strategy starts because if your vision is the starting point of everything and you say to yourself you’re not going to let yourself off the hook with that you’re not going to make any more excuses isn’t that the best place to start with your strategy does anyone agree because when you’re faced with that it’s like Leon what excuse are you going to give me today to not do that thing to market your message out there make a difference to somebody else’s life is my excuse really gonna be big enough have I gotta wait for somebody else to give me the thumbs up or say oh that’s a really cool post or a really good ad for me to do it in the first place or for me to continue to do it that vision is going to trump everything every single time does that make sense you’re gonna cut free your own guys I know cuz I do it daily with myself yeah that is critical so if you find that I’m stuck with this fear I’m not posting that thing I’m not putting my message out there I’m not recording that video I’m not doing this your start hearing the excuse yeah you’ll start hearing your ego that’s it yeah because your vision if you’ve got a pure vision which we all have yeah none of those excuses can trump the vision yeah none of those excuses or fears are bigger than the vision we all know that thing yeah and we’re all on this journey to get to wherever this vision is and we’re all going to get there some way shape or form all we’re gonna quit on it because we’re going to let our excuses that ego get in the way yeah but if you commit to it whatever that thing is because we all have it I’ve shared mine yeah you’re going to find a way and everyone will benefit from it that isn’t that the greatest prize of all yeah and don’t worry you will be compensated it doesn’t have to be done for free so insight let’s go into this so I want to touch on this a bit more so you can think about what is vision so soul and high vibration is about being vision orientated so focusing on that that angle and look your vision may be something that you will never actually achieve in your lifetime but the whole point is you’re always working towards it does that make sense you always focus on something higher so when you’re conscious goes through change you go through resistance so as I said you know you’re gonna find excuses you’re gonna let yourself off the hook now and again but it’s your job to train the brain and as some of you heard this when I spoke out yes group to get yourself back on the path yeah so neuroscience say is that thoughts become feelings that and they become behaviors and actions yeah so be defined by your vision which is bigger than you otherwise you’ll be left with the old predictable patterns yeah so if you’ve got a challenge with strategy it’s not actually a challenge with the strategy it’s a challenge we’ve not committing because you’ve gone back to the old patterns yeah so you remember the hero’s journey diagram you didn’t quite get round the clock yeah your clock went back in time so what are the consequences no vision means you live in the past because you’re not moving forward towards a vision yeah and a vision is something that you create yeah it’s not from your past it’s bigger than you you start your day in the past yeah and this is proven yeah and this is something that came from a statistic I shared recently in a presentation as well we have something like sixty to seventy thousand negative thoughts every day sorry thoughts every day and eighty percent of them are negative and ninety-five percent of what you remember today has come from yesterday so you’re constantly repeating crap yeah it’s the nice way to put it double in life yeah and we all know what that feels like Groundhog Day yeah and we’re doing something like something’s got to change but I’m not changing something’s gonna change so if you think in is equal to environment you’ll never grow it’s that simple yeah you’ve got to outthink your environment you’ve got to outthink your challenges yeah that’s your marketing strategy that’s what’s got to propel you forward you you

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