How to Bounce Back From Failure in Real Estate (Our Story: Part 3)

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  1. Hey Clayton! I especially love this series! I've managed to build up a large portfolio been following your channel for awhile. Videos like this help me get a feel for real estate as it is my ultimate end goal! Appreciate what you and Natalie are doing!

  2. Your vids are such a blessing to me.iv learnt so so much from you and natalie.we do things differently in zimbabwe in terms of real estate,but iv managed to start my portfolio thanks to the info from these videos.thank you

  3. I personally have not had to survive a down market yet. im only 25 years old and finally started making money. Last year I made 168K, bought a house which will be my first rental house, bought a car, and now im going to keep pushing forward more. I decided to "house hack" and rent the rooms while im there for 12 months, then buy the second house and rent the whole house.

  4. Natalie please let him speak more, I appreciate both perspectives. But I feel like you drown him out too much. I don't want u drowned out either but damn

  5. Hey Clayton great video like always. I was wondering if u can make a video on how to buy a property outright from a private owner. No banks or any type of finance By this i mean what legal papers should u have in transaction and who should u consult (lawyers, attorneys, accounted, inspectors etc.)
    Please if u can have a great day

  6. Hello, great video. Just like you and Natalie, I'm a buy and hold kind of person investor, although I've only flipped properties in Class A neighborhood in the past. Currently, I have properties within Class A and B neighborhoods and I'm wholeheartedly thinking about buying an apartment(s) complex, just to push the envelope. What are your thoughts about this? Thanks in advance.

  7. Thank you, I bought my first 2 rental properties this year your videos help me get started. I paid cash and wonder how I should go about getting the 3rd. Any help.

  8. A "Guy Smiley" reference by Natali! Funny stuff! I dig the humor and friendly banter between you both at times. Keep up the great work. These videos are super inspiring and helpful. Thanks a lot for taking the time to share.

  9. You bought a condo based on a 1 year contract? You were a risk taker then and didn't even realize it. Haha. Love you guys

  10. I currently invest in the Jackson Mississippi area and would like to expand the Indianapolis area. Let’s link up.

  11. Clayton, you said something in one of your other videos a week or so ago that really intrigued me. You said that you had purchased property that you had never seen nor stepped foot in and I don't or can't figure out how that could be. Now, I am a Newb. My wife and I bought our first rental property at the end of October 2017 and have been doing a lot of the renovations myself, but because I have a full time job and she's a stay at home mom it has been a slow process. With that said, can you explain your statement in another video in how that is possible to never see or step foot in a property? And you guys keep mentioning "Your Team," can you lay that our for us as well. I love your videos. Thanks. -B

  12. So brutally honest… Probably that is how "real learning" begins.

    On another note… I strongly believe that the bonding (In the marriage) will greatly improve with the deep sharing.

    Keep up the good work and keep the it "flowing".

  13. I appreciate your comment near the end, that real estate is what YOU do, and know, and teach, but there are other ways to wealth as well. My 'niche' is stocks options, though I do have 2 rentals as well. But I consistently make more selling credit spreads than from rents. The key is to focus on and pursue what feels right and keeps you motivated, as long as it works and produces the income and lifestyle you desire.I watch your videos for knowledge/ideas, as well as just enjoying the simple honesty you present vs many channels that feel gimmicky and sales pitch oriented.

  14. Clayton and Natalie, love the electricity between you too. Just wondering about your first couple deals. Did you use a self directed ira. Is a self directed 401k better in your opinion? Keep teaching, I am trying to watch all your videos 👍🏻 thanks Ben

  15. Had 7 rentals and lost them all due to a divorce 7 years ago. Now i am remarried and starting over. At 52 my plan was to throw every dollar I could scrounge into a Roth or maybe S&P index funds. With the hopes of having something in my seventies. I read that a good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children. I have decided foregoing the market for now, and throw everything I can into rental housing. Trying to put the funds together now for my first purchase after 7 years out of the game.
    Thanks for making the videos. If I only glean one or two phrases out of each video that helps me, it makes them all worth the time.

  16. Omg guys! I totally loooove this show… super informative, genuine and funny. And the best part of it is when Clayton talks about living the NOW and go hike Machu Picchu because I'm from Peru! Lol … love it!!!

  17. I have a few questions, after watching one of your pod casts. Could you give me a list about the stats which are Landlord friendly? How is the best way to find owner financed houses? And how you organize all your houses in different states? (like repairs etc.)?

  18. This is a great story! So dead honest and down right relate-able. Clayton and Natali started out like 99% of the people I know

  19. Stumbled upon you two today, and I'm really enjoying learning about your stories. You two appear so genuine it makes me smile.

  20. I've got to get this H.E.L.O.C. thing down and see what happens from there! If you can make a success story out of me then I know for sure anyone can fly. But until then it's all speculation on my part. You two both had silver spoons in your mouths at birth and I had a rusty nail with a side of lead based paint. Hell I just got fired from my $15.00 dollar an hour job for becoming a diabetic here in our (Right to work state Ohio) and you can't sue anyone for it! But I'm a fighter and will get back in the swing soon. So my short story is I married the king of beasts at 26 and after going bankrupt on over a quarter a million dollars thanks to a women who seems to not understand that money didn't grow on trees and then going through a divorce with three kids I'm now in business with my oldest son trying to get into real estate. We now own a 5.5 acre mini farm and need to know how this HELOC works so we can pay off the farm in about four years. Then use the equity to purchase our first rental. Yes I do plan on purchasing your book and I hope it explains the HELOC in detail so I don't have to look no farther for answers. PS great vids and keep up the information. You wouldn't believe that I was a straight F student in school and my teachers never knew that I live to learn so teach me!

  21. I am 26 years old, I make 70k annually, I have 50k in student loan debt and I'm gladly single and without children. I have 64k in my savings account and 9k in emergency fund and I didn't know what to do with the money prior to watching 4 of your binge worthy videos. I'm 99% committed to buying a property now but I think a condo will be best for me since I dont know how to even pump gas properly. I know you guys hate condos with HOA fees but how should a person with two left hands approach this? HELP HELP HELP. thank you

  22. I think you made great points on financial education and getting them right. However, when you mentioned getting with a “fiduciary” you didn’t explain what one is and the reasons for choosing a fiduciary. I know what they do. However, some people may not.

  23. I now watched 3 episodes in the series and I am absolutely impressed! You both have reinvigorated my passion and zest for real estate, I can’t thank you enough. You both are so damn refreshing, as you seem truly genuine and wanting to really help. What a great team!

  24. Did he just say less money saved up in your bank account is better? For starting out in real estate. But how is this possible?? You were about to explain, but then changed the subject.

  25. Loving the content! Enjoyed the snippet about having the mindset of constantly asking yourself how can I make myself uncomfortable in order to continue growing

  26. 7:16 That's corporate America for you. To them loyalty is a one way street …from us toward them. Words are important , they have meaning. Were sloppy w/words nowadays, but words are actually important. Once employees were "personnel", we were people. Now we are "Human RESOURCES." A RESOURCE is a commodity used by a person/company to function. It is expendable. That is how employees are seen now.

  27. Hi guys! Thank you for ALL you’re doing & for providing this helpful info! Clayton, one thing you mentioned struck me: “Its not good to have cash sitting in the bank.” Would please expound on what is better & why this is not necessarily a good thing? THANK YOU 👍😊

  28. i believe in your journey , and your strategy of single family homes in landlord friendly states for 50k is a no brainer my only worry is my age , im 63 , yrs old , my window of time , i also want travel a little , this is why i want to have my daughter as a partner she is 26 yrs old , guess i can still travel and buy more rentals .?

  29. Thank you Mr & Mrs Morris! I’m glad I subscribed to your channel. Something “woke” me up concerning where we going with our RE holdings. I have all this building experience and now is the time to focus on passive income. Thanks for explaining about the ROI and how to figure it out. You are clear-concise and really down to earth. Knowledge is power.

  30. I’ve been watching your videos for a while and feeling very informative. I’m interested in rental properties outside of Atlanta in Georgia. Do you have any real estate meet up group I could talk to and learn about real estate business?

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