How to Buy Your First Rental Property in an IRA | Mark J Kohler | CPA | Attorney

30 Replies to “How to Buy Your First Rental Property in an IRA | Mark J Kohler | CPA | Attorney

  1. if the REI is owned by your IRA, is the IRA open to lawsuits? Do you recommend opening up a second LLC for the property that is owned by the IRA LLC?

  2. I am not clear if you said that the IRA owner can manage the property once the property is purchased in the LLC? True?

  3. 1. If you are a licensed real estate agent can you do the deal yourself?
    2. If you have acquired property previously can you can put this strategy to work?

    This information is pretty awesome! I'll be learning more about it and work on putting it into action.

  4. Fantastic Video!!! I have a 401k and a Roth IRA. I would love to have these accounts work together and purchase real estate in NV. I'm also a real estate agent in NV, do I still need to use a different RE Agent if I purchase in NV?

  5. God! If those of us that have jobs in the US Rail Road industry had the ability to control our own RR retirement accts. I'd have 10 multi-units by now, making an easy extra $10,000 a month minimum!!!

  6. If you buy a vacation rental condo in Hawaii thru your Self Directed IRA can you stay in it a week or a month out of the year? I'm trying to decide on a condo in Hawaii or a Colorado long term rental (so we are close enough to manage – no physical work ourselves understood). I am also a realtor, your video says use another agent but in reviewing the comments here I get the idea this might be a "gray area"? Thank you !!!

  7. What if you have your own remodeling business registered. Can you do the remodeling work? Or hire sub-contractors?? Is that considered as a different party?

  8. hey mark this might be a dumb question but are you able to buy commercial real estate, let's say an apartment complex with the funds in your roth IRA, is the rental income earned from the property tax free? To my understanding profits from investments contained in a roth IRA are able to be kept and not taxed?
    any information on this is greatly appreciated.

  9. Can two spouses create a LLC under both 401k? So LLC is taxed as a partnership and 401k of both spouses are going to be the partners.

  10. Beyond IRA contribution to LLC, is it okay to have investors to invest money into my LLC? I assume it would come down to the % of equity as long as taxes are concerned. But can I have foreign investors to invest in the LLC? Would they be able to use that as a vehicle to get investor visas? Sounds pretty complicated but from your explanation, it seems like a possible route to grow LLC at a much faster rate. What do you suggest?

  11. Can you actually have simultaneously two different types of ROTH IRA, THE SELF-DIRECT and WALL STREET manage one?

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