How to Earn $700+ / Month as Virtual Assistant in Real Estate – Philippines 2019 w/ Mimi Luarca

I’m with Mimi She’s a virtual assistant in Real Estate Yes Real Estate VA She’s working at home and also a mother In this video we’ll give you ideas salary range and skills you need to learn and scope of work We’ll share about scope of work for you to get an idea of being a VA or even if you are still looking for a job that fits you this video is for you How much is the salary range as a Real Estate virtual assistant Virtual assistant in real estate starts at $700 up to $1000 if you’re an expert already you can also receive bonuses and also commissions it’s really nice as a homebased job I really recommend it that depends on the client yeah there are low budget clients too it can be less than $700 but there are more generous clients too that gives higher salary but that’s based on her experience yes $700 to $1000 based on her experience but it can go higher or lower How does a commission basis works? Since this is real estate it depends on the client if he’s on the buyer side or seller My client is a seller so if he was able to sell a house he gives me commissions depends if he was able to sell a lot for that month I get a commission or bonus Does it reach […] dollars? Yes My client is a top agent on their area I will not share it yet we’ll not mention because it’s confidential just the general Where did you find your client? I saw my client on Facebook We’re discussing Facebook now we’ll make a part two video on how to find work on Facebook We’ll make a part 2 video She found him on Facebook There are lots of networking on Facebook too That’s true we’re avoiding that What’s nice is you can see the profile of who posted it Yeah You can check it like what I did I do a research before applying I checked the client’s profile first if he really works there if he has activities on the job he posted is he really from real estate that’s it Let’s go with the skills as a real estate VA what skills do you need to have when you were still applying what skills did you sell as a VA the basic skills you should have is admin because all VA does this, entering info to a database meaning you should know Excel that’s in Google right? They now prefer Google sheets these are free apps you can also try that or check it in Google drive Practice You should also know social media that’s used very often almost all has an online profile they have Facebook instagram or linkedin Since you want to promote yourself as a business as a person online you should have those and they’re getting assistant for that because social media takes time to post, think of ideas like that you already know that as a person clients usually need help from younger generation because we are more familiar with these You should know admin social media presence or knowledge at least knowledge third is you should know basic photo manipulation as you know, people are very visual if the picture is good the more it’s clickable So you should know how to edit because sometimes it’s tilted so you should know how to fix the orientation and color editing like increasing the brightness just basic and not really advance like changing background not that but it’s a plus it’s definitely a plus What do you use for that? Usually, for simple edits I used built in Microsoft Photos just that That’s when you right click and edit on photos? Yeah You don’t need to buy or install anything on your computer for brightness issues crop, or what else? Orientation All computer has that That’s just the three things Let’s keep it simple Admin Social Media Graphic designing or basic photo manipulation like brightness that depends on the client yes there are clients that don’t require that yeah there are clients that treat it as a bonus that gives you higher chance to get hired yeah, they’ll tell you it’s a plus If there’s the two of us applying if I’m a total newbie and she knows has a little of that skill the client will choose her that will be your edge in applying include all the skills that the client can benefit from yeah as a real estate virtual assistant, what are your duties? the first one is I’m managing a CRM a database My client spends all his days outdoors like on the field he always go to clients talking with them my role as a virtual assistant is to enter information from business cards he’ll just send me the photo then I’ll enter it on his database like in a spreadsheet? Spreadsheet or for us, we’re using a certain program Usually, in real estates, that’s just like data entry you’ll just add it in fields you don’t have to do your own form don’t get nervous you don’t need to create a spreadsheet from scratch you just have to enter the details name, address, phone, email base on the picture he sent you yeah What else do you do most of the time? The most task that I consume time on is print marketing they have real estate clients giveaway flyers, door hangers, and post cards they send that to their potential buyers they call that farming Yeah In a certain area they call it farm farming involves interacting with them by giving them flyers and door hangers I prepare those flyers Designing flyers Yeah I’ll put there info about our open house new house new listing I will design and layout pictures the features of the house then send it to our print house then they’ll send it to my client after printing but apart from that I manage my client’s social media account for example, we have an activity like if he went to a seminar that happens most of the time in real estate clients they go to a seminar or they are to present something you’ll post that on their linkedin Google page you should know how to do that also on their Facebook Twitter And then — as a VA I want to set your expectation that you really have a lot to do Everything that your client needs you’re like a personal assistant wherein sometimes you also need to make phonecalls like “Hey, can you reserve a restaurant for me?” Have you done that? Yeah, I also do that depends on your preference I don’t prefer to make calls that much but a few outgoing calls are fine with me like reserving a restaurant for them or book a flight I also do that or he will have his car washed Yeah, so I’m really like a personal assistant like a General assistant How many are you that work as VA for him? Just me That’s why There are some clients that has 2 VAs or even three or more who are receiving calls yeah Just like Mimi’s client he’s nice but there’s just her and she handles everything but there’s no problem with that How was your schedule as a real estate VA I work nightshift My client is in the pacific time the work depends on your client’s timezone US time, I work nightshift 9am US time is 1am here in the Philippines My shift is 1am to 10am it depends on your client’s timezone If he’s in the US, most likely you’ll work nightshift If in Europe, it’ll be midshift It’s 6 hours difference from Europe If Australia, it’s almost the same time with us It’s the same time as Asia Yeah If your client is from Asia or Australia then you’ll have morning shift which is preferred by most people How many days in a week Monday to Friday They usually require 40 hours like the normal which is 8 hours per day I have weekends off, which is good I work Monday to Friday night I don’t have work Saturday morning until Monday morning There’s some time distortion if your client is from the US You sleep and rest in the morning but at least you got weekend off a lot is wishing for that especially for mommies like me You want to spend your weekends with your kids about your salary $700 to $1000 how do you receive it? every 15th and end of the month through PayPal Yeah Usually, if you work homebased you should have PayPal that is setup From PayPal, I withdraw it to GCash then it’s already good as cash once it’s in GCash you can also transfer it to your bank without any fees Once it’s in your GCash you can withdraw it in ATMs or transfer it to your bank that $700 to $1000, that’s for a month Yeah The monthly range of $700 to $1000 that’s per month earnings unless you’re earning per hour but that’s usually it, $700 to $1000 I get it biweekly Your salary is fixed per month Yeah then it changes sometimes because of bonuses Yeah There are two types first one is per month If you’re earning $700 per month The other one is per hour like earning $4 to 5$ per hour Thank you so much Mimi Thank you Thank you for having me Check her videos on her channel she has more details that we might not able to cover which can also help you Check the part 2 on her channel Check out my channel, Mimi Luarca It’s in the video description and pinned comment about what we have just talked about

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