How To Get 15 Real Estate Leads In The Next 30 Days!

16 Replies to “How To Get 15 Real Estate Leads In The Next 30 Days!

  1. Can these FB ads be used for new construction homes? Are leads from FB ads on new construction homes harder to get? Thanks.

  2. Disappointed can’t get text without subscribing to another program! Without the text the lead is old by the time email is checked…☹️

  3. This is an awesome feature, thanks Jason! Question: Last time I set up an ad with this method, it was just after FB added the "special categories" and I had to go in and edit my ad in the FB ad manager to get it to work. Has that been updated with Arsenal now so that it will automatically check that box when we create an ad with this tool?

  4. For a marketing agency does this software allows me to create multiple client account with 1 main login and also, should I purchase your agency course and does it come with the software?

  5. That's a pretty cool system. I bought your other course but i'm not a realtor for marketing on Fb . I have found if spending less than 20 per day, FB tells me I may not get any leads. I'm marketing specific areas.

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