HOW TO INVEST $1000 ๐Ÿ“ˆ Investing Your First 1000 Dollars

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  1. Great video! Try not to turn your back on the camera while you speak, your voice fades when you do that since your not facing the microphone. Everything else was pretty good, including the information. Keep it up!

  2. New subscriber! Ryan I have stocks with a company I used to work for. I've been fortunate enough to make just under 1k of profit from the stocks I have. My question is should I sell the stocks and use the 1k to make new investments or should I keep half and sell half but still use the 1k of profit to make new investments? I'm new to this whole stock investing so the question might sound dumb. Just looking for the best advice. Anyone with a great advice please comment.

  3. Been watching your content for a while now, all I have to say, you're straight to the point and no bullshit included, love it!
    If there's a way I can talk to you in private I would definitely appreciate it!

  4. When I was 18 I received 4k from a settlement when I was around 4. I kept 1k, and invested 3k. I should of shifted the money around, I did lose half of it in the dotcom crash. My broker never let me know about dividend yielding stocks. I did take my 1.5k out and invested in my musical instruments. I've been in a few bands and have made the money back, eventually lol. I didn't have regrets until I learned about dividends! This was 14 years and would be ahead! If you want to invest, do it. Diversify, play it safe. You can invest in things that have nothing to do with the stock market as well!! Just start doing it. Thanks for the video! You're teaching me a lot and you make it simple

  5. There is Zero Shame in doing yard work as a side hussle or turn to a full time business! I know guys that make 70k a year doing that! I've been telling my friends, who are broke, that I will pay for the equipment and set up the jobs. They refuse to! If you have a smart phone, there's no reason to not make money!!

  6. Yeah I don't care about boring. I just want to invest in the thing that is most likely to make me the most money in the least amount of time.

  7. honestly you don't know much about investing. your just saying bs, you still live with your parents second your its better to pay your car off first before you invest. third mutual funds have high fees and ETF's are much cheaper or pick winning stocks. you just trying to act like you know for subs

  8. Thanks Ryan for your advice. It is very insightful. I am an older person who received a small inheritance. I was wondering if you could give some advice for investing in the stock market for older people (I realize you are not old). I appreciate any information you can offer. I like your videos. Thanks again.

  9. Hey, Ryan love your Video, by the way speaking about Mutual Funds, you should definitely check out this Book from Tony Robbins "Money Master the Game" he strongly not recommend Mutual funds (= Huge fees) for investment, this book is a gold mine!

  10. Hey I'm 17 and very interested in the stock market, one thing I'm doing as a 2nd gig besides a normal job is buying cars with my friends, upgrading them, then selling them for more money.

  11. I recommend Charles Schwab. Great Mutual and Index funds with low expense, and Scottrade(TD AmT). *TD Ameritrade now acquired Scottrade.

  12. I could understand switching your portfolio entirely to a new broker would be a pain but robinhood brokerage does free trading and no commission. They figured out a way to make money and not charge fees. That alone could be a long term investment if you add $ to your portfolio often.

  13. Hi Ryan, as someone who has only recently started learning about investing at the tender age of 37, I wonder if you have some advice for people who started later in life, but still want to invest

  14. Thank you so much Mr. Ryan , I wish you nothing but success on your journey. You've taught me so much in just a few videos! So job well done, money well invested sir!!

  15. I bought, tuned up and detailed 5 cars. Compounded the paint to look new. Total cost 8000.00$. Liability on all 5 cars, 300$ month. I rent them out by the day for 10 each. 1500$ a month minus 300 yields me a 1200$ a month surplus. Got my 8 grand back in 7 months.

  16. Hi Ryan

    Can you give me direction and Advice?
    I have $10,000 to start investing for myself. I am 32 years old with no other investments, interested in property, willing to invest the whole $10k and would like to invest to get into the property market.
    I also have $2,300 for my son who is 3 years old and want to invest that money for him till he is at least 18 years old. My sons investment will have a $500-$1k added every year as he gets older.

    What would you do?


  17. How does compound interest work? Would that mean selling stocks to buy new stocks? Compound interest in a bank I get. Save money in a bank and you get interest on your interest every year. But stocks or funds don't give interest or do they?

  18. Ryan can you please answer me what the compound interest is on the S&P 500 VUSA or where I can find the exact percentage. What time of year those it compound or where can I actually find the dates

  19. For anyone complaining that he didn't get to the point quickly enough– you do realize there's a perfect summary in the description, right?

  20. @Ryan I genuinely appreciate the video and the hustle. I am curious as to why the coverage term of an emergency fund varies from source to source. Some people (like yourself) recommend a 6-month fund, while others recommend a 3-month or even a 12-month cash-runway.

    I think the 12-month cash-runway might be a bit too risk-adverse, but I'm not sure what you think.

    Also, thoughts on the 110 rule? where you take your age and subtract that from 110 and that should be the percentage of your assets you have invested in individual stocks as opposed to etfs/mutual funds. (ex. 25 year old 110 – 25 = 85, so that individual should have 85% of their funds in stocks)

    Thank you again for everything my guy.

  21. So I checked out Franklin Templeton, and went through the whole sign up process. but they're asking for minimum $1000 for any fund. I didn't went through the transaction. But my question is, are they asking me to pay $1000 or is that a deposit? sorry if it seems confusing.

  22. Whatโ€™s Ryan Scribners returns so I know Iโ€™m listening to someone whose actually executed in the stock market?

  23. hello ryan.
    first of… nice video it's my first time watching your videos and i like it.

    i'v been interested in investing my money since i was 15 but duo to health condissions i never had the right mind set to start investing since i had to worry about my precent problem. im 22 years old now and have an open mind towards investing. i'v done research and tried learning as many aspects as i could regarding anything concerning making a smart investment on stocks.
    but everyday it just seems like a never ending mathematical problem to me. i'm looking forward to meet with experienced people who have been on this field for awhile.
    i'd like to have a more comprehensible embiroment in this area and find someone who can simplify my overall learning experience (call it a teacher). if you know of any institute or someone i can reach to obtain this help please let me know.
    thank you

  24. Thanks Ryan! I am learning about how to trade and invest ~ and your video gave me some great information and tips!

  25. If you enjoyed this video, check out my free course on How To Find A Great Investment here:

  26. Ryan Scribner, what do you think about insider report information in the Stock Market? If you do your research through and you see CEOs and CFOs buying a lot of shares at once or a lot of people in a certain company buying a lot at the same time. Do you consider that I possibly to make a lot of money?

  27. Problem is when a company goes down in a sector fund, the other companies in the sector tend to go down as well.

  28. Idk how people write things down to make it easier. I jot things down when needed. But I don't copy my brain to paper lol

  29. Can you guys take a look at my portfolio. I am looking for feedback on my stock picks! Currently been investing for less than a year. Trying not to lose all my money lol

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  31. I'am looking to invest for my grand kids I would like to buy low cost index funds for them .But my concern is for them to keep them until they are in there 20's how do I go about this .

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