How To Invest 1000 Dollars – Where Do I Start?

Kris Krohn here with Limitless TV. How to
invest $1,000? Should I wait until have more money? Is it worth it to begin
investing if all I have is a $1,000? All of those answers coming
your way, right now. A thousand dollars, it could be $50, it could be $10,000, it could be a $1,000,000, it’s
really not about the amount of money that you’re starting with, it’s about the
strategy that you’re using and it’s important for you to understand
that it doesn’t matter how much you have, where should I invest my money to
maximize my return, that’s what this whole video is about. So whether you’re
starting with a thousand dollars or a million, the strategy for investing is
the same, with a smaller amount of money as it is with a larger amount of money.
You know, I had a chance to finally get through this book that Warren Buffett
had written, called Snowball and Warren Buffett made all of his money and in fact,
became the world’s richest man because he made very careful investments and he
started small and then they snowballed. Imagine a snowball starting at the top
of a snow filled mountain and what would happen is you start rolling it, if it
didn’t stop, well it would get bigger and it would get bigger and we’d get bigger
and it would get bigger and Warren Buffett built his entire empire that led
to him giving 85% of it away to charity and doing tremendous good in the
world near the end of his life with this very simple philosophy that you and I
call: buy low, sell high. What he did is, he looked for companies or real estate that
had high intrinsic value but had a low valuation, the high intrinsic value meant
that it was eventually what he could buy it for was going to meet
its true value and so, no matter the amount of money that you’re starting
with, you have the ability to do that and so I’m gonna give you some very specific
ideas but more importantly principles of how you take a small amount of money,
like a thousand dollars, and turn it into so much more. In fact, at the end of the
video if you hang out, I’m gonna actually share with you how I would use a
$1,000 if I were you. A $1,000 that I used, that made
me my first million dollars and that is a crazy return on investment because
I’ll show you how to leverage that $1,000 into massive
opportunity with only a small amount. Perhaps nobody in your life has ever
taught you how to invest and that’s okay. For most of us, we need to figure out how
to do that on our own and remember it’s not about the money, it’s about the
knowledge. How do I get the knowledge I need to do it
right? I’ll teach you how to properly invest and I’m gonna start by teaching
you this one main important principle, a $1,000 is more than enough to
start with. Why? Because of the snowballing, the snowball means start
with what you have and grow it and you got to make sure that you’re growing it
with something aggressively. When you have a $1,000, you’ve got to be
looking at doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the investment. With real
estate, I can show you how to take a $1,000 and in a short space of
time turn that into $20,000 or $30,000. Well, $20,000 or $30,000 is a 20% down payment on a property that can turn into %50,000 or $100,000, that can turn into 3 or 4 more properties and over a
ten year period of time, a$1,000 is enough to get you where you
want to go. For example, number one strategy I start with in real estate was
lease options, and in a link below if you click it, I’ll actually share with you
exactly how I leverage the lease option model to buy several homes with no money,
with no credit and I controlled all of these assets and I sold them and I got
to make a pile of money. In fact, I want to show you just a little bit of proof
right now. I just had my accountant whip these up for me. I’ve got a house that
just got sold here by my LLC, that I own with my partner, who put in his money and
you can see there it made $49,686. Okay, this was a house that we bought using someone else’s money,
control the asset, cash flowed it and these are just the proceeds that we made
when we sold it, not even the tax benefits. This one right here on the top
corner right here, $55,000 plus. This one right here, $90,000. This is an actual property that I got paid for and I
didn’t put a dollar into this property. Here’s another one, my partner and I made
$77,000. Now, we had to pay back his down payment and
then we got to split the benefits but that was the gross amount that came into
the property. We’re talking about tens of thousands of dollars on properties that
are owned for years that are then sold with this short term buy and hold
strategy. This is one right here for $95,789.26 This was paid out to Ron
12061, LC. This is again, one of my LLC’s. These are examples of what you can do
with a thousand dollar investment. These are real amounts of money and if you
want to know my specific strategy then you couldn’t click below but frankly the
more important thing is that you get the principle and the principle is you don’t
need a lot of money to start with and it’s all about snowballing. How can I
take a $1,000 and turn it into $2,000? How to make $2,000
and turn it into $10,000? How do I take $10,000 and turn it into a
$1,000,000? And how do I keep that going? It’s the mindset that makes it happen
and the pace at which you turn it over. Real estate will often hold for 10
years, 5 years, 2 years and in that space of time, all we’re doing is
rotating from one to the next and then instead of just paying it all to me,
we’re rolling it to the next, rolling it’s the next and snowballing it bigger
and bigger and bigger and you can do that with as little as $1,000. Now if
you’re still not clear on exactly what that might look like, click the link
below and I’ll show you exactly how I do it. Listen if I could time machine myself
all the way back to the beginning of my journey, I know exactly what I would do
with my first $1,000. If you want to know what that is, click the link
below and what I’ll do is, I’ll help show you how I amassed all the information
that launched my personal empire on real estate investing, just through the power
of lease option. It’s a pathway that takes less than a $1,000 and
it’s a perfect place if you don’t know where to begin.

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  1. As I've commented on "Stephen Graham" video of "How to Invest $1,000…There was no videos like this to my knowledge from my years in middle school to college, and I searched immensely because I just wanted to learn how to invest. I wish I knew this way back then or had someone like you to teach me when I was begging for this knowledge. Thank you soooooo much. I needed this. Wish you could be apart of my financial team while I was in College. 😘💰👏🏾🙏🏾🤝🏾

  2. Nobody is buying real estate with $1k. 2. Lease options are a fantasy, I've been trying to find a legit lease option for years, never found one; and when you ask fsbo sellers about land contracts/ lease option, they just about laugh at you.

    I hope you aren't like Grant Cardone, $100s – $1000s for your information package. Went to a Yancy seminar, they wanted $60k for their program!

  3. Hi kris,
    I'm saurabh… A 16 year old from Mumbai, India
    The only thing I'm confused about is all these models that you teach… Is it only viable for real estate business in your country that is the US…. In other countries the real estate set up is completely different… Like in third world countries like india our minimum salaries is like Indian rupees 25000 …but an average flat in an apartment complex costs around indian rupees 60 lakh i.e 6 hundred thousand rupees…. Isn't that a huge difference between the average salary and the cost of the house as in the US!

  4. $1,000 is more than enough to start investing in an equity such as stocks! I wish I had $1,000 when I started! I started with $250 but always set my goal to invest $1,000 in stocks.. when I finally did I knew which stocks to buy, when to buy, and I pretty much had all of the knowledge I needed to make "better" (Not necessarily great) investments. Had I not invested $250 initially I would never have learned a thing about investing and I would have poorly invested my $1,000 compared to how I invested it in my current timeline.

  5. Hi there. Love your videos.This strategy works only in America right? What should I do if I live in Europe in poor Country?

  6. if you dont want to do real estate guys just start in stock market with some ETFs like vanguard s&p 500 easy

  7. All I learned is this:

    1. Have $1,000.00
    2. Invest (somehow, no specifics)
    3. Triple your money (somehow, no specifics)
    4. Invest in real estate (which is straight forward).

    How bout some actual advice that isn't "All you gotta do is double your money". How?

  8. This is just another typical MLM…BBB gave stronghold a C+ rating, which they did not respond to any of the complaints..

  9. man its hard to trust because not many people have 1000 to put into sutin that they cant afforrd to lose

  10. my friend, this is exactly what happens in 2008. When this idea gets so far, 2008 will come back. Real estate it is a good idea for sure, but I am pretty sure this is not the best time for it. Everyone knows to buy low sell high, but it takes good timing, good luck and some guts to risk. You can make some money now since the real estate is recovered from last fall and it is going up. Trump has some good ideas about money, and this will help growth continue. But this is not the general rule to be rich, not everyone want to take this big risk to do such thing. overall, this is a good start video to start.

  11. All these so call YouTube Guru is full of BS. Even if you do buy their products they still won't tell you. Every successful investors have a secret weapon $$$. It's for them to know and you to find out.

  12. look likes you got some good friends ! I came in this country with 10$ in my pocket ! after 8 years in this country i bought my 1st house for cash! and my car for cash ! Of course i had to work hard to buy that !

  13. Ok, Omg…I just watched one of your other videos where you were talking about the broke/poor mindset. It was absolutely prophetic to me. I had no idea you were into real estate before watching this, yet another dream of mine that sort of got lost while thinking "broke" for years. It's time I start back focusing on my dreams. I've already subscribed and will be watching all of your videos, saving money and diving into this Real Estate investing. You're a Godsend!

  14. I got a question/future video for you. I'm going to retire from the Air Force in four years. How can you help someone like me, in the Armed Forces, to invest for my official retirement?

  15. diversify your portfolio:
    vintage video game systems,
    classic cars, baseball cards, comic books, precious metals, pork bellies and orange juice, lending club.

  16. Just snowball my dude. Its like? Totally narly. All you have to do is snowball man. Trust the snowball. Be the snowball. Snowballlsssss

  17. Kris, what's the minimum to be an investor and just have your company do everything? And how many years will that minimum of mine take for me to retire? Thanks

  18. Lucky to even get advices from this guy… Real state works, you have to master it first, the beggining years are the harder thats why its so hard for some pppl

  19. Lol kept saying the exact same things over and over. Nothing learned here but this guys reminds me of a scammer trying to make you invest into BitConnect

  20. To many people complaining about the video. He is saying generally what to do with $1000. If you need someone to hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do and what to buy, then it isn’t really you achieving anything is it?

  21. Please know this. Im not knockin his hustle. Just listen carefully. He is teaching nothing. Warren Buffet. Proven financial guru. This guy. Not so much.

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