How To Invest $30,000 In Real Estate

A time comes in every man and women’s life
when they say, “I’m putting on my big boy or big girl underpants. And I’m going to put 20% downpayment on that
next real estate piece of property.” You got $30,000 and you want to know, “How
do I invest that intelligently in the game of real estate?” Listen if you subscribe to my channel, I’m
going to share with you how to buy real estate with no money and no credit. And I’m also going to share with you how to
place 10 million dollars. But today is in service of those of you that
have maybe a little bit of money in 401k or IRA or home equity. And you’re saying, “Alright. I can scrape together 30 grand.” How would you invest $30,000 Kris with everything
you know from 4,000 projects?” If you have $30,000, how should you invest
that in real estate? You have some options, right? I mean, you could try to put it into apartment
complex but you probably need hundreds of thousands of dollars to do that. You could throw in to like tax deeds and tax
liens. But at the end of the day where I believe
where you’re going to get your biggest bank for buck is doing one of 2 things. The first option is to do some real estate
in your backyard. And I would recommend doing single family
which means kind of entry level starter home. And I want you to buy underneath the median. So, in your area, you’re looking to go far
enough out to suburbia that you can start finding good deals on homes under $200,000. The reason why I do that is to insulate you
from markets when they go up and down. And trust me, a time will come when you say,
“Thank you Kris. You save bacon. I could’ve lost everything if I’d start to
buying 3, 4 or 5 hundred thousand dollar homes or million-dollar homes. I want you to start entry level, single family. And if you’re doing this hands-on as one of
the 2 methodologies, then I recommend my least option program. That’s where you buy a home but instead of
renting it, I want to show you how to earn more than twice as much money by actually
doing a least option. And for you to make that happen, at the end
of the day it’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is pick a copy of my book. It’s free. Its on the link below. This books is a manual on how to do a lease
option. To earn 200% over what you would do on a typical
rental. And I’m just going to tell you right now,
it’s awesome. But it’s a secret. Single Family, under 200,000, do a lease option. And should have you earning at least 20% annual
ROI’s. Which is always the minimum goal for me in
the game of real estate. Option number 2 if you $30,000 is to say,
“Hey Kris. What if I don’t want to be hands on, read
a book and then like go to my backyard.” For some of you, it’s too cumbersome. You got a career that’s demanding or a family
that’s demanding and that doesn’t work for you. So, option number 2 for you to consider looks
actually quite a bit different. What would it look like for you if you actually
have the opportunity of having a team step in and do it all for you? Imagine a fully turnkey system where instead
of you backyard, out of 324 markets that make up the united states, you go into the very
best markets. For example, what I’m doing in Florida, Indianapolis,
Memphis. I’ve got the best growth markets, the best
cashflow markets. And I’m basically averaging over 25% annual
ROI doing strategic investment grade rentals in those 2 markets. So, what’s cool about both strategies is do
you like to be hands on with your $30,000 and do that? Or do you want a team of experts to come in
and put in 324 hours into the deal and do it all for you? Those are pretty much your 2 options and those
are the best strategies that I know of for being able to take $30,000 into appropriately
invested in the market. When I bought my very first house, I did it
all hands on. And when I bought my next 25 homes, I was
totally hands on. But after 25, I have to tell you, I got sick
and tired to going home to home depot. I got sick and tired of managing rehab and
people. I got sick and tired of taking this wall down
and redry walling. And at the end of the day, it’s just became
too much. And so, I had to challenge a philosophy. My father raised me saying, “If you want something
done right, son, you got to do it yourself.” And I challenge it. And I said, “I wonder if the opposite is even
more true?” What if to truly have to done something right,
you shouldn’t do it yourself? What if you should have an expert do it?” And so, from that time forward, I tested a
different strategy. If you want something done right, don’t do
it yourself. Hire and expert. And that’s more of the hands off model. That is frankly why I am able to buy a home
every single day and it takes me a matter of minutes to make sure it’s done correctly,
responsibly. Because I’ve got an amazing team. So, you have to ask yourself whether you want
to be hands on or whether you want leverage in your life. And you know which one is more important for
you. In the links below, you’re going to have a
couple of options. One is you got an option to get a copy of
my book and learn the manual for how to do real estate yourself. The other option is for you to talk to a member
of my team and say, “Hey, If I have $30,000 and Kris’s team was available with some extra
deals with 25% plus annual ROI, how do I get my hands on those?” And you’ll learn both of that in the link
below. Thanks for watching today’s video. Make sure that you are subscriber. And tomorrow, I got another video coming your

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