How To Invest: Get Started For Only $50 (Use This App)

32 Replies to “How To Invest: Get Started For Only $50 (Use This App)

  1. Count me in the M1 Playlist if you create one, or any information you pertaining to M1 that you explain or expand on.

  2. Thank you for the great content! I'm super new and you make everything look much easier than anyone else. That's a great haircut by the way!

  3. Lol if all you have is $50 you don’t need to be investing. You should be trying to figure out why you only have $50 😂 fucking clowns man.

  4. Get Involved, stop thinking about it and Do It, take Action! Buy partial shares with Companies that pay Dividends, reinvest those Dividends. JMO

  5. been learning alot lately on stocks, how to grow, resistance, support, techniques… So at this point anything is game. You look sound like a real cool and honest dude so ya man im in. Thumbs Up.

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