How To Invest In Real Estate For Income

How do you invest in real estate to
produce an income? I mean bottom line is there’s a lot of different strategies
out there and some of them are cash flow heavy, some of them don’t even produce
cash flow at all. So today here on Limitless Wealth TV, that’s what I’m going
to be breaking down for you and really showing you how you can maximize your
income with real estate. Okay, do you want to be the real superhero in your
family’s life? It’s time to jump into real estate for what? Income! What’s it’s all
about and this is what we’re going to talk about today. So, Steven Michael Miller
here. Kris Krohn, the one and only. And we are the superheroes of real estate
for income. Steven show me your Superman Alright, real estate for income guys,
obviously you’re in the real estate game because you want to earn money and the
reality is there’s two different things. There’s two really big
moneymakers in real estate. Number one, is you’ve got the cash flow and number two,
is you’ve got the equity or this net worth growth. But we’re going to talk about
and focus on right now, real estate for income. So Kris as we’re talking about
this, what do people need to be aware of if they’re looking to get into real
estate for income purposes? Steven, there are two strategies that we think you
need to know of all the things you can do in real estate at least when it comes
to income, there’s two that are going put more income in your in your pocket
period. So we’re going to talk about those two today and then just by way of a
little bit of a bonus at the end. What I want to do is I actually want to talk
about a very simple equation that a lot of people forget about when they’re only
focused on income. The real secret to real income is actually something else.
So we’re going to talk about that at the end. So let’s talk about these two
strategies the first one, lease options. Okay now you here’s talked about it I
wrote a book .You can download it for free. You can hit the website, you’re
going to get that. The reason why that’s such a big deal, is because Steve and I
know how to get a lease option to crank $40,000 more income on a median level
house, than any other real estate out there, at least compared to rentals.
And so it is a niche that superfans on because a lot of times when
people think, “oh I want cash flow, I should buy a property.” And the reality is
is that a lease option is generally going to double potentially triple your
cash flow than just doing a straight rental. You want to listen up here
because when I first came out to work with Kris, Kris, when he called me up
and we were first talking about the strategies that you are using. The one,
the number one strategy that were talking about was this lease option idea.
And when I first came out, I will say this, lease options was one of the first
strategies where I began to make thousands of dollars with you, which was
awesome. I loved stepping into that role and jumping in getting my hands
dirty in the lease auction. But what I loved about it more, was lease option
opened up something that I saw and when you first brought this to the table, I
thought there’s no way. But it brought the partners to the table. Yeah. Like this lease option because partners are looking for increased income, they
want their money to go to work for them, to do great things. And this lease
option system is what started gathering in all the different partners that you
first started to bring in throughout to this whole position. It was just the cash flow
is just too high. I mean, when I had 25 properties producing $12,000 a month for
me. Even outside of my partner split on everything. It’s like 25 home sounds like
a lot but relative to that amount of income. It was super super high, and that
was all because of lease option. So lease option is one strategy we’ve got tons of
videos in fact we got a four-part video series that tells you everything you
need to know about lease options. So I recommend that you check out those
videos, so that you can to a deeper dive on what that looks like.
the second thing though that we want to talk about is, if you don’t want to do
lease options or you don’t want to be that hands-on there’s a really awesome
alternative and it’s not real estate you’re likely going to find in your
backyard. Yeah, this is real estate and the best markets in the nation. Now again
we’re talking increasing your your income, right? bringing more money in and
I know for us you know, we live here in the Utah market right and here in Utah
prices are skyrocketing we’re actually right now in a seller’s market. It’s not
necessarily the greatest time to buy a cash flowing type of property. Yet, we
want to be able to increase our income. So one of the things I think that really
hit home for us, was as as we first started looking into
expanding beyond our own borders, it was what are the markets in the nation that
are going to provide the greatest income? Exactly and we got to talk about the
macroeconomics for just a second here. Listen up, in my backyard like Steven
said, let’s just say I can do a rental and let’s say I’m going to end up making if
I buy a standard investment property. I’m going to rent it out. Let’s say I’m making a
5% cash, on cash return. Now 5% is bigger than what your bank accounts giving you.
It’s bigger than annuities can promise. So that’s okay and that doesn’t take the
appreciation in account and the tax benefits and all the wonderful things
than juicy things that come with real estate which is pretty hot. But if this
market is five percent and there’s 350 markets around the United States, in this
great country are there other markets that naturally, if you buy a standard
investment property, have a higher cash on cash and the answer is – yes! So if you
toss got 5%, Steven and I know of the markets that are out there right now,
that are producing 8%, 10%, 12%. Some of them 14 or 15% cash on cash. So literally,
just the macroeconomics of 350 markets at this time in frame and for the next
five years, there’s going to be four or five markets out of 350 and those four or
five markets are going to have triple the cash flow. So if your cash flow
conscious, then you got to go where the deals are, it’s going to lower your risk and
potentially triple your returns. And by the way many of you have probably jumped
into the real estate game, thinking to yourself, “I’m going to buy a home, I’m going to
hold on to it for thirty years, the first five to seven years, I might even go in
the red a little bit for it, right out?” “Maybe I won’t even cash flow, maybe I’ll
be paying an extra twenty five or thirty or fifty or a hundred dollars out of my
pocket, hoping that by year five or seven, you might start to cash flow.” If that was
your plan at some point or you thought maybe that was a good idea. Let me just —
let me stop that. Like timeout, hold on. Don’t do that, right? This is time to get
into the very best markets in the nation. Get outside of your backyard, find those
markets that are gonna produce what Kris just said here, which is I mean
it’s that’s one of those mind blows right? You can jump into markets that are
actually going to produce for you. An eight, nine, ten, up to maybe fifteen
percent cash on cash return. Thought. That’s huge. You’ve got to do that
if you wanna increase your income. So let’s go into bonus time.
Just a refresher. We’ve been timeout lease options and being in the best cash flow
markets. If you want more details on that, make sure you hit up our website because
it’s what we talk about, it’s what we teach, it’s what we show people to do and
come get live with Steven. Absolutely. And you know we’ve got an event coming
up, it’s our real wealth event. It’s four days on everything money under the sun.
You’re going to walk away with confidence and certainty you’ve never had. You
cashed it, if you’re checked to check, if you’re deeply in debt, you’re like, “dude I
have no game plan. Maybe real estate is my solution.” Come out to this
event. Well, not just talking about real estate, we’ll talk about everything you
need to know about money. To get your life in order in a huge way and retire
wealthy. So those are the things that we really want to chat with you about today
but just by the way of bonus Steven, let’s just kind of talk about one of the
very obvious principles that escapes us because there’s just a lot of
information out there in our info age. And I want to talk about, how you
ultimately get more cash flow? Yeah, more cash flow will always be a function of
more principle. Society, think about what they do here. Society says, save up all
your money 401k it have a good job and eventually maybe retire with $300,000
right? that’s high and I’m going to put it into an annuity in my principle as 300
grand and the interest that that is able to produce, is 5%. So I’m pulling in
literally like $15,000 a year a little over a thousand a month. It’s like lots
of crappy retirement. It is. But it’s not because the thousand dollars a month
sucks, it’s because your principle sucks. Three hundred thousand sounds like a lot
of money but guess what, it’s not. In fact, wanting to be a millionaire? Trust me.
There’s nothing greedy about that. In today’s world being a millionaire is
going to give you a basic 50k a year. It’s not a lot of money. So one of the things
that you need to focus on in real estate is not just cash flow, you’ve got to keep
your eye on the bigger picture which is how do I increase my principal? Because
there are strategies in real estate that’s Steven and I do.
there’s markets we go into where we get kick butt growth on our principal and we
also get a killer cash flow. If you can combine those two together, then your
strategy’s not going to be short-sighted. You can get where you want to go 10, 20
years from now. You might look back and say, “wow! the reason why I have an amazing
cash flow is not just because of maybe lease options or being in the best cash
flow market strategies, it’s also a function more importantly of, my
principle.” So strategy, all strategy can really do is increase
your percent games on your interest but ultimately, if you don’t got the
principal there, then your entrance is not going to be what you want it to be. And
if it’s not, then you’re going to have to eat away the principal and it can get
smaller and smaller and at that point you got to do something depressing, you
got to plan your death day. Because you’re going to run out of money when you do what
are you going to do. So instead of that are going and getting a job. Focus on real
estate. Yes for cash flow, but make sure there’s a big focus on – how is my real
estate increasing my principal? And that my friends, with compound interest in the
real estate game, that’s a game we can show you how to crush. Absolutely.
Many think about this, think about on a on a home, right? When you are leveraging
a property, we’ll see you buy a hundred thousand dollar home and you put 20%
down, you still have… so you only have right now 20% in principle and this
goes as… I just want to help you see the correlation here. You’ve got 20% in
principle right now in that property, which is producing for you, if you’re in
what these cash flow markets are doing a lease option. A pretty decent cash flow
but the longer you pay that principle down, the more you start to roll old real
estate into new real estate, constantly increasing that principle. The more you
own of that property and the greater your cash flow is going to rise.
It’s just, it’s one of those awesome principles that we often don’t think
about enough. So end game and strategy like Kris said, if you want to get more
cash flow, if you want to get more income, start also to take part of your focus
and focus on how do I gain more principle. Now friends this is the best
part, we can show you how to treasure hunt, we can show you how to go to the
marketplace and get all sorts of awesome rocking deals. Hit us up on our website.
Get to know us, meet us at one of our events. Check us out on one of our live
webinars and get the information. Let us work together as a team, to show you what
we’ve already done for over 3500 people. We can do that for you too. One of the
best things I ever did was get my first property rocking for me and then
figuring out how to turn into two and five and 10 and 100. And friends, I’m not
there doing so much real estate today, because I really figured out how to
maximize that income, while growing that principle. If you’re going to go out there
and do real estate and you want to do it in the most profitably possible. Check
out my website, so we can break down the different ways that you and I can go out
there and crush it in real estate – together.

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