How to Lower Your Property Taxes

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  1. Clayton – do you stay away from states (like SC) that charges high tax rates on investment (vs primary homes)? Or will you still invest as long as ROI is 10-12%?

  2. There are also firms that will handle the tax appeal for you (for a cut of the savings.) Win/Win (if you don't have the time to do it yourself.) Thanks again, to both of you!

  3. That Ohio property looks great, you should show some before and afters with cost, investment info and potential projected profits. Currently living in California, my property taxes are crazy compared to Lafayette Indiana where I grew up, I am currently looking into investing there. Possible cashing out here and moving back.

  4. If you buy an old house for say $100k and you spend a lot of money on it and double the value, are you not increasing the value, and thus the property tax (which is based on the value of it)?

  5. Beware if you have a home you have done a lot of home improvement to please don't do this.

  6. I don't understand why you would be paying the contractor in the purchase price and not a contract for the building and a separate contract for the improvements. Is there a sales tax benefit?

  7. I tried this..but after i rehabbed my property…the county tax appraiser basically told me my taxes were actually too low…and basically i should keep my mouth shut….ooops!

  8. Clayton you lucky fellow. How on earth did you find such a very bright and beautiful lady? Thanks for the video. I believe that it will help us save big bucks over the years to come.

  9. Wow, that's honestly something I've never heard a government employee ever do before! I'm glad it worked out for you and the community.

  10. Our property taxes doubled since we bought a house last year. Our next door neighbor bought his house a week after us. His taxes never went up. The people who bought their house 1 min away never had their taxes go up either. Oh boy, you know I'm furious.

  11. This is great info. We are saving up to get into the Academy. Having 4 children and being away from home has taken a turn on my spouse.

  12. I live in Massachusetts, also known as Tax-achusetts! I recently moved one town over as part of downsizing to save money. Well shortly after I bought this house, the town voted in a large property tax increase for everyone. After watching this video, I should probably check the tax values against comparable homes in the area.

    Love you two and your channel. Keep up the great work.

    P.S. I can just see Natali battling the town in her spin shoes. Let's dance!

  13. Is it possible for the tax assessor's office to raise your property tax because it's under an LLC and not a homestead? The previous owner of a house we bought (which she did not live in but inherited upon her mother's death) was paying around $460/year. Then we buy the house under our LLC and we're charged over $1,000 in property taxes. I questioned this and the office tells me that its because it's a rental property and not my homestead. Does this sound correct? Is there anything I can do?

  14. You the man Clayton LOL!By telling everyone the truth about places like California helps solve the problem. Thank you for your efforts.

  15. You guys are way too cheery about an issue that has created misery and anguish for many homeowners who are facing being forced out of the very homes they have lived in for decades in some cases. Where I live in Dallas, TX our appraiser has cleverly flipped the values so that the majority of the value if placed in the land. Over the last couple of years the value of my structure actually went down, but the land value went up-by $75K! I can only protest the structure by demonstrating what needs to be be repaired-roof, plumbing, leaks, antiquated appliances etc. I can't protest the value of the land unless I can find other properties nearby in the same neighborhood with lower land values. I protest my assessment with the county every year and have done so over the past 10 years. I always manage to get a very small/meager reduction on my assessed value but I still wind up with a higher tax bill because like I said they increase the land value so much that it is impossible not to get an increase on my tax bill every year.

    All in all my taxes have DOUBLED from $5K to almost $10K over the past 8 years. In fact my tax bill this year was 15% higher than last year. I have not updated my home in the full 16 years I have lived in it. Despite needing a new roof I cannot afford it because all my money goes to paying these greedy taxing authorities. Dallas has the 6th highest tax rate in the whole state of Texas (out of 254 total counties). It is insane here. I am seriously considering selling my home and leaving (at least Dallas, I don't think I want to leave Texas). I appreciate your tips but it just doesn't apply here.

  16. Thank you for the great content. Very refreshing to learn about the basics+ of real estate investing without the 'salesy' feel.

  17. BASIC TAX LAW. BASIC BUSINESS LAW. BASIC REAL ESTATE LAW. If do not know about the tax agency in your area of Real Prop your walking on THIN ICE bad surprises may be in for you if you purchase in any area. !!! Be aware… be educated in Law or pay the very expensive PRICE of ignorance ~

  18. In regards to increased taxes on home improvements or additions, you could file for a tax abatement during the construction process. Your taxes won't go up for another 5 years on said improvements. That's how it works in my town anyway

  19. This would be a tough one in my home state of Hawaii – Democratic Policies. We have a rail under construction paid for by the public that is over budget by $3B. The Mayor is proposing to increase property taxes for high-end investment homes and hotels. They won't do it on the middle-class but will look elsewhere – gas and sales. Hawaii is in the top 3 for the highest cost of living. If the Democrats continue to increase taxes. Sooner or later the working-class will notice these changes causing a protest or worse, riots like Paris. Hawaii has proven that too much Government with a Socialist agenda is far worse than Capitalism and that's why I left home for Vegas.

    Hawaii is a beautiful broken island…

  20. Property values crashed in 2008 onward. Did tax assessments go down commensurate with the lower values?

  21. Yes, talk bad about CA, now that Austin is officially a homeless tent city, thanx mayor Adler!!!!!

  22. I own rentals in Austin and surrounding areas, the tax increases and the mistakes Austin appraisal district make every year are ridiculous, I feel bad for the dupes that don't know how to get things right. This video was no help btw

  23. Thank you for this great information! Can you do a segment on new construction home taxes for after the first year

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