How to Make 5% Return on Your Investments (high return, low risk?)

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  1. Get a diversified Index fund and collect 10-11% over a long period time. There ya go πŸ™‚

  2. This happens to me literally daily. People want fast money. It's how we're build. Explaining that it's not how it works is not always as easy. Oh well.

  3. If its low risk the only possible option would be bonds and maybe certain real estate. I would not call all stocks low risk.

  4. I'm always grabbing my pen & notepad when I watch your videos. Saving now to invest in education & resources to grow my business. Progress is a process. Thanks!

  5. If you want 5% buy Worthy Bonds from Worthy Capital .. 3 year bond 5% annual yield. You can also cash in at anytime with no fees.

  6. What's your opinion on Robinhood's new checking/savings accounts? I'd been looking into high interest savings accounts lately.

  7. Another great video full of inspiration! I invest most of my money in ETF’s, I also invest in bonds and stocks. My many portfolios are invested in 90% 10% and 65% 35% I do strongly believe we can get 5% of our investments, but keep in mind that investing long term is key!

  8. Tesla Stock has been great for me through Stash, it's aggressive but I monitor every day. I hit 23% at one point and now it's at 17%, buying low and holding high. By the way, Jeff Thank You for Fundrise, I'm 4 months in and I'm loving in it.

  9. Some great investment ideas. Love the emphasis on realistic returns. i think 5% real return is more realistic for a blended portfolio of stocks, bonds and real estate…too bad so many people are reaching for those double-digit returns.

  10. Hey, Jeff 5% is very low for invest money. I have 27y and in my opinion, i would prefer to Lend money on the street for 20% weekly and at the same time do Retail Arbitrage. I graduated 4 years ago in Finance and is not making me any sense gain 5% in the stock market if you can make more money with alt investment doing any business o even doing Fundrise if you don't know what do with your money, but 5% is very sucked vs the risk involved. In my philosophy rather (Todo o nada).

  11. I am going to have to assume that the title of this video is you trolling because you can easily make more then that just investing in index funds. They average about 12%.

  12. 20% no risk sounds like a Ponzi scheme. I am looking for the type of account where I can make a small return and able to withdraw as needed. Talking about my emergency fund account which I use also to pay yearly bills like property taxes.

  13. A little bit off-topic but I have not heard Dave Ramsey mentioned it lately but he used always say he makes a consistent 10 to 15% return every year on his mutual funds. I would love to know what those are because mine don’t come close to that.

  14. I can definitely say that YouTube course you did paid off because I just caught on to your channel about a month ago. Thank you for your investment.

  15. The two most important things on the Internet these days (been working it since 1998) is: Trust and Authority. And, these are not easy (anymore), if your niche already have those dominating those two. You, sir, have some of both, because I was led here by anothers review on AWOL Academy and she off-hand commented, "… like Jeff Rose…" BAM! Here I am and you have me listening. Thank you! BTW, when looking at Real Estate, it is typical to look for a 5% cap rate, and it seems 6 to 8% is realistic. The catch? Well, we are looking at, like, owning a commercial building that has strong leases. Yeah, it takes millions of dollars. And, a pitfall that occurs to me is, does that include paying for property management to allow an absentee ownership, or near passive income. Thanks again! Oh, and another BTW, supposedly mobile home parks can be coveted cash cows, so to speak, with cap rates of 10%!!! But, good luck on finding someone willing to sell one! LOL!

  16. Brother I was looking at that same etf you mentioned!
    That junk bond you mentioned seems to be the same way, in the middle as for risk, balanced, is that true?
    ALSO, Back in the day 20 yrs ago I was looking at treasury bond for my son for APPROX 15, 20 years, it was giving APPROX $1000 per year, so maturing from 1000 to 2000 and in 20 years looking at 20,000, but I don't know if that is the same way now, what do you think sir???

  17. I'd buy some BRK.B, tech etf like IGM or healthcare etf. IGM and BRK.B have both outperformed the dow the last 10ish years.

    Your videos are great, keep it up!

  18. I'm definitely a fan of individual stocks. I bought Hormel (HRL) less than a year ago and recently sold it all at approximately 50% gain.
    Full disclosure: I didn't WANT to sell it, but needed the funds to attend one of my children's upcoming wedding. Also, I've owned Pfizer (PFE) about a year and a half and am up about 50% on that one as well.
    Happy investing, everyone!!

  19. It does take πŸ’° to make πŸ’°. But investments are for the long haul and are a much better way of living πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  20. I didn't see this listed but you could also mention paying off debt as a guaranteed return. With most debt charging over 5% interest, this idea may be relatable to most of your audience given most of us have debt in some way.

  21. You made a understandable but all the same rookie mistake when you said since 1928 even with the stock market crashes had returns around 10% on average. NOT TRUE if you go back and do the math for rebalancing. If you take a look at all the stocks in the S&P from before the great crash in 1929 you will see that buy 1934 most of those companies were no longer listed. This is an extreme example but it makes the point. All those companies who do not meet the threshold for why they are listed in the S&P are delisted at a cost. (even if the company just went belly up before it could be sold… that money to buy the stock of that company is GONE!) Then there is the cost to buy the stock of the companies to replace the ones delisted. The 10% return in the stock market is a con on the uneducated. In 2018 4 companies were delisted and 4 companies had to be bought to replace those companies. All those cost go into the ROI but no stock broker in his right mind is going to tell you that because it make the math very hard to explain.

  22. Hey Jeff, big fan and love your advice! For bonds at 5 percent have you heard of Worthy? They offer 3 year bonds at 5%.

  23. I have read some Fortune 500 employee stock purchases plans offer 15-20% off the listed stock price… Is that not an immediate return? Someone correct me if I am wrong?

  24. YYY , SDIV MORT all funds paying 10% I’ve owned many yrs, no brainer, buy when others are selling sell some when others are buying

  25. the elmo reference had me laughing πŸ˜‚ but honestly such a good video I’ve tried to help my friends who know nothing about finances and one told me that a 25% return was mediocre….

  26. Fundrise is extremely risky. They have several clauses that state that they won't give you your money back if they don't feel it is good for their business or their other clients.
    You also can only request to withdraw once per quarter.

  27. You can learn day trade and make 5% weekly! I'm also studying my series 7, series 63, and series 65 to become a financial advisor. I think 5% a year is very easy number to achieve, I think you an achieve 10% or more, but then again, I'm very aggresive with my profolio.

  28. Whats worked for me in the beginning was only investing in Stocks that paid out weekly or monthly. Stay away from the yearly stuff for awhile until you got about $100k as tying up money for yearly gains vs monthly is stupid period until you cross the $100k threshold. Then you can go several ways to a million. Real estate will get you there in about 2-5 years easily and the stock market depending on how you go about it can do it int 3-6 years.

  29. 5% is too low for me i am looking for double digit returns can anyone recommend where i should look into for double digit returns? I prefer risk than 5%

  30. Does a 10yr T bond pay every year ? Than the following year that interested is included in the next years principle ? Or does it just pay once at the end of the 10 yr ?

  31. Jeff. My favorite investment of 2018 was P2P lending. I've only set up with Prosper and I'm seeing a steady return of at least 10% (currently 10.43% at the time of writing this). Thanks to a few filters I have set up for buying notes and doing my DD with the person's info provided by Prosper, I don't even consider these to be high risk. I have had zero charge offs the whole year and 4 pay offs that I've just reinvested along with other principal and interest payments. This was my first year investing in P2P thanks to your videos. Thanks a ton!

  32. Am in the same boat. I have some cash I want to invest and I want to start and online business, but I don't know where to begin. So, for now am trying to be more efficient with my tome untill I figure everything out.

  33. Great video, thank you for the effort. I think in the coming years it would be great to have a low risk 5% yield, as the stock market will bear

  34. That’s one low return.i feel like a manage my risk well enough and I’ve avaraged 15 percent I would never invest for a 5 percent return unless all I was trying to do was sustain my wealth that is not enough to grow it substantially at all

  35. How is it legal for you to put ads on your videos to make money and use clips from other copyrighted movies?

  36. 5% per month Γ— 12 months = 60% per year —-> ROI ….wow ! that is fantastic! A very very fantastic ROI

  37. If you can afford to risk some money (prepared to lose it) ride the crypto boat whilst you still can. Worked well for me. Litecoin halving coming up…

  38. I have 100 dollar now
    And i don't know anything about investment
    I just want to make money
    How can i make money without doing anything
    And get paid every month

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