How to Register and Bid for GSA Real Property on

>>Welcome to GSA
Real Estate Sales. If you’re interested in purchasing federal
government real estate, you’re in the right place. From office buildings
to single-family homes, GSA’s Office of Real
Property Utilization and Disposal sells
surplus federal real estate to the public. There are a few steps you must
take before you can actually place your bid. Click on the red
“register” button located at the top right corner. Step one: fill in your
account information and continue to the
next section. You must register for
a username and password at Upon review, accept the terms
and conditions and continue to complete personal
information. You will be given the option to provide your credit card
information, which speeds up the validation process. GSA Auctions will not
charge this credit card. It is used for validation
purposes only. Your credit card information
must match your full name and address provided
on this page. Individuals who do not have
the required credit card for verification or
simply do not wish to participate can skip
this step and move to the “consent acceptance” box below. Look for an email from GSA
validating your username and password. Step two: submit the bidder
registration and bid form. Navigate to the property
you’re interested in. Scroll down to the center of the
page and access the invitation for bids, or IFB, under
“additional documents.” At the end of the invitation for
bids, the bidder registration and bid form, enter
your username at the top right of the form. Be sure to sign and
date the form. Submit your bidder
registration form and deposit. Keep in mind, if you’re
registering as a company, you will also need to
complete the “certificate for corporate organizational
bidder” form. This step validates that
you are authorized to bid on behalf of the organization. If you’re bidding
as an individual, this form is the
only one required. When you’re ready to submit
the bidder registration form, fax or email the completed
form per instruction located at the bottom of the form. Your credit card will
be processed prior to receiving your
authorization to bid. If you’re submitting your
deposit in the form of a check, please forward by certified
mail to the appropriate address. Step three: you will
be authorized to bid once your deposit
is received and verified. You will receive a
system-generated verification email from GSA. Step four: place your bid. Here are some additional
reminders or details to assist you. Save your username and password. You will need this information
to login and place a bid. Be certain to thoroughly
read the invitation for bids as it becomes a binding
contract when a bid is placed. Be sure to completely fill
in the bidder registration and bid form, including
signature and date. Ensure handwritten
information is easy to read and include the payment
for your deposit. It is important to note
that each and every property for sale has a unique invitation
for bid contract, or IFB, which contains the forms
you will need to fill out. Simply scroll down to
the additional documents and download the
“invitation for bid form.” Once GSA verifies your deposit and accepts your
bidder registration, you will receive an email
authorizing you to bid. So remember, step one:
register at for username and password. Step two: submit your bidder
registration and deposit. Step three: receive your
authorization bid email from GSA. Step four: place your bid. You can preview properties that are coming soon
at For additional reminders
and pointers, follow us on the GSA Office
of Real Property Utilization and Disposal Facebook page. Or for more information, visit FAQ section and select the real estate tab.

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