How to return a lost iPhone to its Owner

Hello Guys and Girls it is Lurgs here, and
today how to find the owner of a lost or stolen iPhone. So you are in a busy
crowded pub and somebody has left their phone behind. What you could do is
you could put that in your back pocket and just walk off with it and keep it, but
that is against the law and is what we call stealing! So what you do is you pick
the phone up even if it’s locked hold the button down and ask Siri . ‘Whose phone is this’. [Answers] ‘ I believe this iPhone belongs to Lurgs’. And if you scroll up it will also have their email address in if that is set up. Now the way you set this up is, if you go onto your iPhone and in the contacts. I have got my iPhone which is me Lurgs set as ‘me’. Now the way you do
that is you go into ‘Settings’ and scroll down and go to the ‘Contacts’ and then
from there where it says ‘My Info’ click on that and then select whoever you are
in your contact list and this is me. Now the other way you can find out the
contact details is if they have set up their information in the Medical ID App.
Now I suggest that if you have got an iPhone you do this straight away and
there is a link above about how to do this now. So on the iPhone that you
found just open it up and click on the ‘Emergency’ button and now click on the
‘Medical ID’ at the bottom this should have contact information on there. I have obviously crossed this out but that will also give you any contact information so
you can return the iPhone to its rightful owner. And now here is a Blooper. ‘Whose phone does this belong to’… [Siri] ‘Ok, I found this on the Web for Whose phone does this belong to’ Why is it doing that, a minute ago it was saying this phone belongs to Lurgs. That is the End. Thanks for watching. If
you would like to select any other videos around here that would be cool and please subscribe by pressing this button down here. Appreciate you visiting my channel. Cheers Guys and Girls.

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