How To Sell Real Estate Training On YouTube

Is it possible to sell real estate
training on YouTube? Yeah. So, how do you do it? I’m going to talk to you about a
channel that I produce for a Kris Krohn. It’s doing extremely well. In fact, to the
tune of 5 or 6 hundred thousand dollars per month in revenue. Yeah, you
can sell real estate training on YouTube. So, I’m going to go into detail on the Kris
Krohn channel. And the reason that I can do that is I actually I’m a 50% owner on
this channel. We created this channel from scratch. I’m going to pull back the
curtains and show you exactly what we did so that you can do the same thing
and grow a following on YouTube and sell your real estate training. So, I’ll start
out by sharing how this whole idea began. Why Kris and I started working together
and how we started with one Episode a week? When we increased to 5? And how
we went from zero revenue up to $100,000 in a month and then how it’s gotten to
the place it is now. You’ll even learn how we intentionally caused a spike on
our channel which caused huge growth, exponential growth. Alright. So, let’s
dive right in. So, I had an idea. I had proven it in small scale. Meaning, I had
made some of these how-to videos that started to get this traction and results
on YouTube. How I discovered this strategy originally is I created these
how-to videos for a website so that that webpage kid get ranked on Google and it
worked. Right? It was a lot of work to create that page not only did we create
that how-to video. We transcribe the video and put the text there. So we had
searchable text. We design infographics and we link them back to Pinterest. We do
article marketing that would link back to the page. We do other types of
commenting and link building back to this page. And it did work. We got these
pages ranked on the top of Google. But then I noticed something. I noticed that
the YouTube video itself on YouTube was getting 50 times more views and traffic
than this page that was ranking on the top of Google. So, that’s how I discover
this strategy and I had proven it video after video after video in small scale.
But I’d never done a comprehensive channel where we just launched a channel
really trying to build viewers and subscribers and build a following. So,
when I saw Kris and his expertise in investing in real estate. I just knew
that the strategy would work for him. So, I shared with him the idea and we
decided to launch with one Episode per week following the keyword research
strategy. So, every video that we posted answered a question that people had
about investing in real estate. Without fail, we did keyword research before
filming for every episode. So, instead of just coming up with ideas that Kris
wanted to film on investing in real estate, we found the
questions of people are asking like, “What type of credit do you need to invest in
real estate?” Or “How to invest in real estate with no money?” Or “How to improve
your credit to invest in real estate?” So, we just found leaf after leaf after leaf
after leaf. Now, if you’re new to the channel, you might not know what I’m
talking about when I say leaf after leaf. So, I’m going to link to another video up
here that you’re going to want to watch next. It’s my leaf strategy video. It’s
really the whole foundation of how we got this channel started. Okay. So, like I
said before. We started with just one episode per week. We did that for about
2 and a half years almost. Kris took a summer off. But for the most part, we were
doing one episode per week and we started to get some traction. We started
to get a lot of requests coming in of people wanting to buy something. People
wanting to work with Kris. But they didn’t want to fly out to his events in
Utah. That just wasn’t something that the YouTube audience really did. Maybe once
every 6 months, we’d have a person come. We wanted it to 2 things. We wanted to
capitalize on the foundation that we’d laid for this YouTube channel. And 2, we
wanted to find a way to get some sales. To really monetize this. So, we did 2
things. One, we increased to 5 episodes per week. I told Kris, I said, “In 4
months, if we go at this higher capacity or this higher rate, we should then start
to see some exponential growth.” And Kris said, “Alright. Let’s try it. We’ll do a
four month test.” Luckily on the four-month mark to the day, we had a
massive spike. And what we thought was massive because then a few weeks later
we had a spike that tripled that one. But we did start to experience those spikes.
And also 6 months after we went to five episodes per week, Kris launched a
digital course. And now, we have something different to offer to the YouTube
audience. They were ready for it. They were waiting for it. And so the moment he
offered it, it was a 1,000-dollar course and he sold over 100 of
them. He made over a hundred thousand dollars that first month. And then each
month after that until now, he’s never gone below $40,000 in a
month. In fact, it did that for a few months and then it just progressively
increased from there. So, you want to know how we caused a major spike, I mean we’re
talking a spike that caused us to go from 80,000 subscribers to 160,000. So
again, all these videos we created or on these leaf topics. These how-to
questions of how to invest in real estate, right? And we just on leaf after
leaf after leaf. Well then, we went back into the analytics and we search to find
opportunities. We found one. There is a video called “How to invest in your 20s?”.
So this first video, it was about 6 minutes or so. And YouTube had been
suggesting it to a lot of people. Tens of thousands of people. And so we got the
idea to make a sequel. Make another video with the same title but we make it
longer, we’d make it better. That video totally worked.
In fact, it worked way better than we expected. I mean the first 2 weeks, it
performed above average then it just caused a huge spike and again, within
that 5-week period, we doubled our channel size from 80 to 160 thousand
subscribers. Once you have momentum on your channel, you actually have a few
more opportunities. I love the keyword research strategy and we still implement
it to this day even on the Kris Krohn channel. But we’ll also go after topics
that don’t have any search volume and we can get away with that because we have
momentum. Now, we have a subscriber base and we have YouTube as our promotion
engine that will promote our videos. We can make a video and title it whatever
we want and we will get views. So right up here, I’ve linked… I’ve just made a
playlist with these 2 videos. Version 1 they’re performed well and version 2
which is the sequel that we created. It tells the same story but it’s better
it’s longer. And I think it’ll be really helpful for you learning how to sell
real estate training on YouTube.

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