How to Send a Private Message on YouTube to Channel Owner?

Hi guys this is Harish Bali I’m going to show you how to send private
messages to creator of the video. Let’s say this is the video you are watching
and you want to send private message. Click on the channel name that appears below
the video There are actually 4 ways to send messages. One of course through a comment below the
video Second way is to click on Discussion tab put your comment here and then post the comment. These two methods are not private. Third method which is private is click on
About You can click on this tab, view email address Enter captcha and obtain the email address
of video creator and send him the direct private email message. Now, I’m going to show you how to send a direct
message which is private to the video creator. Click on this send message tab. A window appears Write your message here. and send the message. Your message has been sent to the creator
of the video. To be able to send and receive the messages,
your YouTube account should be connected to Google plus account. Now let me show you how to check your message
box. Mouse over to the top click on your image Go to creator studio Click on community go to messages this is your message box go to sent messages tab this is the message that I have send to the
video creator. His reply would come just below this. I can further go and add to the conversation
after his message and write something as a private conversation and click on reply. That was all about sending private messages
on YouTube. I hope you enjoyed learning this tutorial. Do subscribe to this channel for more tutorials
on YouTube, facebook and other things. Thanks for watching.

32 Replies to “How to Send a Private Message on YouTube to Channel Owner?

  1. Can We  send the message on  both New and old channel layout of YouTube. In your next Video Please do explain What is A CAPTCHA .

  2. Thanks for sharing this video. I have wanted to send a private message before to channel owner, but gave up trying to find a link to do so. It is VERY unintuitive it being under "About". Thanks again for clearing this up.

  3. नमस्कार मैं शिवा कुमार वेबसाइट का चालक आपका चैंनल देखने के बाद हमने यह फैसला लिया हैं।की आपका बायोग्राफी हम अपने वेबसाइट पर डालना चाहते हैं।अतः हम आपसे आपकि जानकारी लेना चाहते हैं। जैसे कि आपकि चैनल शुरू कैसे किया मासिक आय ,फैमिली, नाम,सालाना आय,बाइक कार, घर इत्यादि आप चाहे तो लिखकर या voice रिकॉर्डिंग करके हमे मेल कर सकते हैं।बदले में आप अपने चैंनल पर क्यूमिनटी टैब में हमारा वेबसाइट को डालना होगा, हम आपकि success कैसे हुई इसकी  जानकारी स हम लोगो को प्रेरणा देते हैं।
    नोटिस : कृपया हो सके तो अपने फैमिली इमेज जरूर दे इससे आपके बारे में ज्यादा जानकारी मिलेगी।
    कृपया हो सके तो अपने साथी यूट्यूबर को भी यह बात बताये
    क्या क्या जानकारी हमे देना है इसकी ज्यादा जानकारी के लिए हमारे वेबसाइट में जा सकते हैं।


  4. I'm trying that, but the email address link is not there. (Not found under About) … ! Ah! Now I found the Google+ link! Thanks. Oh. There is no Send message link under Google+ :/ … Oh, I see you wrote this nearly four years ago. That just shows how troublesome YouTube is! It may be that the account has been set to a private mode that maybe was not available when you did your video.

  5. Thank you TechnoFare for that video about how to send a private message to the channel owner. I did follow your instruction and I Was able to get to the channel owner I did click on the about tab but after opening the about tab there was no send button available or as a matter of fact any other type of button. Can you please help me thank you so much

  6. As of July 9, 2018, the ability to send, receive, or read private messages in Creator Studio is no longer available. We made this change because this feature was not widely used, and will allow us to focus on the features and tools that matter most to you. All private messages have therefore been deleted from Creator Studio and anywhere else on YouTube.

    more info:

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