8 Replies to “How to Set Up a Chart of Accounts for a Real Estate Company in QBO

  1. Great video! It would be great to see videos on HUD-1 Settlement Statement recording, and refinance & cash-out refinance recordings. Looking forward to more videos on QBO.

  2. hi is there anyway you can provide the excel of csv for this template…. i have tried converting the file on my own to both excel and csv on my mac but when i try up loading and going to the next step after pressing next… it says "no match" for detail, account number and type. for account name it is blank. Please help Ive already deleted all my pre-sets and don't know how to get past this hiccup… thank you!!

  3. Great video. Thanks for the information you have given. If I may ask. How can one set up their Chart of Accounts for Wholesaling and Flipping properties? Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

  4. Helpful information. Question. When setting up the mortgage COA, what about the interest on the mortgage? Shouldn't that be a separate account (i.e., principal and interest)? Thanks.

  5. As a Realtor, how would I input some expenses for a certain property? And split my commissions and royalties from that property?

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