How To Sharpen Hedge Trimmer Blades The Easy Way

Hi guy’s today i will be showing you how to
sharpen a hedge trimmer blade. Right lets get the other little machine here . Right
this is the way i do it there’s lot’s of other ways on doing this but this is the way i always
sharpen them . I use to use a file that i will quickly show you you line the teeth up
the blades so they are in the center or you can have a bit further back if you want and
you just the angle that it is for a flat chainsaw file and forward motion and if you got a  best gas hedge trimmers
inch bar with double sided blades that needs sharpening it’s a lot of work with a hand
file. That’s why i don’t use it i use one of these a roll lock disc sanding disk. You
could use a dremel or a die grinder if you don’t have a compressor any thing like that
really . But this is what i use about 60 or 80 grit don’ t want it two course .Little
handle grinder anything like that with the appropriate backing on it just twist it on
put your air pipe on .Straight forward job really don’t take long let’s put my glasses
on . I will just do the ones at the back has i’ve done some has you can see .I took the
guard off the hand guard it’s only a 227 torx’s that’s a husqvarna 122 hd60 hedge trimmer
. Right this is how i do it . You want it to be the same handle has it is and just a
quick rub like this .Don’t take to much off and work your way on each tooth . Just a little
rub thats all it needs any little nick’s you can take out . This is how i do it quite fast
and also make sure your always on the same handle. That’s all it has has simple is that
. Let me turn it over i hope you can see that i dont want to go to close has i would be
in your way to much . I put these blocks in the vice has the blade is a bit shape i should
have gloves on really turn him over . Do the other side this is how i sharpen mower blades
or any thing like that really because it’s a nice little machine to use and it’s fast
. You could do one side first one way and do the same handle (thats better. )Then come
up the other side the same so the handles are not changing and the beauty of this its
goes between the gaps perfect has it’s nice and small .There we are lovely that’s all
i do sharpen blades on a hedge trimmer i hope this helps you but i find this very easy to
do . You haven’t got to do the other side because with the motion any like blur’s that
goes over will be knocked back because on these blades they are just like a bypass thats
a cutting hedge against a square hedge like i said a lot of blades are Sharpe edge both
side’s so it’s twice has much work then anyway please like and subscribe to my channel thank
you .

22 Replies to “How To Sharpen Hedge Trimmer Blades The Easy Way

  1. a very quick technique. this will save me a lot of time. i think i will try your method the next time. regards, martin from gartln.werkln

  2. This is the best and most concise of all the explanations I have seen regarding the sharpening of hedge trimmers….congratulations Calvin Thomas.

  3. An electric 3" cutoff wheel works well.

  4. Calvin: Could I manually use a high-grit/rough sandpaper instead of a file or a disk machine? I am trying not to purchase all of the elaborate things I would need to do this, that, in total would cost me more than a new hedge trimmer.

  5. Nice little die grinder that. what make is it Calvin have you got a link? The one in your link is not the same as the one your using. I like the trigger on the one you are using

  6. Hi Calvin. I’ve just bought these hedge trimmers and I was wondering how often you have to grease the gearbox and tend to the blades with lubricants?

  7. I just bought a dremel for our blades. I work landscaping, so filing is just too time consuming and arduous. Much easier with a power tool. For mower blades we have a grinding wheel.

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