How to Think About Investment Opportunities

24 Replies to “How to Think About Investment Opportunities

  1. Investing is the long game. Day trading is the short game. Most wealthy people invest in the long game. Remember that. 😉

  2. Gary brings up an interesting dynamic here about how the investment is really a bet on the game/brand (in this case Call of Duty). We see large differences between all the games that have been put into the esports bucket and there's a very large number of them compared to competing sports leagues of the past. It's fascinating to look at the similarities and differences of this vs. something like investing in the NBA or ABA back in the day. 🎮👾

  3. I think that sports like football, baseball, basketball lol, will eventually fade away. The USA is already seeing a decline in students interested in these kinds of sports every year and i dont blame the kids. These kinds of teams sports are old, lame and not exciting at all. Esports will definitely take over and even more so when VR becomes more prevalent. If kids were given a choice, be part of a team that's in an online gaming community where you can make a decent living or become wealthy or play basketball or football, i think the kids will pick esports. Just my opinion which is only significant to myself but theres still some truth in it lol. Down with these old sports and into the new!!!!!! Lol

  4. Call Of Duty will never die. The league will probably carry on for years after Activision goes bankrupt. Gary has the unique ability to see the vision. We all should see this and take risks for ourselves.

  5. I think Gary should create a Vayner eSports team for literally every single competitive game that exists in eSports, not just Call of Duty.

  6. I thought in 20 years videogame creative is going to be run by AI? Meaning that a new title or new number 1 title will be coming out every year.

  7. Personally call of duty is falling off.. I beleive the late 2000s and 2010s was the high point. in 16 years i cant see it keeping in place, as now other games are soo much better.

  8. Gary, what do you think about selling wine, online? I have decided to start bottling my won wine and then sell it out but I wanted to try the online market since it's bigger. Would you think It could work?

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