Husqvarna 122HD60 Hedge Trimmer, Review / In Action

hi guys I want to a bit of a review in
action with your on ask wanna 122 HD 6600 no 24 double-sided edge tomorrow
and I absolutely think it’s fantastic what is a few years really really good
hedge trimmers they reckon they’re like a know Mona Tamar but I usually like on
a semi commercial basis really suppose and it’s been fantastic really good I’ve
got a bad word to say buddy it’s light its quiet lightweight gas hedge trimmer
economical they did are bad reviews in the beginning when they first came out
these because they are made in China but they made to a good quality a good
standard just when you were picking up you can see that just feel right full of
plastic feels good they had cool lines fewer lines in the
beginning there was just perishing but I’ve had no problem with this the 2014
had if I’m brand new and I’m gonna get another one just really really good
machine I’ve got a commercial ask Lana but I pick this up first all the time
because it’s light it just has a lovely job so I thought I’d do a in action
video there’s no about many on on YouTube so here we go I did do a video
of human Sigourney Weaver what did your but another work in action so this is
like a follow-up video you might think yeah that’s all I don’t
know more pivot or what’s it like on bigger stuff because there’s only a
single sided cutter there’s an evil one one blade when tough on the one side
going against a flat edge and I tell you why this cuts big stuff see this corner
phobia I cut this to the lapa back a while ago just move it back
that’s quite thick stuff yeah it’s corn if I look there’s a bunch there some
thick branches you can see I’m bit thick in anything but a bit click up off we asked was pretty good and fixed up as
well some thicker stuff and there then there’s some was a bit thicker but still
went the way and I mean stuff like I used to go a lot as on yeah I’ve done a
lot of big jobs even then reduction jobs are they and no problem at all yeah
that’s my review in action video there are now 122 hd60 edge to my so that’s
all I gotta say really if someone’s looking for a good
edge to my I really recommend one of these in my opinion really does an
excellent edge to my who you are please go to read and subscribe.

12 Replies to “Husqvarna 122HD60 Hedge Trimmer, Review / In Action

  1. Looks like a nice machine! You do really good work. Like a human CNC machine that shapes hedge rows

  2. Hello I saw your other How to video . Ordered one The next day you are right it’s a great machine. Thankyou

  3. Hi Calvin , just asking I got the trimmer as I said before. It came with some grease ,I’m just asking would you be able to do a video on how and where the best way to apply this grease . Thanks for your time.

  4. Awesome review, thanks a mil. I am not seeing this particular unit on my dealer website, but I'm seeing the 122HD45 – any experience with that one?

  5. Hi! What a great video! I've been looking around videos that are suitable for my short film, which I'll be filming next weekend. How can I reach you to talk about this matter? I'm looking forward to your reply! Thank you so much!

  6. i have one of these it only does a few hrs a year but i always think what a nice job it makes i have never had any problems with it think its a similar age to yours got it this time of year it wasn't a bad price end of season i guess i battled for years with electric ones did once wonder whether i should of brought the mcculloch being same machine and all but i suppose there will be some differences

  7. Hey Calvin, great review mate. Was looking at picking one of these trimmers up and your other reviews have sold me on it. You might want to check out this link mate as this guy is using your footage to sell the products on his website (if you agreed to it then just ignore mate)

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