I Just Invested $11,000 In 8 Days (Ep. 5)

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  1. I dumped 20k into the markets this week, slowly shifting cash into equities, this could keep going down much further.

  2. It is a great time for buying xp dividend aristocrats paying 5-8%! Im devastated that i dont have as much cash as i would like to be greedy xp airlines, cruise stock, IBM, AT&T and many more i want to buy xp

  3. I feel like could be just the start unfortunately. That’s why it’s great to have cash on the side during these times 🤔

  4. I can tell that you're either an extremely safe investor or not very seasoned. That's not a knock, just an observation. For example, A lot of the companies you've invested in are mature companies with little chance of large growth. I see Apple and Microsoft in your portfolio which are both great stocks and do have growth potential, but you bought so little. At the end of the day, we learn and do things our own ways. I've personally made my fair share of mistakes. I would suggest for the future… look for companies that have good long term growth potential for maximum return.

  5. Zachary Laid Finding Freedom Dont invest i already knew from dec 2019 that its not good for investment in this period.A child astrologer predicted about this,Automobile industry downfall ,oil trade problems,Gold prices rise,Corona problems in china.Its going to go even down so be careful.He said march 31-april starting weeks are going to bad.

  6. The collapse in oil prices will provide cover for the Fed to cut rates to zero and ramp up QE, as it can claim it's necessary to fight declining inflation expectations. But when the dollar cracks, and oil and consumer prices surge, the Fed will be unable to reverse the policy.

  7. last week i bought 3 airlines and 3 cruise lines…this week i bought a boat load of MLPs and oil/energy stocks.. mine is a dividend only portfolio…but i did have to pick up some things that did not have them due to the crash.
    as a long term investor i am sure i will get my money back with dividends..or keep them forever.
    love to see someone elses portfolio this day, thanks.. awesome.

  8. Yo props for keeping the content (and the investments) coming. You're putting your money where your mouth is and I've got a lot of respect for that.

  9. Don't ever sell for a loss if you're a long term investor… you'll thank yourself (eventually) even if it takes 18-36 months to get back in the green.

  10. I just started my m1 account. I made two accounts by accident because I didn't realize an account was created on startup. I only funded 1 Individual account the other I want to get rid of, which I didn't fund or connect my bank. What should i do?Will removing the account affect my other account ? Thanks

  11. Buying airlines stock is insane, there is still no end in sight and they are not priced in there is more room to go down

  12. I mean no hate I'm just simply quite confused brother. Is it a dividend portfolio or a short term (less than a year) trading portfolio? You say it is a dividend portfolio but your reasoning for airline trades has no basis to dividend investing.

  13. Building out my own dividend growth portfolio myself. Dollar cost averaging is the way to go. Don't panic and stay the course it will pay off.

  14. This man just showed the world his losses / ** up and earned my respect. It would have been easy to not post until the market recovers, or just cut bait on this series all together. I look forward to seeing a video of him teaching others how it could have been avoided and how the market will recover.

  15. Good video Ryan,in my opinion they have over blown this virus thing and while all this is going on they lowered rates causing a big panic,lots of negative news I think the market is still strong.thanks Ryan

  16. I'm investing hard too. $12k in the past 2 weeks. Taking advantage of these sales! Will be going over what I'm buying on my channel this week!

  17. How many times can you say portfolio? Every other word? Portfolio. Portfolio. Portfolio. The market tanked by 50% in 2008. This time it will tank by 80% over the next 14 months. It’s called a bear market. It will ravage your portfolio into nothing.

  18. One question i have! Say a stock was worth 50$ before a crash and it went down to 20$. Then the markets decide to go back up again. Does it jump back up to 50$ bucks right away or does it take some time to gain up again. Always wondering this. If there’s anyone thats going to end up a millionaire i can see you becoming one in no time. Great video as always.

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