I Spent $5,300… Is A Rolex A Bad Investment?

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  1. Man 1, "Where are you going?"
    Man 2 , "I am on my way to buy me a Rolex. So I'm in a hurry."
    Man 1 " Wait, what's your hurry? You can afford to be late."

  2. Having owned over 100 Rolex’s and made money on every singe one, this one was a bit overpriced. You should have went with a 16610 or 16613 Submariner. It’s hard to give away a Datejust these days. Probably should have consulted someone in the business before pulling the trigger. Many guys make six figure incomes strictly buying and selling Rolex.

  3. It is a good investment to give yourself something that you really like because you had worked hard for years. I am happy for you.

  4. I bought a 1987 Datejust for $500 in 2013. Sent it to a RSC and paid an additional $1,350 to bring it back to life. It appraised at $4,500, so I'm glad I picked it up.

  5. As much as I dislike Rolex, I cannot deny that they hold their value extremely well. If you're purchasing it as an investment, don't wear it; if you're purchasing it to wear it, good for you.

  6. So, first off, that's a beautiful watch, so kudos to you for that. I'm currently in the very early stages of pulling myself up by my bootstraps, so that watch is not attainable for me, yet. I do have a Seiko watch that was gifted to me around a decade ago which I love. I absolutely enjoy your content and it's been motivation for me to start small steps towards financial success, so thank you for that. Here's hoping one day I will be able to own a watch like that!

  7. Shit people, he works hard and wanted to treat himself.

    Sometimes you just want something without worrying or thinking of something as an investment.

  8. It would have been a great investment if you purchase a presidential with the bells and whistles..it's a solid gold watch..it will only get more expensive with time as gold rises 😉

  9. I wouldn't try to justify WHY you bought a 5,000.00 dollar watch.
    I own a 67 mustang fastback. I bought it in 2000 for 2,700.00
    I bought it a few months before the gone in 60 seconds movie came out LOL.

    I'll never sell the car. I currently have it insured for 35k. Costing 500 per year. 🙂

  10. I'm normally pretty on board with the concepts you share. In this case, I think you may have painted the Rolex market with a bit of a broad brush. Most of the pieces that are holding value or appreciating are stainless steel models. That applies to the Datejust and sports models but mostly the sports models. It also doesn't extend to diamond dials in most cases because they appeal to a smaller market. Long story short, buy what you love and what speaks to you. If you do that and buy right, a little appreciation or depreciation won't matter.

  11. Hmm. I Think i would buy something beautiful like that. Don't know about wearing it. Sounds flashy! I would put somewhere in my house so i can see it often!

  12. I'm not really a watch guy so I don't get the Rolex thing to me there is nothing special about them but your money do as you please but it's a good investment you can make some money off that Rolex

  13. As long as your YT video makes more than the price of the item its a good investment 😀 so I'm helping it become a better investment you welcome Disclaimer: I am writing this comment before watching the video so this is solely my own personal opinion the watch would be a good investment #dothnotsuemebroseph

  14. Great thoughtful video, Ryan! An Asset is something that makes you money, and a liability is something that takes money away from you. If you bought $5,000 of ROKU stock a few months ago (say in June when it was a $100/share) you'd have 50 shares of ROKU in your account, and it's now worth about $160 a share. If buying the Rolex made you feel good, then that's a plus. We all buy Liabilities (houses, cars, jewelry, clothes, etc…) they make us feel good. They usually don't make us more money than buying stock does. Will your Rolex be a better investment of $5,000 in 7 years, than the shares of ROKU will be…time will tell. Enjoy the watch!

  15. Graham buys 20k watch.
    Ryan buys 5k watch.
    Clearly they think watches are a good investment, hmmm. Maybe I should get one too.

  16. You forgot about that now you have to buy a watchwinder because the watch will stop after not wearing it. Also these watches do not keep accurate time at all.

  17. Datejust is a terrible purchase. They are common and easily available. It's the submariner and gmt and Daytona that are the best rolex investment watches because they are so rare.

  18. Good video and some good points. I hope everybody doesn't rush out and buy one though, although the monetary cost may be low the opportunity cost is what most ordinary people should consider. Here in the UK we have people driving new german cars and wearing Rolexs while living in social housing – lunacy

  19. As an investment, you couldn't of done worse. Your fancy calculations are not applicable to mid 80's, 2 tone Datejust with a owner specific replacement dial. This watch is not bought for an investment, it's bought for vanity. Rolex steel sport watches are bought for investments. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  20. I think that is very reasonable. There are not many luxury watches out there for 5k. And you got a very nice vintage piece. Well done and enjoy it.

  21. Nobody wants an 80s two tone datejust. They have a hard time moving new ones. These don't go up with time. Only certain steel sports Rolex go up with time. They made terrible bracelets in the 80s.

  22. Rolex is neither a good or bad investment because it's not an investment your numbers are based on assumptions but the fact is at retail Rolex will raise prices so if you want to invest invest in a dividend stock and buy the Rolex with the dividends you earn in five years and just enjoying owning the watch.

  23. What, I get enjoyment wearing a crown on my head, Last time I wore a watch was 15 years ago. Bought iwatch 1 and it’s sitting in my table. That amount I have gold & it going to make me more money than Rolex, with out any headache 🤕

  24. I am owning a Rolex DATE, 15200. It is really a great watch to own even though the model is not that popular. Even if I’ll sell the watch in 5 years, I will not lose much! If I am lucky I’ll make a profit.

  25. no it is a fine watch – a friend of mine has one for the summer and one for the winter – you won't need to get it repaired often. If I wanted to spend on a costly watch I would have bought a Frank Muller for myself but am a female.

  26. You look like new money trying too hard to flex. Not impressed, people with a lot more money and knowledge than you fail because of the same traps you're falling for. When YT crumbles and your weak side hustles fail, just say ya did it 4 teh lolz.

  27. As an investment buying a Rolex is as good as pissing in the wind! Buying a watch is a liability and certainly not an investment, people are being misguided by dealers claiming that acquiring a mass produced luxury watch is an investment. The fact that you can sell your Rolex for a small profit does not make it an investment. However if you have a rare vintage Paul Newman Daytona or a good collection of watches it can form part of a well balanced portfolio. I have been collecting for 20 years anybody buying a Rolex at a high premium hoping to make a profit should a expect price adjustment down the line.

  28. This video is misleading. You have no knowledge about Rolex watches. Of course your purchase is a bad investment. I don’t mean to be a tool, Every Rolex collector knows that classic models such as date just holds no resale value and will never appreciate regardless new or used. Sports model are the one that can cost $10k in AD (if u are even lucky to get) and you can sell it for a huge profit in the resale market. Look at Root beer for example, retail is around 18k from where I am but people are selling it for 23k. That is called an investment. Buying a 5k date just is not an investment plus it makes a man look like a tool / pimp instead of elegant. If you wanna buy a Rolex, buy a sport model at least a submariner ceremic, that’s a good investment. Those who have collected sports Rolex 3-4 years ago have already made an easy 3000-5000 profit per watch. My GMT 2 Steel cost me $8500 last year and now it’s worth 13k.

    Edit : then again, investment Dosent always have to be monetary return (like what this video is about). If buying it makes you happy, makes you more productive and makes you feel more motivated to work harder and confident then it’s a good investment to me.

  29. I bought a Sea-Dweller in 2015 for $5500. The SD is a Y series from 2002, pre ceramic, and is now worth about 8K. I traded two watches in 2017, a few months before the Paul Newman Daytona was sold, for a 2010 model black dial Daytona. Dealer wanted 9K for the Daytona, it is now worth high teens up to 20K. Rolex is not an investment, Rolex watches are consumables, but I have never bought any product that increased in value except Rolex.

  30. Whenever graham stephan shows up randomly in the background of another youtuber's video he always looks uncomfortable lmao

  31. Sure Rolex watches do seem to gain value over time but let’s clarify this, it’s steel sports Rolex that gain value and certainly not gold or 2 tone watches. In addition you have bought your Rolex during one of the steepest Rolex bubbles I have ever seen mainly due to a lack of supply from Rolex directly which has bumped up all models. I suggest you enjoy your Rolex, get some memories and ignore the investment potential.

  32. Stupid you buy a watch because you like it and not because you think its an investment there are many things to invest in watches are one.

  33. Watches are not investments, they are expensive toys. Which I happen to own. Some retain value, but invest in stocks, not watches.

  34. Ryan, join, or just monitor, The Rolex Forum. You will gain lots of knowledge about Rolexes and other luxury watches. I am a member.

  35. Old two tone datejust.. aftermarket dial? Not a wise investment I don’t believe, you’re comparing price to an original factory datejust. Did not mention papers or box.

  36. you do not automatically lose money on a luxury watch assuming you buy retail, yeah ok the majority of them you do, but If you pay retail price on certain models from certain brands you can double your investment and beyond, for instance the Patek Nautilus and Rolex Daytona ceramic and Rolex Submariner Hulks

  37. Old two tone Datejust is not the best investment compared to a steel sports Rolex but a decent first Rolex purchase wear in good health

  38. LMAO what is the world coming to ??
    Investing in watches for a small potential gain. You will need 50-100 pieces in your watch collection to have a good return and that is if you are lucky. Real estate is a better choice.

  39. When you add sentimental value of owning a watch, and it become a milestone or even heirloom, it worth more than millions of dollar!!!

  40. Haters are gonna hate, I got a Rolex GMT 2 (Batman) with a Everest Band, not all Rolexes depreciate. It’s ok to treat yourself to something fancy. The ones that don’t want a Rolex or can’t afford one are the ones that are gonna ask “why waste your money” or “don’t buy it because it will depreciate”. You want a Rolex? Buy a Rolex! You want a AP? Get it! Meanwhile the haters are gonna hate, let them buy there knockoffs on DHGate lol🤣

  41. Datejust is the crap of the Rolex collection plus 2 tones are always undervalued..Rolex and Patek never go down in value except certain models like Datejust. .sorry dude

  42. I have been collecting and buying/selling Rolex (and other brands but mostly Rolex) for years. There is absolutely no argument that this is a bad investment. Down the road if you decide to sell the watch you might break even. But you will undoubtedly not be making any money on it. If you want to make money on Rolex, you have to go stainless and you have to go with a sports model like a Submariner. A stainless Sub will ALWAYS go up in value. You can't go wrong. For investment purposes, stay away from gold. But the real question is do you enjoy owning and wearing it? If so, then you're good.

  43. I purchase my Sub 5513 in 1987 for 1287.00 I just turn down 11000.00. I purchase I rolex because I appreciate good thing in life

  44. If that’s a lapis dial; it will hold its value extremely well. I’m not what dial it was as it’s been moving constantly but it seems lapis to me. So my recon is that you did buy a good watch.

  45. I currently own 4 Rolex’s. I sold 4 others at very respectable profits. The longest held of my current 4 I bought Oct 2012. Total purchase price of these 4 was AUD29000, and I can currently recoup 44000 net. And they’re not even the “hot models” (mine are 116200, 14060M, 116400GV and 116600). I also never lost money on an Omega or IWC, of which I’ve owned literally dozens in the last 10 years. PS I buy all my watches pre-owned.

  46. You bought it for a good price, it's not an investment but it won't depreciate much more if at all. It should follow inflation like they usually do.

  47. Good job buying Rolex at peak bubble price and probably stay stagnant for the next several years unless we have stagflation. Most models have doubled in price between 2016 and 2019. And sports models are the sought after pieces. My polar explorer and gmt master have almost doubled in the past two years.

  48. Very nice watch however a datejust with a diamond dial isn’t an investment. Sure you won’t loose much and it will hold value. It’s worth about $4000

  49. If you are referring to the purchase as an investment from a purely monetary perspective then it will depend on the brand and model within that brand that you purchase. Rolex is up there amongst the luxury watch brands that best hold their value on the used market and certain models that have become almost impossible to purchase brand new at a Rolex AD (steel sports) can literally sell used for more than double the retail price new – that's a great investment when you can get a 200% return in one-week… just a shame that a waiting list can stretch into years rather than months if you can get on one in the first place!
    Money aside, a Rolex does carry an element of status to it which is appreciated by quite a few – especially in business. There is also the emotional element to consider in how it makes you feel in wearing and owning it. A classic DateJust 36 in yellow rolesor with a diamond dial from 1985 has already depreciated and whilst I would never buy a watch for what it may be worth in the future I think the one you have bought will only go up in monetary value as long as you look after it. 
    Put the $5,300 behind you now and enjoy the watch – you most definitely have not be conned, thats for sure!

  50. Can I find an insurance policy that will ensure my watch for $50 a year? My current company wants to charge me $40 a month

  51. it doesnt hold value. the cost now is not that the same later as the money is getting cheaper.. so u always lose .. especilly on bad models like this date just

  52. I'm not sure I agree with the premise of this video. I bought my first more expensive watch in 1980 as a reward for exceeding sales goals in the financial services business. I have collected a number of watches since. I buy each one because I like the watch and enjoy wearing it. I have never bought a watch considering it an "investment." In the case of your new Rolex, I would just value the enjoyment it brings to you and not look beyond that. There are ETFs and stocks, that are out of sight, that accomplish that other goal.

  53. The real issue here is that you're not fully discounting the fact that past result is no guarantee of future performance. Surely you've heard of that phrase? Right now, we're at peak Rolex prices. Mostly from Rolex themselves manipulating their inventory to create a short term price shock. That's why when you go into your local dealer, they can't sell you just about any of the models you want. While it's true that Rolex has pricing power in the past decades before the advent of smartwatches like the Apple Watch, smartwatches are going to crush Rolex in the long run. You already got a preview of that in the 80's when digital watches almost crushed all Swiss watchmakers. A lot of them actually went out of business. So, the long term trend is that fewer and fewer people are going to want to 1. wear a watch as they have their phones 2. smartwatches are going to show up in more and more of people's wrists as they turn into mobile health diagnostic devises that you can strap to your wrist. Since most people are not going to wear 2 watches, guess which one consumers will want to purchase? So, your investment thesis is flawed. Right now, you should be a seller of Rolex watches, not a buyer. You're already too late to ride the wave as we're at it's peak.

  54. I've had my eye on a few rolex datejust on ebay, with diamond markers costing $3200, or add a diamond bezel costing a total of $3600. From a reputable dealer with good rating. Still hesitant on making the purchase.🤔💨💨💨💨

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