I Tried FLUID ART! (DIY Home Decor)

94 Replies to “I Tried FLUID ART! (DIY Home Decor)

  1. 😍 I got into this at one point! I made a ton of them for family and friends. It’s so therapeutic!

    Just a tip.. cover the entire canvas in a thick layer of your white paint first and then pour! That way there’s no exposed canvas that you have to cover!

  2. Literally just bought some paint and canvasses to paint some art for my own house and you uploaded as soon as I got home! Now we can paint together lol

  3. I wish we could leave gif comments, every time I see the notification I’m the Oprah Winfrey screaming gif 😂

  4. I recreated one of the other DIY pictures you had in your townhome. Now I feel like I want to try this!! Lol

  5. Your channel has grown so much your almost and 1.50 million that is amazing I love you, your mom ,and Ziya so much. I love watching your videos and Ziya has grown a lot she is getting so big. Love y’all 💗 💕 ❤️

  6. I’m only 3 minutes in but I work for the Michaels Headquarters and seeing you make a video with our product makes me so excited! I did a demonstration for our board of directors with the pouring paint and lemme tell you, that stuff is AMAZING! If you add silicon drops it will make more cells form. I’m so excited to share this video with our fine art department!

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