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– Hey guys, so today
we’re going to be doing the giant board game challenge. – Naughty or nice version. – And so basically how this works, our parents have built this giant board game and on each
red square is a prize. – [Evelyn] Present. – But we don’t know what it
is because it’s all wrapped in Christmas-y wrapping. – Some of the prizes are
good for nice children. – And some of the prizes
are bad for naughty children which is totally not me. Our goal is to collect
as many prizes as we can but also get to the end
of the board game first because there is supposed
to be the best present in the whole entire game. – Or universe. – Maybe, I don’t know what it is because our parents haven’t told us. – Yeah. – And that’s why we
have to get to the end. – If you land on a blue square, you have to answer a
question from the challenge. – If you land on a yellow square you get to spin the mystery wheel and there could be good or bad
things on the mystery wheel. – And if you land on a green
square you’re safe and sound. – And of course if you
land on the red square you get the prize on that
square and you get to open it. But there is one square
that is a challenge square but it also has a prize on it so if you land on that square, if you get the challenge right then you get to open that present and I really hope I do
because I want extra presents. – But we don’t know if
that prize is a good prize or a bad prize. – But either way it’s
a present so I want it. Okay now we’re gonna do
rock, paper, scissors, shoot to see who’s gonna go first. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Yay! I got to go first. Okay let’s roll, I really hope I get a one ’cause
then I can get that prize. Ooh a five. One, two, three, four, five. Yay I got a prize! – [Evelyn] No! – Okay let’s open it. – No! It has earmuffs! – It’s a Pusheen sloth. Oh my gosh. – With a scarf and earmuffs
and a cute little face. It’s my turn to roll! Two. One, two. Challenge! – [Dad] All right Evelyn are you ready? – Yeah. – [Dad] So remember if you get this wrong you got to go back three spaces. – Okay. – [Dad] All right, so which member of the shark family is the biggest. The biggest shark. That’s alive still? – [Dad] Yeah. – Great white? – [Dad] Nope. – No! Okay I move back. What’s the correct answer? – [Dad] You know this
one, it’s the whale shark. – Oh. – Okay let’s roll, whoo! Yeah, a one. I’m safe! – Back at the start I hope I get a six. Four. One, two, three, four. I’m safe! – Okay I’m gonna roll and
hopefully I get a one. Oh my god I got a two. Are you kidding me? – Yeah! – One, two. – [Evelyn] Yay! – Okay I’m gonna spin the mystery wheel. Okay so let’s spin the mystery wheel. Roll again. That’s not bad. Let’s roll again. – Roll again, whoo! – One, now I get a one. One and now I have to do a challenge. – [Dad] All right, Emily. Single challenge, it’s a question and the question is who played the voice of Elsa in the Frozen movies. – Let it go! Let it go! – Menzel and her first name was hmm. Oh, oh yeah Idina. Idina. – [Dad] That’s right Idina Menzel. – Yay, I got it right! – Now I play Elsa. Let’s roll. A four. One, two, three, four. I just passed the prize but I
get to spin the mystery wheel. – Maybe she will move back to the start. – Let’s see. Go forward three spaces, okay. One, bye-bye, two, three, present! And it’s heavy. Open it! – Oh no. – Merry Christmas! You got books Evelyn. Yay I got books. I got three books and they look fun. – Okay, I’m gonna roll. A two. One, two. Hey sister, like, where’s my present? – I ate it. – Oh, interesting. – I will roll. Two. One, two. I got a present, again! – Lucky you. – I’m gonna open it. Whoo! Snowsheen, it’s a snow
Pusheen and it’s an ornament. I wanna get like a mini
Christmas tree for my room in December and then like put this on it. – Oh but by the time this video is posted it’ll probably make it summer. – Yeah. – Okay Evelyn’s getting all the prizes and I need to get ahead of her so I’m just gonna roll-y poll-y. – [Evelyn] I helped. No! Six and I helped. – One, ha, two, three, four, five, six. By six, I’m way ahead of you. – [Dad] Okay Emily here’s your question, what two species make a liger? – A lion and a tiger. – [Dad] Correct! – Yay! – Let’s roll. I got a three. One, two, three. Hello sis. – Well guess what I’m still
one ahead of you so ha! – [Dad] Your question
name five holiday pies. – Okay, pumpkin pie,
chocolate pie, pecan pie, sweet potato pie, apple pie. – [Dad] That’s five, congrats. – Um you’re forgetting one, the James Charles pie, oh my gosh. – That was cheesy how about cheese pie. – That’s your pie. Okay, I’m gonna get some prizes so kapush! – [Evelyn] Oh look gee, you just like– – I got a tres. One, two, three. Let’s spin the mystery wheel. I get a, let’s see. Pick a prize you passed. Yay! Okay I have three prizes, this one. – Hey guys. – This one or this one. And I think I’m just gonna pick this one ’cause it was the first one so maybe it was the best one. Actually no, that’s the one at the end but anyway let’s just open it. Dun, dun, dun. What? – [Evelyn] What is it? – Yeah what is this? It is. – These boxes look familiar. – Clean your sister’s bathroom for a week. – Wait, wait can I have that? – No otherwise you have
to clean my bathroom. – No I wanna thing. – This is definitely not a nice prize. – You’re so naughty. Oh hey. I’m gonna do a roll-y, roll-y, poll-y. Five! One, two, three, four, five. I’m safe and I passed
Emily and I got Mango. Yay I got Mango! – Okay let’s roll it. A two. Haha, I’m gonna pass you. – [Both] One, two. – Oh no this shape looks familiar to the last box I opened. – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay Emily are you ready? It’s actually quite tricky. Yeah, I’m gonna go with this question and in order for you to get that prize you gotta get this question correct. – Okay. – [Dad] It’s actually really tricky so get your thinking cap on. – I lost it but it’s okay.
– Here’s your cap. – [Dad] Name all the Tesla models. – Okay the Model S, – [Dad] Yup. – the Model X, Model Y. – [Dad] Yup.
– Model three. – [Dad] Yup. – The Cybertruck. – [Dad] Yup. – The Roadster. – [Dad] Yeah, that’s really good. That’s actually all of them, right? – Yeah! Did I get it right? Yeah! – What about the ATV? – [Dad] Oh yeah the ATV! – Haha! – [Dad] Aw but you know
what they haven’t announced how much it’s gonna be yet so you know what you just
slide right in there. Good for you! – Yay! You’re just jealous Mango
because you never get any presents in this board game. I really hope it’s not a oh my gosh it’s the same
box from the last present. – Yeah those boxes are bad signs Emily. – Oh who’s bathroom am I
gonna be cleaning next? – Mine! – I hope not, hers is the stinkiest one. – Yeah but I don’t have a bathroom. (screams) – It’s $100! I’m gonna go buy a Tesla now. – I wanna see. – I wish. Maybe I should just buy some robots. – What? And a roll-y poll-y, whoo! Got a five. One, two, three, four, five, I passed a present. I’m gonna spin the mystery wheel. Whoo, spinny winny! Oh this thing spins too. Pick a present passed. I have three presents I missed and I’m gonna pick. (laughs) You’re the special one today. Okay it’s Christmas. Food! (laughs) Okay, yay! Wait, what is it Godiva. I love Godiva. Let’s see the things. Yummy! Look at those, look at the flavors
it’s an advent calendar. – Okay I’m gonna roll. – Roll-y poll-y. – A three. One, two, three. I get to spin the mystery wheel. – Spin the mystery wheel. By the way Mango’s sleeping that’s why she’s not here. – Okay, I’m gonna spinny winny. – [Evelyn] I made a spinny winny. Copy cat! – Pick a prize for an
opponent that you both passed. Okay, I’m gonna pick the weird shaped one. The weird shaped one because
it’s the weird shaped one and then you know. So happy Christmas, Evelyn, I hope you like the
prize I picked for you. What is it? – I got toilet paper. We could do a toilet
paper challenge with this. – Wow it’s a great present. – What to do when you
have too many toilet paper rolls in the house? Juggle it. Three! One, two, three! Whoo! I got a prize again. I’m getting like all the prizes. – Yeah, but some of
them are not that good. – Oh wait no that’s not
one of them that I got. I’m gonna open it. It’s a weird shape. – Yeah, hopefully it’s a
small toilet paper roll. – Yay! These things, yay! I got some golden Speks. Yay you can make like shapes with these you can make pyramids. – [Emily] They’re the best little magnets. – Yeah they’re magnets. – It’s time for me to roll! – [Evelyn] By the help of your sister you got a three. – One, two, three. I’m safe. – I’m so good at this challenge. I got a five. One, two, three, four, five. I got a challenge. – [Dad] All right Evelyn you
ready for your challenge? – Yeah. – [Dad] You have to do your
best donkey impersonation. (donkey sounds) – If that’s a donkey, I’m a penguin. Okay it’s time for me to roll. Oh tres. One, two, three. I wanted a prize, this is nuts. – I will now roll. Got a four. One, two, three, four. I just missed two prizes. – [Dad] Okay, Evelyn, how many
sides are there in a pyramid? – Five. – [Dad] No! – What, but there’s one,
two, three, four, five. – [Dad] Nope, there’s four. The three sides and the base. – Oh yeah! The thing and the thing and
the thing and then ooff. – [Dad] That’s right. Three spaces. – One, two, three. I have another shot to
get these two prizes. – Okay let’s roll a nice big one I need to pass her. Oops. A five! One, two, three, four, five. (cheering) Let’s hatch it. I mean unwrap it. It’s a Pusheen! – No it isn’t. – It’s actually a Pusheen. It’s a Funko Pop Pusheen 20 Barnes and Noble exclusive – [Both] Dragonsheen. – Let do a roll, boom! Two! One, two. I got the prize! Okay, I’m gonna open it. I wonder what it is. Oooh. I got a bunch of bags and they’re toys. – [Dad] Yeah. – [Both] Aw! – They’re universe. – [Dad] That’s right that’s
the new toy from Spin Master. They were so sweet. This video is not sponsored
but they sent them to you as a gift. How lucky. – Thank you! They’re so cute. I also got other ones so I got this one. – [Dad] They’re super special do you wanna see how they work? – Yeah. – [Dad] Let’s open one up. – Okay. I got a rainbow. Well rainbow I won. It’s so cute! So I’m gonna open the pink one with cute hearts and a rainbow tongue. – [Dad] Yeah, they’re very, very cool. There’s loads to collect, there’s 40 to collect. And the way that it works is you dump the emoji cloud in warm water. – Which we have here. – [Dad] And watch it dissolve magically. – And Chai’s here to be very excited. – Okay, let’s do that! – [Dad] Yeah, that’s awesome! There’s a surprise
collectible hidden inside every universe cloud. Wow, how cool is that? – Whoa that’s so cool! – It’s like a bath bomb but not bath bomb. It’s cool. – [Dad] Yeah, it’s awesome right? Keep going. – There’s still some stuff, gotta wash it off. Okay, so I got my toy. – [Dad] And you see the water? – Yeah. – [Dad] It turns into
a slimy, fun texture. It’s called cloud goo. – Interesting name. Fun name! Let’s get my surprise unicorn out. Okay, I got four blind bags here. I’m gonna open them. I wanna open this one first. It is– – [Dad] Yeah there’s actually
seven multiple worlds like fantasy land, sweet treat– – Whoa! I got a unicorn and it
looks like a hot dog. It has its mustard. I got a little cloud friend! Oh! She has a unicorn horn
and she’s super little and she has cute ears
and looks like hands. A bow! – [Dad] Very cool. – I wanna attach it over here so she can have a bow, yay! – [Dad] That fits really well. – Yeah, it suits her. – The packaging is so adorable. – Yeah, there’s a bunch of– (whispers) Oh I got some cards and I think a collectors guide. Yeah, a collectors guide! It comes with a scratch off card and on the back it’s my little unicorn dreaming about hot dogs so maybe she’s dressed like a hot dog. I’m a hot dog, I’m a hot dog. – [Dad] Yeah and if you
actually use the hoof little tip to scratch it off it will tell you about the unicorns likes and dislikes. – Ooh okay. I can open and scratch. My unicorn likes dogs like Chai. – Oh and Chai gets super excited. – [Dad] And pretzels. – Yeah. It likes strawberry covered chocolate that’s melted on a pretzel. That sounds so good! But she doesn’t like food stains on her t-shirts and clothes. No I do not. – Okay I’m gonna roll, I really wanna get that prize right there. I got a five! – Five? – One, two, three, four, five. I’m safe. – It’s time to roll-y poll-y, whoo! Two. One, two. I got the mystery wheel. Time to spin the mystery wheel. Sorry Chai. – I woke up from my nap, I was dreaming about hot dogs. – Time to do a big spin! That’s so big that I almost
knocked the wheel down. Go forward three spaces. One, two, three. Looks like I go and spin
the mystery wheel again. Spin to win! Go forward one space. One. Oh it’s heavy. – I hope it’s a weight. – No I don’t think this is a weight, okay. I’m nervous. I’ve never seen something
this shape before. Actually I have. – What is that? – Pickles. This is for Chai and Mango probably. I got pickles. – You naughty haha you naughty. Eat a pickle. A one. Are you serious. One. At least it’s a mystery wheel. – Hello mate, you’re on
the space that I was on. – Okay let’s spin. Advance to the next safe space. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh I cannot believe this, look where it is. One more roll and I’m gonna guess. – I really have to roll a six to win this. Let’s do a six. I got the moves. I got a three. One, two, three. What are you? It’s Christmas and I got a present. – [Emily] Yeah, that’s gonna be your last present for today, Evelyn. – Squishy! I have a big, big version of this but now I have a little version. – But I’m gonna go over here ’cause I’m gonna roll right now. And I’m gonna get the iPhone I probably don’t even have to roll but I’m doing it anyway. Yup a five. Whoo! – What is it? – I won! Okay, now we can open it. You can take Chai. She will watch. – I’m holding my present
the prize I won last time. – Oh yeah she’s holding the
present she won last time. – And also my other prize that I just won. – Oh my gosh! (screams) Sorry. – Now we both have one. – Yay! My iPhone 11 finally! And it’s so pretty it’s a pink one. – Yeah and that’s so pretty. – Okay there’s only one prize left on the whole entire game board. So I think we did a pretty good job and I got the best prize
in the whole thing. Evelyn definitely got a
lot more prizes than I did but I’m really happy about mine. The only bad one I got was clean your sister’s bathroom for a week. – I got the toilet paper and the pickles. But my favorite is the advent calendar because it’s chocolate and I love chocolate. I also really, really
like the universe one ’cause they’re so cute. – Yeah and I’m super happy
because I also got $100 I can spend on whatever
I want even Roblox. So yeah, I’m just super happy and don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up if you
like Christmas presents. And don’t forget to watch
one of our videos down here and thanks for watching. – See you next time. – Please subscribe and – [Both] Bye!

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