Insights from CalPERS Investment Office | Making a Difference

Knowing that the work I do is helping people
to live those years beyond retirement is tremendously rewarding. Every single day as I walk around our campus
and I see our members and somebody’s lost, or somebody’s coming into the building and I’m
pointing somebody in the right direction, or opening a door for somebody, it reminds
me of that responsibility I have in my work and it motivates me. What really drives me, I think, to do my best
at CalPERS is we believe in the CalPERS mission. Our funded ratio and how we’re doing versus
the promises we’ve made to beneficiaries always comes up. It’s always, we state it as our most important
mission and then we take that very seriously. When you go home, you have a real sense of,
I did something for someone today and I’m helping provide them real, tangible security
in terms of the retirement benefits.

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