Institutional investors: Russell Investments Implementation Services – a brief overview

from our headquarters in Seattle
Washington we operate a trading desk which is fully
staffed 24 hours a day when global markets are open. On any
given trading day our traders execute an average daily
volume of approximately $7 billion US dollars, based on the 1.8 trillion US
dollars executed last year. We understand how important it
is to match solid trade execution with the sound investment strategy. Our
seasoned trading team delivers client-centric flexible solutions that reduce transaction costs and manage
risk. A look inside our trading operation shows the breadth and depth that the
team a teammate above over 30 professional traders with an average of more than 12 years
experience in the field using cutting-edge electronic trading
capabilities and round-the-clock staffing the centralized trading floor is network
to reach markets around the globe we bring own dealing activity through a
single location and provide enhanced risk management on
every trade in contrast other global sell-side
brokerage turns generally used a decentralized trading
operation rotating coverage between separate
regional desks which can cause them to lose sight of
the ultimate investment strategy behind the transaction at Russell we act as an agent for our clients in
every change striving for best execution from each
local market and we remain aware that individual
trades are part of a larger strategy in the end we have a completely
integrated dealing capability suited to our needs and those of our
clients which is much less resource-intensive then rotating regional coverage our
traders and operations teams organize to
specialized in fixed-income equities derivatives and foreign
exchange transactions the specialized professionals work side
by side and directing with the portfolio
managers located in our London Seattle Sydney Toronto and Tokyo offices to understand client intentions we’ve
developed a robust global trading platform to facilitate the coordination among
these professionals this is a critical factor in our ability
to translate and deliver and execution strategy that
always puts the clients interests first today’s global markets are increasingly
complex to achieve the best execution a truly
sophisticated an experienced team is required the
professionals at nasa already to work with you

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